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  • Fashion trends in the world of lush wedding dresses 2015
  • What lush wedding dress to choose? What is worth considering?
  • Pros and cons of lush wedding dresses from tulle
  • Oh, this is a lace wedding dress!
  • Who will wear wedding dresses with sleeves? Advantages of luxurious wedding dresses with sleeves
  • What does "fluffy wedding dress-transformer" mean?
  • What is a plume? An overview of lush wedding dresses with a train of
  • Cloaks for lush wedding dresses. What are they like?
  • Should I take a lavish wedding dress for rent?

Every girl dreams of a beautiful and magnificent wedding ceremony from childhood. The reason for this - the desire to stay in the spotlight, being dressed in a luxurious wedding dress.

Despite the seeming uniformity of wedding dresses, with each season they change, so the bride who wants to be a model of modern style, should be aware of the latest wedding novelties.

Fashion trends in the world of lush wedding dresses 2015

Luxurious wedding dress with embroidery on a skirt

Wedding dresses of the 2015 model are quite a wide range of models, differing by originality and variety of cuts, as well as by the richness of the finish. What are the only styles we will not meet in the arsenal of modern wedding salons!

Wedding dresses can be long and short, straight and lush, lace and airy. The difficulty is only to choose the right style, which emphasizes all the advantages of the figure.

So, what are the trend models for the wedding season of 2015?

Masterpieces from lace .Collections of wedding dresses in 2015 abound with dresses made of delicate and exquisite lace.
Similar dresses are aristocratic, elegant and unusually elegant. It is such a dress that can make a bride irresistibly attractive and similar to a princess from a fairy tale. Of the lace can be executed not all the outfit, but only individual accessories: a veil, a tiny jacket-bolero, mittens or gloves.

Lace wedding dress

  • Bohemian outfits in retro style .Such wedding dresses are a distinctive feature of the collections of the year 2015.Decoration of feathers, so in demand in the 20s of the last century, again entered the wedding fashion and decorate now dresses and headdresses of young brides. Designers of the fashionable American house Bagdli Mishka( Badgley Mischka) have developed a series of wedding dresses in the style of the 30s, the charm of which is attached by hand embroidery and fringe.

    Lace wedding dress in retro style

  • Wedding dresses in the style of Hollywood luxury .

    Wedding dress with cut diamond on the back

    This category of dresses is a classic model, decorated with long trains, opening the back, the length of the floor.

  • Wedding dresses of the sample of 2015 with inlaid beads, bugles and Swarovski crystals. The glitter of sparkling stones adds luxury alongside, emphasizing the gentle beauty of the bride.

    Wedding dress with crystals Swarovski

  • Wedding dresses unconventional styles .The collection of autumn wedding dresses 2014-2015 fashion designer Vera Wong strikes a non-standard approach.

    It's hard to imagine a more unconventional approach to the coloring and decoration of wedding dresses. Dresses from Vera Wong conquer their weightless airiness due to the abundance of tulle and organza used for their draping.

  • As for color solutions, the predominant color of wedding dresses of the 2015 model is all shades of traditional white color: from white to dairy.

    Video show of the collection of Spanish lush wedding dresses SAN PATRICK 2015

    Video display of the fashionable Spanish wedding collection Pronovias 2015

    Video show of the Italian wedding collection ELENA CHEZELLE 2015

    Video show of the Russian wedding collection BELFASO 2015

    What magnificent wedding dress to choose? What is worth considering?

    Lush wedding dress

    Lush wedding dresses will never lose their popularity, because it is with them that the dream of every little girl is associated: at one fine moment to become a fairy princess.

    The airiness of the sumptuous skirts in wedding dresses of 2015 will be further strengthened due to:

    • Increasing the number of folds on the gathered fabric.
    • Additions of numerous flutes made of air semi-transparent matter.
    • Use of natural bird feathers.

    Who will suit a magnificent wedding dress, which is a combination of a pulling corset and a luxurious skirt consisting of a whole cloud of airy fabric?

    A narrow corset and a sumptuous skirt will suit brides of high growth, endowed with a sculptured figure with a very thin waist.
    Low-grown brides are categorically contra-indicated models of dresses with overly lush skirts and an overabundance of decorative elements, as they can weight the figure, making it massive and squat.

    The fact is that the top( very decollete part of the dress) should fit the figure of the bride so tightly that every extra centimeter and even a small excess of weight will be evident to all present at the wedding ceremony.

