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Tattoo is a salon procedure for eyebrow correction, in which a dye with a mineral or vegetable base is injected into the top layer of the skin. At present, hair tattoo is considered the most popular. In this case, the master carefully draws the eyebrows. As a result, it is possible to obtain a surprisingly natural and attractive result.

Currently, there are two main techniques for tattooing eyebrows: feathering and just the same hair technology. Many girls are interested in what tattoo of eyebrows is better - feathering or hairy. The second method is highly complex and requires more time.

The result is more attractive and natural.

When performing a hair tattoo, the master very accurately repeats every hair. Thanks to this technique, even with close examination, it is difficult to see the difference between natural and traced eyebrows.

Tattoo methods

Currently, there are two main methods that allow to give the eyebrows the desired shape and rich color. They include European and eastern tattoo of eyebrows.

European method

It allows you to get an excellent result. Thanks to its use, the eyebrows look as natural and attractive as possible. In this case, hair tattoos are performed with small strokes imitating hairs. Each smear has the same length and thickness. Their specific size directly depends on the girl's initial data.

All hairs in the implementation of this method are directed upward, and the end is slightly rounded to the underside. With this method, it is possible to achieve the effect of curved eyebrows, which all women like. Correction in this case is done quite often.

Oriental tattoo

Its realization is much more complicated. However, with this eyebrow after the correction look as natural as possible. This method requires the master not only the necessary skills, but also a creative approach.

The hairs are directed in the same way as the implementations of the European method, upward. However, their length may vary. Some swabs are specially removed from the stream, while others are hidden in the bulk. This technique is used to create a special effect, which allows you to get the most natural image. As a result, hardly anyone will be able to determine whether the eyebrows have been corrected.

The eastern method provides longer results. Correction will have to be done no more often than once a year.

To choose the appropriate method, you should consult a make-up artist. The master will be able to select the form and method of the procedure, depending on the type of person. So, the eastern tattoo looks more vivid, but it does not fit all.

Advantages and disadvantages of the

procedure Hair tattooing requires a master of high qualification. To achieve the ideal result, it is very important to choose the correct shape of the eyebrows and the hue of the pigment. Thanks to this, it will be possible to make the image more attractive and expressive, emphasizing the dignity of the exterior.

Thanks to the application of this method it is possible to achieve the following results:

  1. Fill the eyebrow zones, in which the hair does not grow well enough, and give them a greater density.
  2. Radically change the shape and shape of the eyebrows.
    This method allows you to adjust their length, break point, height.
  3. Cope with asymmetry, making the eyebrows more even.
  4. Completely hide the scars in this area.
  5. If natural eyebrows are missing or weakly expressed, they can be painted. The result will look as natural as possible.
  6. Hair tattoo is not afraid of water or sun, because you can not worry about the stability of makeup.
  7. You can avoid spending on eyebrow cosmetics and visiting a master to correct their shape.

Nevertheless, it is important to consider that the hair tattoo has certain drawbacks. Because it is so important to pay attention to such its features:

  1. The result of the procedure directly depends on the qualification of the master. Despite the fact that this method is not so complicated, many makeup artists still make serious mistakes. Because the choice of a specialist should be approached extremely responsibly.
  2. Of no less importance are the tools that the master uses. Since it treats the face and skin, it is very important to monitor the absence of allergic reactions. In addition, the threat poses infection. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to these aspects.
  3. The master should use exclusively high-quality dyes, consisting of natural ingredients. Therefore, you should ask the specialist documents confirming this fact.
    Before starting the procedure, be sure to get medical advice.

Preparing for the procedure

In order for the hair tattoo of the eyebrows to go well, you need to carefully prepare for the procedure. For this, the following actions are recommended:

  1. Strengthen the blood vessels so that during the procedure, blood is not evolved and the pigment is washed out of the epithelium. For this purpose, you can take ascorutin.
  2. To normalize the nervous system several days before the procedure, you can start taking valerian. Thanks to the calm during the application of the paint, everything will be more effective and painless.
  3. Smoking women are recommended to minimize the dose of nicotine.
  4. Hair tattoo is best performed in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Due to this, the pain sensations will not be so intense.
  5. The day before the procedure it is recommended to sleep well and be in a good mood.

