Dresses at the prom in kindergarten. Ideas and Models

  • A few words about the preparation of
  • The tulip motive
  • The first letter of the fashion
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  • Restrained children's classic
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Kindergarten graduation in 2017 is an important event for babies and their parents. This holiday brings girls closer to school life, and it is necessary to meet it in the most fashionable, beautiful, luxurious outfit. Today, children's dresses at the graduation party can make a fairy princess from an ordinary preschool girl. Choose and try on festive clothing in advance.

A few words about the preparation of

Graduation in kindergarten now resembles an adult holiday: girly in expensive dresses, gentlemen boys in suits, photo shoots, invited animators, graduation tapes, receptions. .. And each preschooler wants to feel special, shine,view.

Finding the attire for the graduation is entirely the responsibility of the mother. She tries to think out the image of her daughter in advance. Some want the little one to fascinate everyone with natural beauty, while others prefer the style of a Victorian lady in a dress with a lush skirt. It does not matter what kind of style you choose, but dress in the kindergarten at the prom is mandatory.

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The purchase of the main holiday attribute is also performed in different ways. Some mothers rely only on their own taste, buying a finished product. Others consult their daughter, pick up every detail. The latter approach is important, because in 5-6 years the child has already formed his own opinion. The girl knows exactly what she likes: a bright pink dress in the style of the 50's, a short with a bow or lush white skirts. With the baby you need to conduct a dialogue, so you will know exactly which of the models of graduation dresses for kindergarten she will be most comfortable.

Do not impose your opinion on your daughter, the tastes of an adult and a child are very different. Dress together, but count on your budget. Modern designers offer an incredible number of outfits, from which you can choose the right one.

The most popular option for graduation is a lush dress. His tailoring refers in an era of balls and gentle ladies: embroidered bodice with a voluminous skirt supporting the skirt. This ball dress is strikingly similar to the dress of fairy princesses. This dress has several features:

  • Looks impressive on slender girls.
  • The decor of the bodice and the skirt may be in an overabundance. To get rid of the impression of the "New Year tree" is simple: to choose clothes with a minimum of ornaments.
  • The best color for the dress of a fairytale heroine is pastel. Welcome pink, blue, pistachio shades or gentle ivory.
  • Stylized as Disney Princess dresses. If the girl is delighted with them, then she will like the Aurora, Rapunzel or Cinderella attire.

To your daughter was the most beautiful on the prom dress, pay attention to unusual decor, decoration, choose the dress material. A bright and peculiar girl can wear a magnificent dress, but a rich color from an unusual fabric.

Tulip motif

Feminine classic, solemn look - why not stay on stylish children's dresses with a tulip skirt?

  • The upper part is executed in a laconic manner( corset with straps or "shirt"), tightly encircles the figure.
  • The bodice can be under the throat, with a cutout-boat or an oval.
  • The sleeves also vary: they are in the form of butterflies, lanterns.
  • The pantsubnik without a rigid skeleton, and the skirt itself is a little lush, made of dense fabric, which keeps the volume.
  • The length differs in variety: a daring mini or comfortable midi to the knees.
  • The waistline emphasizes the bow or insert with decorative rhinestones.

The first letter of the fashion

The A-line dress is easy to adapt for a children's holiday. It sends in times of unpredictable Jane Birkin, successfully combines beauty and practicality. Its silhouette is lengthened, the skirt can be lush or ankle-deep. But there are such original children's dresses other differences:

  • have a one-piece cut, soft or hard skirt;
  • most often they are sleeveless, they are not hot at the end of spring, when graduates are in the kindergartens;
  • plain or with delicate floral prints, retro peas like any girl;
  • look solemnly due to the shifted waist line, a smooth transition from the part of the bodice to the expanding skirt.

This stylish outfit does not have a dense corset, so the preschooler will be comfortable during the celebration.

It's about baby-like dresses, reminiscent of old dolls' clothes.

  • These outfits at the graduation are distinguished by an overstated waistline, shortened voluminous skirt and bright coloring. Girls usually stop on blue, pink or gentle-lilac.
  • The traditional length of the skirt is above or below the knees that the active toddler likes.
  • The dress is decorated with a thin lace, embroidery with beads, ribbons, ruffles, bows and frills. Prints are vegetable or peas.
Picking up an image of a baby-dollar for a daughter, do not overdo it. The child should look like a little princess, not a living doll.

Short and convenient

These festive dresses have long competed with ballroom toilets. Their main feature is a practical length and a cut-off waist line. At first glance, such clothes look ordinary, but some details can turn it into a smart one:

  • expensive fabric - silk, taffeta or satin;
  • saturated, even juicy colors - dark pink, lilac, turquoise, sea waves;
  • translucent chiffon skirts, inflated waistline with belt-belt, frills, flounces or ruffles.

Short products for the holiday are the most practical in 2017.Their baby can also wear in everyday life, adding favorite accessories.

