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The moody fashion changes so quickly that you do not have time to follow the trends. Today there is one trend in the trend, tomorrow another, and some things become cultic and from season to season appear in the collections of eminent designers. Such topical items of the wardrobe include lace skirts.

Models can be different, but they are united by one: they can easily be combined with other clothes to create fashionable and stylish bows. They look extraordinarily cute, beautiful and feminine. With what to wear a lace skirt, interested in all women of fashion who tend to look stylish and attractive in any situation.

Tips for choosing the model

The skirt made of lace is by no means the thing to save. A cheap thing after the first wash can be deformed, stretched out and lose shape, and a quality product will serve its owner for more than one year.

If a girl can not boast of an impeccable figure, this is no reason to refuse to buy a stylish thing. Correctly selected lace model, even from a lady with magnificent shapes will make the queen:

  • Full women with wide hips should prefer skirts to the knee, the most advantageous in their figure will look model "tulip".
Slender girls can wear long skirts in the floor, they will look great and flared.
  • Attention from wide shoulders will distract the trapezoidal model.
  • Well, a young lady with long legs can safely wear a mini.

Fashion trends 2017 year

This year, lace is as relevant as ever. In the collections of famous designers, the guipure products are presented in a wide variety, and skirts are no exception. Fancy lace is perfect for light summer clothes, so the desire of fashion designers to draw attention to this texture is understandable.

In the trend both fundamentally new models, and the old good classic, vintage retro, lace fine handmade and dense fabric with a relief pattern. The collections are dominated by models entirely made from lace fabric, but often there are exquisite items with guipure inserts, for example, denim skirts trimmed with flirty lace. Girls who do not think of themselves without jeans clothes, but who want to add refinement to their image, such contrasting combinations will be to taste.

Drawing attention to the skirts made of lace pastel tones. They look very attractive and girlishly gently. No less impressive look products from the usual black guipure. Such a wardrobe will make even the most ordinary, everyday image truly festive. In the coming year, designers also recommend paying attention to the models of the following shades:

  • pink beige;
  • gray;
  • red;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • blue.

These can be mini skirts, maxi, midi, flared, and also with a trapezoidal silhouette.

Separately it is worth mentioning products with colored pads, this is a real mast-hev of the spring-summer season. The lower skirts of chiffon, silk, satin, organza and brocade give lace skirts lightness, elegance and seductiveness. Look elegant black guipure skirts with bright lining. The most relevant colors for spring and summer: blue, red, white, brown, orange.

In 2017, multi-layered skirts of different shades are popular, as well as products made of perforated fabric imitating lace. As for the decor elements, these can be flounces, ruffles, inserts, stripes, folds.

With what are the lace skirts this year

According to the rules of etiquette lace should not be visible. Most models have a lining, although if the lace fabric is very dense, then its absence is allowed. To the length of the case are certain requirements: it should look neat and do not stick out from under the skirt, unless, of course, the model does not provide otherwise. If the skirt is in the floor, then the lining should not be above the middle of the knee. If the case is still missing, the underwear should in no case be a contrasting color skirt. Stylists recommend giving preference to beige, it will be invisible.

Lace products can be worn with anything. They equally look as impressive as with a jacket and blouse, and with a T-shirt and a denim jacket, successfully fitting into any bow.
In the first case, the image will turn out to be strict and concise, in the second - naughty and seductive.
  • When composing ensembles, it is worth considering that the lace skirt is beautiful in itself and is worthy of the emphasis on it. Therefore, choosing clothes, you do not need to overload the image with various decor elements, accessories and ornaments. Monochrome strict top( top, blouse, jacket) - the best combination with a skirt made of lace. To get involved in guipure too it is not necessary, lacy tops and a bottom will be looked in a duet not too attractively, an exception make only wedding dresses.
  • Under the narrow fitting model, you can choose both tight-fitting and free top, but the lush requires a restrained, fitting top or blouse. It is better to abandon the top, decorated with a bright print, for example, animalistic, as well as from strips, cages, peas. The ornament is allowed, but it should be light and unobtrusive, for example, a small flower looks charming and cute.

Many women are sure that the lace skirts - especially evening wear, so not intended for everyday wear. This is not quite true. They can be worn in the office, if, of course, the dress code is not forbidden, provided that the model is not too short and does not attract attention with excessively catchy decor elements. It is better if the skirt will have a straight silhouette. To ensure that the outfit was not provocative, the lacework is worn with simple things.

Lacy skirts are appropriate for any festive events, walks, parties, discos.

Lace for different situations

  • Casual image.

If a woman plans to wear a lace skirt every day, then for this purpose, laconic models of pastel shades will suit. Elegant image will be obtained if you select a simple shirt from a light airy fabric with a contrasting color to the skirt. Shoes can be on a heel or on a flat sole, it all depends on personal preferences. As for accessories, a modest elegant outfit requires appropriate decorations, they should not be too catchy and artsy.

  1. Girls are very fond of the combination: lace skirt + jeans shirt + wide leather belt. The image is very stylish and gentle at the same time. You can do without accessories.
  2. In spring, on cool days, you can wear a lace pencil skirt, a thin sweater, a wool or cashmere sweater, provided that the top is not too bulky and thick. These wardrobe items most successfully combine with each other.
  3. Skirt to the knee + fitted jacket. A strict and elegant combination, which, in addition, looks elegant and glamorous.
  4. Strangely enough, the set of lace skirt + leather jacket looks stylish and chic. However, the skirt should not be made of a too thin lace, the more dense it is, the more spectacular it looks in combination with rough skin. Daring, but original! You can and should play on the contrast of shades to emphasize an unusual combination of textures.
  5. A stylish image is obtained if the skirt is worn with an elegant raincoat or a light coat. In this case, things should be consistent in a single color scheme.
  • Romantic image.

Picking up a blouse or shirt of the same shade, decorated with ruffles and flounces, to a light skirt, you can create a gentle romantic bow, springy fresh and delicate. It is better to avoid bright accents, so as not to destroy the harmony of an easy image.

  • Evening image.
To create a bright festive bow perfect lace skirts of red, burgundy, wine, emerald color.
The black and white range is still out of competition. These shades will look beautiful, elegant and very stylish.
  • Military.

The army style will also be in demand in 2017.The brown or olive skirt fits perfectly into the military style. Top - shirts and blouses camouflage colors.

  • Athletic image.

A lace skirt can be worn even with sports items. Many stylists consider such a combination dubious, but outrageous girls are not afraid of experiment and boldly combine a mischievous skirt-sun with a rough sports sweater. Why not?

As you can see, the lace skirts are universal, they can be worn by absolutely all women and look stylish and attractive at the same time.

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