Which way is better to sleep head

Quality of life depends on many nuances, including how we sleep. Many people do not think that lying in bed can affect the well-being and well-being of a person. Some people used to focus on their own feelings, others resort to the advice of various exercises to find out the correct answer to the question: how to determine which side of the world you need to sleep with your head?


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  • By feng shui

    To achieve harmony in life, people turn to the wise eastern science - feng shui, which is based on the practice of mastering space. The ancient Chinese believed that a person could become better and happier if the bed was correctly positioned during sleep.

    According to the teachings of Feng Shui, each side of the world has this or that energy that influences the sleeper.

    Tips feng shui, which way to sleep head:

    • If the head during sleep to send to the north, a person can bring stability and comfort to his life. The energy impact of the north is good for couples who often quarrel and conflict. If you properly place the bed, the passions that boil in the family from day to day will soon settle down, and in the house there will be calm and harmony. This situation in sleep is recommended for those who often get sick: the north has healing energy.

    • If the head during sleep is directed to the northeast, a person can become more self-confident. This situation is suitable for those who are used to often and for long to doubt themselves. The power of the northeast influences a person's consciousness for the better, makes it more active and productive. Head to the north-east is not recommended for sleeping people who have problems with sleep.
    • If you head east during sleep, a person can be charged with energy for productive work. The power of the east is capable of raising vitality, for it is in this side of the world that the Sun rises. A person who lays his head to the north, can easily undertake any task.
    • If the head during sleep is directed to the southeast, a person can get rid of the psychological clamps that prevent him from adapting in society. The power of the southeast will give the sleeper a self-confidence and increase his self-esteem.
    • If you head south during sleep, a person can improve their financial situation. Only luck will depend on the person himself. He will be able to move up the career ladder and get a high salary in case he will work. There are a couple of nuances. In order for the energy of the south to affect a person, he needs to sleep alone. The South has enough powerful energy, so it will negatively affect the impressionable and vulnerable people.
    • If you direct your head during sleep to the southwest, the person will become more resolute and practical in solving vital issues. The power of the southwest will endow the sleeper with wisdom and tranquility.
    • If the head during sleep is directed to the west, human life will play new colors, it will begin to find non-standard solutions to problems and tasks, will be able to realize its creative potential. The power of the west is useful for couples who want to diversify their sex lives. Sleep on this side of the world is ideal for romantics and passionate natures.
    • If the head during sleep is sent to the northwest, the person will discover the leadership abilities. The power of the northwest awakens self-confidence, inner strength and the desire for new heights. To sleep a head on this side of the world is useful to people of advanced age, especially if they suffer from insomnia.

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    On yoga

    Yogis believe that a person has an electromagnetic field, the poles of which are at the head and at the feet. To feel good after sleep, it is necessary to synchronize with the electromagnetic field of the Earth. The north of the human magnet is located in the head, so the best position in space during sleep is head north.

    In case the layout of the apartment is not suitable for a convenient bed arrangement or there are other reasons why a person can not sleep with his head to the north, the yogis recommend to settle in the direction of the east or northeast.

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    A believer rarely thinks about the question of which way to sleep in the Orthodox head, he is guided by personalsensations. The Christian religion does not relate to superstition, which warns a person against doing certain actions. However, the believers themselves have some preferences, which they associate with faith:

    • during sleep it is better not to lie head to the north, otherwise the connection with God weakens;
    • sleep to the east strengthens communication with higher forces;
    • sleep in the south direction promises longevity;
    • man, sleeping his head to the west, becomes more selfish.
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    On Islam

    The religion of Muslims is full of rules and regulations that affect even the question of which way to sleep head. In Islam, a Muslim should sleep his head towards Mecca, the main religious center of believers. There is also a prescription regarding the position in a dream: do not sleep on a high bed and on the stomach.

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    To children

    To which only tricks do not resort parents, so that the children's sleep was healthy and full. In which direction should the child sleep? According to experts, so that the baby's sleep was calm and strong, it is better for the child to lay his head to the east. The power of the east bestows the sleeper with courage and strength.

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