Features of the procedure

The procedure itself takes not too much time, but it should be carefully prepared. It is very important to carefully consider the choice of eyebrows and shade. That is why the brow tattoo includes the following stages:

  1. Discussion. At the beginning of the procedure, a specialist should receive information from a woman about her preferences. At this stage, you can use different pictures and photos. Many make-up artists first perform a sketch of eyebrows on paper, after which they offer the client various options. Thanks to this, the selection procedure is greatly simplified. At this stage it is necessary to choose a shade of eyebrows. To get the most natural and attractive result, the color of the eyebrows should match the tone of the hair. Also, let's assume that the eyebrows are half a ton from the hair in the dark side.
    • Blondes are ideal for brown eyebrows, while the color saturation will help select a specialist.
    • It's better for brunettes to choose rather dark shades.
    • Red-haired girls will be approached with warm tones, which have red or brown notes.
  2. Performs a sketch. At this stage, using a cosmetic pencil, sketch directly on the client's skin.
    This sketch can be adjusted until the result completely satisfies the woman.
  3. Anesthesia. Since the method is associated with sufficiently strong pain sensations, you can use a special cream containing anesthetic. Some masters suggest doing subcutaneous injections of lidocaine. In the first case, the pain will decrease a little, in the second - the woman will not feel any discomfort. Some experts argue that the use of anesthetics can adversely affect the final result. Therefore, they recommend to abandon the use of painkillers. Nevertheless, many women can not lie quietly during a painful procedure, which leads to blurred results.
  4. Performing tattooing. At this stage, the skin is treated with an antiseptic preparation. At the client the expert should open a package in which there is a sterile needle. The dye for tattoo should be mixed in the required proportion, then put it in a special machine, which in appearance is very similar to the handle. First, the master must apply the main number of strokes, this stage will take about 1 hour. After this, the specialist will give the woman a mirror to evaluate the intermediate result. If there are shortcomings, the procedure continues. This may take another half an hour.
  5. Completion of the procedure. During the application of the dye composition and after the procedure, the syphoids can be allocated. Sometimes on the skin and do appear drops of blood. This is highly undesirable, since there is a risk of washing out the pigment. At the moment, it is strictly forbidden to rub eyebrows. You can touch them lightly with a napkin until crusts form.

In addition, some girls experience slight swelling. As a rule, it passes independently in 1-2 days.

Eyebrow care after the procedure

It may take about a week to completely heal the eyebrows. In the first day after the procedure, the girl may feel a tightening. Also often there is an itch and an insignificant puffiness. In some cases, bruises are observed at all, which are usually the result of the lesion of small vessels located on the surface of the skin.

  • For 3-4 days, crusts are formed, having different density and thickness. After a few days they disappear. These formations are forbidden to touch. If the crust is removed prematurely, a light part of the skin may remain in this area.
  • In the first day, the eyebrows should be treated with antiseptic drugs. The doctor may prescribe the use of chlorhexidine or myramistine. It is very important to avoid getting water on your eyebrows. Because the head is recommended to wash before the procedure.
  • Also during the first week, heat treatments such as a sauna or a sauna are not recommended. In the same period, do not use decorative cosmetics and scratch the skin in the eyebrows.

Many girls are wondering whether correction of tattoo of eyebrows performed by this method is required. Not everyone needs this procedure. As a rule, it is carried out with an unsuccessful application of paint. Also, correction is carried out if a small change in shape or shade is required.

In any case, it is carried out not earlier than 1 month after the tattoo is performed. After this procedure, the same care for the eyebrows is required.

How to care for eyebrows after tattooing - video with tips

How much does tattooing last?

The stability of the results is influenced by a number of factors:

  1. Skin type. It is important to consider that the owners of oily skin are less likely to keep tattoo for a long time. So, a rich shade of eyebrows can last about a year. In this case, girls with dry skin can forget about the correction for 2-3 years.
  2. Qualitative characteristics of the color composition. The stability of the results is greatly influenced by the features of the materials used.
    • For example, the paint for performing tattoos lasts up to 10 years. In this case, it often changes color: black can become dark gray, and brown - reddish.
    • German preparations for tattooing can lose color saturation after 6 months, and the American funds last about 3 years.
  3. Depth of drug administration. On average, this indicator usually does not exceed 1 mm.
    In most cases, the dye is injected at 0.5 mm. The deeper the remedy is introduced, the more persistent the results can be obtained.
  4. Features of the body. Exchange processes have a serious impact on the sustainability of the results. In addition, they affect the change in the shade of the paint after fading. In some cases, the dye composition does not spread under the skin at all, getting into the vessels. Therefore, it is rather difficult to predict the result.


It is important to take into account that not everyone can do this procedure. Despite the fact that the method is considered safe enough, it has certain contra-indications. These include the following:

  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • inflammatory pathology;
  • viral diseases;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • oncological diseases;
  • high blood pressure;
  • epilepsy;
  • diabetes mellitus at the stage of decompensation;
  • heart and vascular disease;
  • mental disorders;
  • exacerbation of herpes;
  • menstrual period and a few days before their onset - in this case there is a threat of heavy bleeding and the pain threshold of a woman decreases;
  • allergic reactions to dye components.

Hair tattoo is a fairly effective method that allows you to give the eyebrows the desired shape and rich shade.

Hairy eyebrow tattoo - video procedures

Thanks to this procedure it is possible to get the most natural and attractive result. The main thing is to find an experienced specialist and clearly follow all his recommendations.

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