    Pros and cons of lush wedding dresses from tulle

    Fatina is an ideal fabric for evening and wedding dresses, as translucent and airy material gives them the effect of lightness, purity and weightlessness, which young girlski, first married.

    Wedding dresses from tulle, as a rule, are equipped with a lot of podsyubnikov and crinoline on the rings: it is thanks to them that the necessary fluffiness of the bride's attire is achieved.

    The advantages of dresses made from tulle with podsubnikami:
    • The skirt does not get in the way of legs and does not interfere with walking.
    • The dress ceases to crumple and keeps its shape well.
    • The figure of the bride begins to resemble an elegant silhouette of an hourglass.
    • The bride dressed in a wedding dress ceases to feel its weight, as the ponytail facilitates a uniform distribution of the weight of the fabric.
    • In this dress, the bride is more comfortable and not so hard to move around. The bride is easier to lift a magnificent skirt( when walking or stepping over obstacles).

    Modern technology makes it possible to produce such jacks that keep the shape well and easily repair it after the mechanical impact on this or that part of the dress has ceased. For example, if the bride sits, this does not affect the beauty of the top layer of the skirt. It is accepted, getting a comfortable form for sitting, only its back part. In this case, the weight of the fabric prevents the picking up of the lift.

    There are basic three types of for wedding dresses:

    1. Classic crinoline petticoat, which is a grid with rings attached to it. The maximum number of rings can be up to seven.
    2. A pantsubnik designed to soften the silhouette and add extra pomp to the skirt. He does not have rings, he puts on either just under the dress, or on top of the classic crinoline. Thanks to him, the unattractive edges of the rings become completely invisible, which greatly improves the attractiveness of the bride's outfit.
    3. Combined-type paddles, representing crinoline on rings, equipped with lush ruffles( masking rings).These podsubniki are offered in expensive wedding salons.
    Cons of wedding dresses from tulle:
    • The bride can tear her beautiful stockings or pantyhose, clinging to the untreated edge of the tulle.
    • Krinolin on rings has increased elasticity, so when strong gusts of wind at the time of overstepping obstacles, or when the bridegroom carries the bride in his arms, an awkward situation may arise: the magnificent skirt, rising, reveals the legs of the bride. Therefore, in such situations, the girl should be very careful, keeping the skirt on the crinoline in time.

    A variety of combined podsubnikov are crinolines, designed for dresses equipped with a train. In the back of these crinolines is a multi-layered tulle bustle, thanks to which the train of the dress gently falls down, and not just hanging along the back.

    Oh, this is a lace wedding dress!

    Beautiful wedding dresses of delicate lace - at the peak of wedding fashion in 2015.In the collections of wedding fashion, you can find the following models of lush lace dresses:
    1. With a corset of guipure and a lush skirt, the top of which is decorated with individual colors carved from the same lace and descending on it from the corset.

      Luxurious lace dress

    2. With lace corsage and luxurious skirt, decorated with a lot of horizontal or vertical flutes of light airy fabric.
    3. With guipure corsage and gorgeous skirt of expensive satin, equipped with a train. Special beauty of the skirt is given to the complex drapery, richly decorated with Swarovski crystals. The bride dressed in such a dress will be the real queen of the wedding ceremony.
    4. Made in the Spanish style. A tight bodice of these dresses is sewn from the lace, and the skirt that comes down from the tiers is made of two kinds of lace matter: dense and more delicate. Such dresses are often provided with a train.
    5. With an open back and a lush skirt, decorated with a thin lace and ribbons.
    Lace wedding dress with a lush skirt and a tight corsage will suit girls of any height, because with the help of lacing you can correct possible shortcomings of the figure, and a luxurious multi-layered skirt will hide the imperfect line of legs or wide hips.

    Lace wedding dress with an open bodice designed for brides who have a luxurious chest. It will also add grace to the neckline and accentuate the shoulders.

    Who will wear wedding dresses with sleeves? Advantages of luxurious wedding dresses with sleeves

    Fashionable wedding dressesseason 2015, made in an actual retro style, are often equipped with sleeves made of air veil, guipure or transparent lace, which can be:
    • Long.
    • Short.
    • Three-quarters.
    • In the form of a flashlight.