Restrained children's classic

To instill a sense of style in the daughter is necessary from the very childhood. This will help elegant dresses - laconic, restrained, but incredibly beautiful. Even the most ordinary girl in them will feel like a true lady: refined and calm.

Children's fashion does not take the details characteristic of an adult: elegant is considered a knee-length outfit, without an abundant decor, to which the most simple hairstyle is selected. In the clothes of a simple cut, you can go not only to the graduation party, but also to visit the grandmother.

Color variations

Modern graduation dresses emphasize the taste and reveal the personality of a small fashionista. To popular at the moment colors should be treated critically. It's not fashion trends that are important here, but what the preschooler really wants is what she will be comfortable with.

Designers of children's clothing recommend paying attention to the following color options:

  1. Classic white. Someone calls him "wedding", but he emphasizes the innocence and youth of the crumbs-graduates. The best white dress looks on dark-haired girls.
  2. Noble, elegant. This cream, vanilla, peach, body clothes. They look presentable, elegant and expensive. Ideal for graduates with dark hair.
  3. Exciting red. This coloring will always allocate a small fashionista, will look festive and unordinary. Suitable for babies with dark and fair hair.
  4. Deep blue. It looks noble and mysterious, emphasizing the beauty of blue eyes. Coloring is considered a symbol of luck, and the dress of the right cut is the best choice for graduation.
  5. Favorite pink. All girls have a caramel dream: they want to be princesses. Smart dresses of all kinds of shades of pink look light, even weightless, and gentle.
  6. The bright sun. Nothing better at the graduation in kindergarten and do not. Especially if your daughter is an energetic, cheerful and active girl.
  7. Royal solidity. It's about a burgundy color, in which every little princess takes on the status of queen. Do not forget about the rules of choosing shades for blonde and dark-haired.
  8. Delicate freshness of green. The main advantage of color is that it allocates a girl from vanilla-candy girls. Emerald and pale lime dresses look very impressive, and from marsh green or olive it is better to refrain.
  9. Orange mood. If your daughter likes bright colors, has a cheerful temper, then an orange dress is created for her.
  10. Celestial beauty. The image of a pure young dreamer is simple to create. It is enough to choose blue or turquoise clothes from shiny fabric. Best of all, this problem is coped with a magnificent dress.
  11. Stylish classic. Most mothers think that black is not the place on the matinee in the kindergarten. In fact, it looks incredibly elegant, if the right decor is appropriate. A collar, embroidered with beads, white lace or a red belt-ribbon will revive a strict little black dress.
  12. Cheerful prints. It's about the flower motives that all girls like. A festive ball in preschool is held in late spring. And floristic colors are relevant at this time of year. In addition, prints are successfully combined with other textures and monochrome colors.

The choice of the color of the children's dress at the graduation party provides for a careful selection of the material of the product.

Topical fabrics

What is fashionable in the spring-summer season? This issue worries not only mothers, but also daughters on the eve of the graduation.

  1. Heavy dense fabrics do not belong in the warm season, so it's worth to stop on silk or satin.
  2. Knitted fabrics, decorated with lace and guipure inserts.
  3. Long skirts made of chiffon or organza will complement ball gowns. If the girl wanted a dress with a train, it is necessary that it be transparent and multilayered.
  4. Bolero and gloves to the dress are better to choose from soft jersey.
  5. Lace gloves up to the elbow and lace knitted blouse are allowed. It will not be hot if a walk or a photo session is planned before the reception.

Style create details

This statement applies to the graduation party in the garden. Removable boleros, gloves and small handbags add the product to the chic. The girl will feel like an adult lady, especially if she starts on the trick:

  • Choose a simple but beautiful product-base, and on it to put on a magnificent, richly decorated skirt. The flying fabric can be removed, and the daughter will be comfortable on the buffet table.
  • Find the children's handbag in the tone of the dress. Usually an accessory is offered complete with a ball gown or a retro dress.
  • Use simple ornaments. Stylish bezel, a small diadem, exquisite earrings - children do not need anything else. Let your daughter remain a little princess, her adult life is ahead of her.
  • Be sure to purchase a bolero. Cocktail can last till evening, but in May or early June the weather is changeable. Open products require fit options, and if the girl wears an elegant dress, the knitted jacket is appropriate.
  • Do not forget about shoes and pantyhose. They are selected in the tone of the dress, but they can emphasize the contrasting finish: belt, bows, fringing, collar and sleeves.

An interesting stylistic move - dresses for mom and daughters in the same style. They are made from the same fabric, have similar silhouettes and decor, differ only in size. It is best to buy clothes elegantly cut, retro style or simplified A-silhouette. Lush long clothes look spectacular on the baby on the day of graduation, but it looks ridiculous on my mom.

Find a dress for girls, which will appeal to both moms and daughters at a glance, very difficult. Searches should be joint: try to consider more photos in fashion magazines, on the Internet, go shopping, do fitting - and you will definitely be lucky.

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