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The desire to create a family is normal and natural for every person.

When entering into marriage, a man and a woman create one whole, while the family goes through a number of stages of its development, which have certain features and characteristics. What is the specificity of relations in the family?

Psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman

According to the accepted definition, the family is a social group based on marital relations, as well as related relationships. Joint living, as well as the conduct of a common farm are the main distinctive and characteristic features of any family.

The relationship between a woman and a man, arising in the family, is uneven. Since the relationship during the course of a joint life undergoes a number of changes, the position of the family members changes with them.

For example, the most common and often the most important stage is the very first time of life together, which lasts from 1 to 5 years. It is during this period that the frequency of divorce is especially high, as a man and a woman recognize each other and adapt.

Having come from different families, a man and a woman have different views on life, different attitudes and habits. Therefore, at the stage of formation of family relations, one should pay special attention to each other, try to accept their spouse as he is, along with all the shortcomings and quirks.

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Family psychology

What is the psychology of family relationships for? Such a science, as the psychology of family life, helps spouses to correctly assess the events taking place in their marriage. After all, in the course of time, relationships in any family undergo changes, so you have to constantly overestimate yourself and your spouse.

With the help of the psychology of family relations it is easier to understand how one can get out of this or that life situation, because it is not always possible without emotions to approach problems arising in the family.

At the dawn of family life, when the initial mutual adaptation takes place, it is especially difficult to accept your partner in marriage comprehensively, with all his qualities. Passing all its stages of development, family life sometimes brings a lot of problems to both spouses.

  • At first, the young family can be significantly influenced by factors such as the lack of own housing, the interference of relatives in the affairs of spouses.
  • The next stage of development is the emergence, and then the growth of children.
  • The final stage is determined by the separation of children from the family, the so-called "empty nest" effect occurs, when age is already approaching the elderly, there is a reassessment of one's life from the point of view of its success.
Family psychology: what is a happy family - the answers in the video

At all stages of the family there are specific issues that require the most rational solution. Can someone help spouses in this situation?

Family therapy

Many couples turn to specialists offering family therapy. This is an important achievement - the decision to seek help.

There are often situations where, due to tension between the spouses, their excessive emotionality and prejudiced opinions, it is difficult to resolve the issue. In this case, family therapy will come to the rescue, offering methods of correct approach to various life situations.

With the help of family therapy, many couples who are on the brink of divorce, once again found happiness in living together, solved interpersonal problems in their "cell of society".

Ethics of family life

Being a rather complicated science, family life does not go by any invented and certain norms and rules. Over time, such rules arise in each married couple individually, and this can help the ethics of family life.

With the help of this family science, you can remove any acute issue, solve the problem. At the same time, the maximum correct attitude to the spouse, careful attitude to his feelings is observed.

Ethics of family relations can penetrate into any area of ​​marriage, thereby preserving and strengthening the relationship between spouses.

Video: Family Psychology

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