Biotin for hair - benefits, use and contraindications

Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 or H. It can be found in a variety of foods, such as egg yolk, liver and in some types of cereals. Biotin is also synthesized by intestinal bacteria. It is believed that it is easily accessible and therefore the biotin deficiency does not threaten the human body. You are at risk, unless you seriously eat or late become pregnant. Also, there may be certain conditions in the intestines, because of which biotin becomes inaccessible to absorption.

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      Biotin is a heterocyclic compound that consists of a ringimidazole attached to the ring of tetrahydrothiophene. Tetrahydrothiophene has a side chain of valeric acid. There are eight theoretically possible stereoisomers of biotin. Of the eight, only the stereoisomer D -( +) - biotin is found in nature. In general, biotin is a cofactor involved in the metabolism of leucine, fatty acids and in the process of gluconeogenesis.

      Vitamin B7, biotin or vitamin H is an important component for the health and beauty of the skin, hair and nails. Like other B vitamins, biotin should be water soluble, but this is not entirely true. It dissolves heavily in water and alcohol. However, it can easily be cooked and preserved even after exposure to high temperatures. That's why it's so accessible.

      It is also important to know the fact that biotin does not accumulate in our body and therefore it is necessary to fill its deficiency by ingesting various foods and food additives.
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      Useful properties

      • Biotin in liquid form is used in the control of hair loss, alopecia or alopecia, as well as for the healing of nails and skin. As shown by numerous studies, after five procedures using biotin, you can see how the bulbs intensified and the hair appeared.
      • Important components of vitamin B7, such as zinc, sulfur and calcium, can fight numerous skin diseases, for example, psoriasis, dandruff and weed.
      • It is not devoid of biotin and proteins, and they, in turn, support the youthfulness of the skin, producing collagen and elastin, and thus eliminating facial wrinkles.
      • Proteins contained in biotin help to strengthen hair bulbs, nails and healing of small scratches.
      • Biotin is also indicated in the presence of diabetes, as it lowers blood sugar levels.
      • It helps restore the function of vision and eye mucosa.
      • During pregnancy, the intake of Vitamin B7 capsules will help the expectant mother to keep her hair, skin and nails normal, and then the body releases half of the nutrients during this period.

      What else is biotin useful for? It certainly will not be superfluous if you have a disruption of the nervous system, metabolism, insomnia, general malaise or lack of hair growth.
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      Application of

      There are only two options for replenishing biotin. The first is to consume as much as possible food products containing the necessary dose of this substance, the second - to buy an additive in the nearest pharmacy.

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      After a course of taking vitamin B7, after two weeks hair loss begins to stop, they are strengthened. After a month, the growth rate of hair grows to 3 cm in 30 days, new hairs appear.

      It is best to get biotin from organic sources, consuming a healthy and rich in this substance food. After all, there is not yet a single study that would confirm the effectiveness of hair consumption of biotin in tablets.

      Why are various additives, ampoules and other forms of biotin intake so popular today? They spread all over the world from the USA, where vitamins of the tablet form have become a very popular way of enriching the body. Thanks to this, many pharmacological corporations now receive billions in revenues from the sale of biotin.
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      It is necessary to know where biotin is contained in nature. To avoid a biotin deficiency in the diet, it is necessary to include:

      • eggs;
      • corn;
      • beef liver;
      • seafood;
      • wild strawberry;
      • sea-buckthorn;
      • spinach;
      • carrots;
      • cauliflower;
      • soy;
      • bread is coarse.
      How to choose the best female shampoo, considering the type and problem of hair
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      Cosmetics with biotin are not always available in a store or pharmacy, butits effectiveness has been proved by numerous positive responses. Liquid biotin for hair can be added to beer shampoo or various masks, or to buy a ready-made cosmetic with this vitamin.

      The best shampoos with biotin:

      • "Density and Volume" OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo;
      • "Nexxus Vitatress" with biotin;
      • "Biotin-B-complex" from Avalon Organics;
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      To thicken and strengthen damaged and dull hair, there is nothing better than a mask with biotin.

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      Best masks with biotin:

      • "Kapous" mask with biotin for strengthening and stimulating hair growth;
      • "Periche" hair mask with biotin;
      • «Kallos Biotin» is a mask for hair growth.
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      The most effective vitamins with biotin for hair:

      • Biotin for hair Now Foods, Biotin, 5,000 mcg, 120 capsules;
      • Biotin for hair growth, 7500 mcg, 100 tablets, Puritan's Pride;
      • Biotin for hair Super Strength, 110 capsules, 5000 μg, 21st Century;
      • Biotin 5 mg for healthy hair, skin and nails, 60 tablets from DAS gesunde PLUS;
      • Biotin for healthy nails and hair 10 mg, 100 capsules from Natrol.
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      • NUTRILITE biotin C plus;
      • Mesoestetis Mesohyal ampoules with biotin;
      • NV - biotin in hair ampoules 0.1%( BIOTIN), NeoVial.
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      Few people in fact suffer from a lack of biotin. Hair loss is possible for many reasons. If you take biotin for hair growth and do not suffer from its lack, at the very least you will not notice anything, and at worst you will experience unpleasant consequences.

      Excess of this vitamin does not pose a serious health hazard. The only thing that should be considered is individual intolerance. Only in this case it is forbidden to use biotin. In the period of lactation and pregnancy, biotin is also better to be excluded.

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