    A wedding dress with sleeves can be recommended to the bride of any height and makeup. Picking up a style of magnificent wedding dress, you should take into account the features of the build. Pyshnotelym beauties should not choose a dress with an excessively voluminous skirt, but brides with wide thighs, it will be very useful.

    A wedding dress with sleeves is indispensable in the following cases:
    1. If the bride has very full hands.
    2. If you need to hide too loose skin on your hands.
    3. If you want to cover the tattoo.

    Thanks to the sleeves, the wedding dress acquires aristocratism, and the image of the bride is romantic and mysterious.

    What does "fluffy wedding dress-transformer" mean?

    The wedding dress-transformer often representsa magnificent outfit, which in a matter of seconds can be turned into a comfortable short dress. The secret of this metamorphosis is simple: lush skirts are fastened to the base with the help of secret zippers, buttons, ribbons and other fasteners. To mask the fastening places, fashion designers use artificial flowers, lace and bows.

    Asymmetric dress-transformers, equipped with various modifications of detachable stitches, are very popular.

    Pros of the wedding dress-transformer:
    1. It relieves brides who want to get married, from the need to purchase two outfits( for visiting the registry office and for the temple) and thereby significantly saves the wedding budget.
    2. It allows the bride to get rid of an uncomfortable long skirt and fun to dance with the guests.
    3. The wedding dress-transformer can be worn after the wedding, using its shortened version as a cocktail dress.

    The wedding dress with the effect of transformation has no contraindications, as modern designers offer models designed for brides of different height and build:

    • Young girls with a good figure can afford very densely and shortened models.
    • Full brides are recommended long dresses A-silhouette, transformed into club tunics.
    • Brides of mature age can choose a wedding dress-infiniti, having a long skirt-sun.

    What is a Loop? Overview of Lovely Wedding Dresses with Train

    A train is called a long, dragging along the floor the tail( or hem) of the solemn women's attire. Wedding dresses with a train - this is the very option of a luxurious outfit, which embodies the children's dream of the bride to become a princess from a fairy tale.

    The train may be embellished:

    • Chopped mermaid dress.
    • Wedding dress-case.
    • Short wedding dress.

    Wedding dresses with a train can have:

    1. One-piece tail, which is an integral part of the skirt.
    2. A detachable tail with an attachment at the waist.
    3. Plane, attached to a veil or cape-bolero.

    To fasten the loop often use buttons, buttons, satin ribbons, secret zippers, decorative belts and original brooches. The plume is usually decorated with lace festoons, fresh flowers, hand embroidery and ruffled frills.

    Wedding dresses with a train give the appearance of the bride solemnity and aristocracy, especially relevant during the church wedding ceremony and at the time of the exit photo session. Unusually spectacular looks the bride descending to the guests in such a dress on the decorated staircase in an expensive restaurant in which the wedding banquet is held.

    Cape for lush wedding dresses. What are they like?

    Cape for a wedding dress is used:
    • As a decorative element.
    • In the cold season or in a cool place.
    • During the sacrament of the wedding, to make the wedding dress more modest, corresponding to strict church canons.
    • To mask excessive leanness and angularity of the hands and shoulders of the bride.

    Cloaks for a wedding dress can be divided into:

    1. Stoles.
    2. Mini-fur coat.
    3. Miniature jacket bolero.

    During weddings held in the cold season, use winter capes made from swan fluff, natural or artificial fur. In the warm season or in the off-season, a demi-season dress is sewn on the bride, sewn from lace of handwork or natural silk.

    Should I take a lavish wedding dress for rent?

    The cost of a bride's attire is a significant part of the wedding budget, so many newlyweds decide to rent it.

    Pros of wedding dress rental:
    • Rental significantly reduce the cost of the wedding.
    • You can rent a dress in such a price category that you would never be able to buy for the full price.
    • Luxurious toilet, rented, will relieve you of the headache associated with the need for its further implementation or storage: you simply return it to the salon.
    The rental hats:
    • The feeling of awkwardness arising from the awareness that someone else used to hire you repeatedly before you.
    • High cost of collateral, which will have to be put into the budget of the wedding.
    • Psychological discomfort for fear of ruining a dress, rented.
    • There is a risk that the dress that you previously rented will be ruined by another bride, so you will have to hurry to find another outfit.

    To take or not to take a wedding dress for rent and on which style to stop picking is the business of the bride herself. The main thing that at the wedding she felt and looked just fine! Video on the topic:

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