Fashionable female haircuts for medium length hair

What is the advantage of haircuts on the average length of hair? First, such haircuts are quite easy to pack and care for them easier than for short ones. Secondly, for them much more fashionable variants of haircuts are thought up, than for long hair.

  • Bob
  • Kare
  • Cascade
  • Ladder
  • Asymmetry


This is the choice of successful women who keep up with the latest fashion trends in the world of hairstyles and know how to appreciate their time. For medium length hair, stylists offer many variations of this haircut.

Smooth bob especially stylish and elegant looks on smooth dense hair. Giving such a hair a little gloss with a varnish, for a few minutes you can get a glamorous image.

A disheveled bean is a real trend for bright young people who, without a doubt, will add creative.

Bob combined with a long oblique bangs can create a very romantic and feminine image. In this case, the bangs in this haircut can be smooth or structured, and the roots must have a good volume.

It is impossible not to mention the textured bean. This haircut with its soft forms, suitable for almost all types of face and hair of different texture. It looks very stylish and thanks to various styling tools it allows you to create more and more new images.

The most creative look of a bean on medium hair is a haircut with elongated side strands. On its basis, it is easy to make both a smooth everyday and a bright evening dressing in the form of light natural waves on long strands. A special chic in this haircut will bring coloring in the technique of ombre.

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This haircut for a long time has not given up its leading position in the popularity rating. It can be represented by a variety of fashionable variations - bangs and without, on the foot and elongated, with a straight even and side parting creating an asymmetry effect. One of the most trendy - slightly disheveled upper strands.

Elegant square with clear geometric lines on smooth shiny silky hair remains out of the competition.

One of the varieties of the famous haircut - graded square, which allows you to give the necessary volume of hair, adding stylish touches to the silhouette of your favorite hairstyle. This haircut is very comfortable in everyday wear, and its layered structure allows you to create incredible options for laying. For example, popular in this season, easy and easy styling in the style of grunge.

Some women of fashion prefer a trapezoidal silhouette of a square with a styling, assuming smooth even roots combined with magnificent curls from the middle of the hair.

Learn the options for beautiful everyday hairstyles of any length
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It's no coincidence that this versatile layered haircut has been at the peak of fashion for half a century and remains one of the mostin demand.

Graduated haircut of medium length looks great on any type of hair, giving the necessary extra volume to thin hair and revealing the beauty of thick curls.

Especially attractive looks cascade on smooth even hair.

Stylists offer a variety of cascading haircuts with different types of hair grading and a bang shape, which can be emphasized using textured styling products.

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Quite popular is the natural styling of cascading haircuts, which creates an effect of slight negligence.

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Outside of time and competition, haircuts with graded graduation remain. Most effectively they look on straight smooth hair.

However, such a choice can be safely recommended and the owner of curly curls. However, in this case, to emphasize the special texture of the haircut, it is desirable to resort to coloring. The strands selected with the help of contrasting color will look very stylish and original.

In general, the color solutions for the "Lesenka" haircut surprise with its variety and originality. On the one hand, stylists offer natural natural shades,

and on the other - welcome bright sometimes even unexpected color solutions, original combinations of colors, allowing to emphasize the shape of the haircut and the texture of the hair.

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Asymmetry of

Today, these are super popular haircuts that can be created on hair of any length and will suit women of all ages and styles.

Asymmetric haircuts of medium length have many options, which depend on the courage of its owner and the imagination of the master. Such a haircut combined with creative coloring, like no other, can dramatically change the style and make the image vivid, fashionable and extravagant.

If desired, you can make an asymmetrical triangular bangs or leave a few elongated strings that will give the haircut a certain piquancy.

You can create a bright asymmetry by exposing the temple from one side.

An interesting option will be a smooth or step transition from very short hair on the crown to a longer one at the neck.

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No less elegant asymmetrical haircuts are obtained and based on a square and a bean. Their contours can be either smooth or "torn".

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