How to curl long hair in curls. Many ways

  • Tongs, ironing and hair dryer( instructions and video)
  • With curlers( tips and video)
  • Without tools( instruction and video tutorial)
  • What are the curls?
  • Useful advices
  • How to make Hollywood curls, video

Curls on long hair have always been popular with girls. This hairstyle helps to diversify the everyday image, enhances the mood, gives self-confidence. It is not necessary to apply to a beauty salon, after all, an effective styling can be performed at home. In this case, you can create both large curls and small curls. In this article, we will talk about the most popular methods of curling at home.

Tongs, ironing and hair dryer( instructions and videos)

Create the real Hollywood locks most easily with forceps. Such a tool allows you to acquire a hairdo in a short time. An excellent alternative to papillot: do not need to torture yourself all night inconvenient designs. But the forceps also have a minus: the hair from them becomes brittle, dull and weak. To avoid this, it is recommended to apply a thermal protection agent on the strands.


They come in a variety of diameters. This allows you to make waves of different sizes. In a solemn atmosphere, large soft curls will look good, and you can make curls on every day.

Styling instructions:

  1. Hair is not necessary to wash, but it is better to apply the foam for styling and thermal protection. This will not only protect the strands, but also allow the hair to hold better.
  2. If you want to get the effect of curly hair, it is necessary to wind the strands in a horizontal way.
  3. You can get curls in the form of a spiral using the vertical method. To do this, the curls must be wound in a spiral, while the turns should not lie on each other.
  4. Finished curls should be taken apart by fingers, and not combed.
  5. Fix the installation with varnish.

Hair dryer

Get beautiful curls help the hair dryer with a nozzle-diffuser. This design also adds volume. Curls will be slightly curly, and hair - voluminous.

Detailed instructions for creating a styling:

  1. Wash your head and lightly dry your hair.
  2. Apply mousse or foam for styling.
  3. A little bit to make out the hair.
  4. Dry the strands to the end with a diffuser, while slightly lifting them at the roots.
  5. It's better to tilt your head down, this will make the styling more voluminous.

It's easy to work with a diffuser, but you need a workout. Hands can get tired of a heavy tool, so it's better to use the help of a friend or mother.


Some believe that the iron is used only for straightening hair. This is not so, with the help of such a device you can create beautiful large curls. Now the iron has become universal. It helps not only to curl and straighten, but also to give volume.

Step-by-step instruction for creating styling with ironing:

  • to comb the hair well and completely dry;
  • allocate one strand
  • to retreat from the roots 3-4 cm and arrange the iron on the selected strand;
  • slowly draw the tool through the hair, while turning it by 180 degrees;
  • does not need to tighten the iron very much, because this forms the creases that make the hair look ugly;
  • thus work with other strands;
  • neatly form a wave comb;
  • fix the result obtained with lacquer.

With the help of curlers( tips and video)

Padding, pliers and ironing do not fit many girls. They dry and thin the hair, so it is better not to use it on weakened hair. In this case, it is better to use various hair curlers and curlers. Thanks to the variety of such designs, you can create a variety of curls. Modern curlers do not even interfere with sleep.


Long hair is best suited. They help to create curls along the entire length, which are not long untwisted.

How to use a hair clip:

  1. First, the hair needs to be washed, dried and combed. Apply mousse for styling.
  2. Take thin strands and gently twist on the hairpins. The principle is simple: the curl is wound in a spiral.
  3. Keep the head of hair in this state for several hours. It is desirable to wait for the drying of the strands.
  4. Carefully remove the hairpins and disassemble your hair with your fingers. The comb is best not to use: it will fluff the styling.
  5. Finished curls to sprinkle with varnish. Effective hairstyle is ready.


Our grandmothers also made curls with the help of rags. This method is completely harmless and safe. It is convenient to sleep on rags. You can use these shreds several times. It is only necessary to wash them periodically.

