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Back in ancient times it was thought that the beauty and health of hair directly depend on the lunar phase. For convenience, a haircut calendar was invented, in which all successful and unfavorable days for cutting and coloring were indicated.

Astrologers drew attention to the fact that on different days of the month the body reacts differently to any procedures. And for all of us it's not a secret that the moon has a strong influence on our well-being. It's not for nothing that the hair has some connection with the cosmos, which means that the position of the Moon, which is so close to the Earth, will have a serious impact on our head of hear.

If you want to have healthy and strong hair that will cause envy and admiration of others, then the Vedic lunar calendar, created as a result of many years of observations, will provide effective help.

Hair Care Days

The Vedic sages claimed that cutting in the first and second lunar phases would contribute to a faster hair growth. And if you want to keep your haircut longer, then it's worth visiting a hairdresser on the waning moon.

Before registering for an appointment with a master, take a look at the Vedic calendar and get acquainted with several other rules of care:

  1. Tuesday and Saturday are considered to be extremely unfavorable days for any procedures with hair. At this time, Mars and Saturn have a huge influence on the Moon, which affects our locks very negatively.
  2. For a haircut, it's best to choose Sunday, Wednesday or Thursday, then your hair will be filled with vital energy, and your hair will please you with a good volume at the roots.
  3. If you are going to dye your hair, then plan a visit to the master on Monday, Thursday or Friday.
    Painting these days will not have a detrimental effect on the structure of the strands, and for a long time you will enjoy their intense bright shade.
  4. Those who wish to reach impressive career levels and implement all the cherished plans and dreams, Vedic astrologers advise to carry out a haircut on Monday or Sunday. Hair care these days will affect your financial situation and social status in society.
  5. The haircut made on Wednesday will enrich you with a huge supply of energy and vitality, so any beginnings in your life will end with undoubted success.
  6. But if you really want to establish your personal life, find a soul mate or get new friends, postpone the long-awaited visit to the hairdresser until Thursday.
  7. Systematic care for curls on Friday will reveal in you the energy of temptation and sexuality, making your image incredibly interesting and attractive.

But do not forget that these are general recommendations that do not take into account a lot of additional nuances. To individually determine the most accurately the most favorable day for a haircut, you should take into account the position of the moon in the natal chart. The 6, 8 and 12 houses are considered to be very unsuccessful, so if the choice fell on the day when the Moon is located this way, it is best to change the decision, postponing the march to the master for later.

Focusing on the haircut calendar, you must pay special attention to each day of the lunar cycle. Such a detailed guide will help you more accurately determine the appropriate period for caring for your hair.

More about each day of the lunar cycle

The haircuts have a calendar of 29 or 30 days, each of which has a definite effect on our health.

  • 1st lunar day. Having cut your hair this day, you will not only harm your health, but also shorten your life.
  • The 2nd lunar day has an adverse effect on the relationship between people, so on this day it is not recommended to cut curls so as not to attract quarrels or conflicts.
  • The 3rd and 4th lunar days can harm your emotional state, so it's better to put off the haircut in order to keep the soul harmony and inner balance.
  • 5th lunar day is ideal for hair care, so you can safely do any procedures if you want to improve your financial situation.
  • The 6th and 7th lunar days are unfavorable for haircuts and staining, as they can lead to serious health problems.
  • And here on the 8th lunar day, astrologers recommend cutting the split ends and do all kinds of haircuts, if you want to improve your health and live a long happy life.
  • The 9th and 10th lunar days are considered unsuccessful for any caring procedures. In order not to harm your health, it's better to lay down the scissors and do not do any haircuts.
  • On the 11th lunar day, hair cut allows you to reveal the gift of the psychic and strengthen your intuition.
  • On the 12th lunar day, any procedures for hair have an extremely unfavorable effect: the probability of injuries, bruises and various severe injuries is high.
  • The 13th lunar day is very successful for haircuts. The procedures during this period have a beneficial effect on the hair and on your personal life.
  • Hair care on the 14th lunar day has a positive impact on career success. If you want to gain respect from colleagues, improve your social status, then boldly cut your hair on this day.
  • The 15th and 16th lunar days are not the most successful for haircuts. Ancient sages do not advise on this day to carry out courtship procedures, because you can bring trouble and misfortune.
  • Grooming in the 17th lunar day will bring failure in all your beginnings.
  • On the 18th lunar day, you should refuse both haircuts and hair dyeing, if you do not want to attract serious financial losses.
  • And the 19 th lunar day, on the contrary, promises you an impressive monetary profit, so feel free to go to your hairdresser.
  • It is not recommended to cut hair on the 20th lunar day so as not to provoke mental illnesses and experiences.
  • The 21st lunar day is successful for haircuts and dying, it will bring you a lot of positive emotions and happy news.
  • The 22nd lunar day contributes to the active recruitment of vital energy. However, there is a high probability of increased appetite, so be careful.
  • 23rd day promises a variety of material goods, so this period is considered very favorable for haircuts and hair coloring.
  • In the 24th and 25th lunar days it is best to abandon the visit to the master, so as not to incur serious illnesses.
  • The 26th and 27th days are very favorable for cutting and promise you a lot of positive emotions.
  • The hairstyle made on the 28th lunar day will add to you an incredible charm and attraction. You will be able to enchant everyone around you with your amazing appearance.
  • Astrologers do not advise cutting hair in the 29th lunar day: this procedure can seriously harm your karma.
  • The 30th day is the most unfortunate period for haircuts. It can draw into your life not only serious problems, but also death.

We hope that the lunar calendar of haircuts and dyeing will help you to bring prosperity to your life, and your hair will always radiate incredible beauty and health. Related Videos:

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