Wave method:

  1. Wash your head or just wet your hair. On dry strands, the waves are made worse.
  2. Divide the entire mass of hair into patches. Lubricate the mousse.
  3. The tip of the strand is put on the middle of the flap. Secure with a knot and wrap the hair on a rag to the roots.
  4. At the end, fasten the cloth again. You can simply tie the ends of the fabric.
  5. Carry out similar manipulations with the rest of the sites. Good fix on the hair and then go to bed.
  6. In the morning, the cloths should be carefully removed and disassembled with the fingers.

For flaps it is better to choose a dense, but not too heavy fabric. Rags should not be bright, otherwise there will be a risk of staining hair. The optimal size is 10 by 5 cm.

Without improvised means( instruction and video tutorial)

If there were no ploys, rags and curlers nearby, you can try to create curls with the help of braids or plaits. It is enough to braid wet strands in a few tight braids. At the ends they are fixed with thin elastic bands. Get a light curly curls. To keep them longer, it is recommended to sprinkle them with varnish.

Make a hair style with harnesses is also easy. Get a spectacular beach styling.

In this case, it is also better to slightly moisten the hair. And then you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Dismantle all the hair on the patches. Each of them is twisted into a bundle. The thickness of the rope depends on the size of the future curl. If you want to get large soft waves, you should twist the strands in thick strands.
  2. Carefully attach each harness to the head at the base. To do such actions it is necessary with all hair. Sleeping with bundles is not very convenient, so it's better to just leave them so for a few hours.
  3. After time, remove and disassemble with your fingers. You do not need to do anything else.

What are the curls?

Even curls have several varieties. They can be:

  • Small wavy. The easiest way to create such a styling with the help of tongs-corrugation. But ordinary small pigtails can come in handy. On long hair, the hair looks charming. It is advisable to take thin strands and do not hold the forceps for longer than 15 seconds.
  • Large Hollywood curls. They can be done with conventional forceps. You can also use large curlers. You can lay your hair on one side - this hairstyle is great for a prom, it should be fixed with lacquer.
  • Natural waves. The option of daily styling. Such waves are easy to make: you can twist your hair into a strong bundle, and then dissolve. The comb should not be used: all the charm is in the careless light curls.
  • Fashionable curls on the ends. In this case, only the ends of the strands are wound. At the roots, hair should be lifted, otherwise the laying will be ugly.
  • Tight spiral. They are more suitable for special occasions. Make the spiral wound with forceps. You can use a bandage or bezel.

Useful advices

  1. Make curls better on freshly washed hair. Even two days after washing, strands are covered with a layer of fat, and it does not contribute to creating waves. At the same time, hair should not be dried until the end: it is good to do the curl on a slightly damp hair.
  2. Large curls hold much worse, especially on long hair. It is better to make small curls.
  3. Removing the curlers is only after the head dries. Otherwise, the curls can not form.
  4. In beauty salons, almost do not use a hairbrush after waving - strands are disassembled.
  5. Apply foam and mousse to the curl.
  6. It's better to make cloths from natural fabric. It does not slip and keeps well on the hair.
  7. The installation will last longer if it is fixed with varnish.

It is not necessary to wear only loose curls. Every season, the stylists are pleased with new hairstyles from curls and waves. You can pay attention to the following options:

  • Waves collected in high tail. Festive and at the same time business styling.
  • It looks interesting bunch of curled hair. It's enough just to lay the curls in the shape of a shell.
  • Nice hair on one side.
  • Remove waves can be under the bandage or bezel. And you can add a weave.

If the head of hair does not have volume, you should first lift the hair at the roots, and then wind it up. Otherwise, curvy locks at the ends will not be combined with a smooth head.

If hair has recently suffered a perm or intensive staining, it is worthwhile to wait with the iron and forceps. First you need to improve your hair.

To ensure that long strands fit well in the hairstyle, care must be taken to ensure their condition. Masks with olive, almond or burdock oil are good.

Beautiful voluminous curls have always been considered solemn and elegant styling. Now you can wear this hairstyle on weekdays, thanks to the wide variety of stitches from the waves.

How to make Hollywood curls, video

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