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The beauty industry does not freeze for a second, inventing new images for respectable ladies and young girls. Do not forget the beauty stylists and about very young beauties, who from the earliest years, like all real women, want to look stylish and attractive. Beautiful hairstyles for girls today - this is a tribute to modern fashion, and the need for every young person to be cute, well-groomed, neat.

And to help stylists, beauty masters, hairdressers and just skilful mummies - fashionable bunches and tails, braids in all variations and other original children's hairstyles.

Hairstyles for every day

The main requirements for daily hairstyles for girls of any age are simplicity and accuracy. As a rule, children between the ages of two and seven do not choose their own hair, this is what their mothers do for them, and some parents solve such questions for their daughters almost until graduation. And depending on whether the mother is busy or has time for daily hair braiding, the daughter goes to a kindergarten or school, either with short haircuts or with original stylings.

Haircuts for girls

Short haircut is the simplest and most reliable option: the head is always neat, does not take much time to care, the child himself or with the help of an adult can wash and comb hair. This hairstyle is good, even if you just ruffle your hair and do not use the comb.

  • Decided to choose a haircut? In this case, pay attention to the trends of and make the daughter a haircut of the pixy, which is now at the peak of popularity in the children's fashion. This word is not in vain translated as "elf" or "fairy".Hairstyle is simple and original: on the temples and the back of the neck - a short haircut, and on the vertex - a little longer and lush. A chelochka is at the discretion of the girl's stylist and parents. Of course, the bangs should not be long, so as not to get in your eyes and not to damage your eyesight. If you still decided on a long bang, it can be combed sideways and fixed with beautiful hairpins. In extreme cases, the girl can be supplemented with a hair clip with a rubber band.
  • Regardless of the age of the person, the carving of the square always looks good. Such a hairstyle will easily make even my mother, although it is better to entrust a child's head to a professional. The main features of this haircut: evenly cut hair on the contour of the face and around the head, straight bangs, strict lines along the entire length. Kare - a well-groomed hair that can be stabbed invisible, diversify the rim, and an extended version of the haircut can even be gathered in a bun at the back of the head.
  • Haircut Bob is loved not only by young women, admirers of Victoria Beckham, but also by their fashionable daughters. This haircut has a lot of options, but the main idea is a lush head of hair on the crown, short hair at the back of the head and long strands near the face. Elongation can be up to the shoulders, but for young girls the length of the front strands is slightly more than just below the chin. Such a hairstyle for girls can be supplemented with beautiful rims with bows or rhinestones, as well as hairpins and diadems. It is the haircut bob that allows even on children's heads variants with asymmetry, thinning, step transitions and different length of bangs.

Hairstyles for medium length hair

Hairstyles for every day of elongated hair - these are any options for laying out ponytails using pins, rubber bands, etc.

  • Hair, both long and short, to kindergarten or to school can not be wornso they must be staked. One of the options for lush and curly hair is to use several pins for the bangs, laid on one side. Hairpins of one style( about five pieces) are placed close together, smoothing strands at the top and loosening the curls beneath. Hairstyle can easily be done by any person, even dad. The beauty of it is that everyone around you can admire curls and beautiful curls, but the bang does not catch the eye of the child.
  • You can also use a large number of different colored rubber bands. Hairstyle is done this way: hair on the head is divided into two parts vertically( to the right side and left), and then - horizontally( upper half and lower). It turns out 4 bundles of hair. If the child has thick or large bangs, then the bunches can be made 5 or 6. For each of them we put on multicolored rubber bands, letting out only small tails. Looks such beads-bunches originally, the hair does not interfere with either side. Particularly relevant is the hairstyle in the hot season.
  • Another option of using several tails on the head is suitable for girls whose hair reaches the shoulders or just below. We collect strands in several ponytails on the back of the head and the head, you can arrange them in a chaotic order or neatly and symmetrically. After each tail is firmly fixed in its place, it is necessary to twist it into a flagellum, wrap each flagella around the base, and fix the end of the twisted flagella with an invisible one. It turns out this sort of original "horns" on the child's head. A simpler version of such "horns" - two ponytails on the vertex, which we twist into flagella and fasten according to the same principle. Sweet devil is ready! This option is more suitable for girls with not very thick hair.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair

There are a huge number of hairstyles for girls on long hair, which are based almost always on braids or horse tails. If we talk about everyday hairstyles, then the hair should not be loose, even beautiful, shiny and curly. In order to show them in all its glory, there are holidays and evenings. And for every day you need to be patient and have to master several options for laying.

  • Hairstyle based on a horse tail. Collect the tail high on the back of the head, after fixing, divide the hair into 3 parts, each braid into the braid. The secret of the hairstyle is in the unusual braid. To make them, you need to divide your hair not into three strands, as usual, but two. Each of these parts is tightly twisted into a bundle. Then twist these flagella together so that they form a twisted braid. This braid should be fixed at the very bottom of the elastic band under the hair color. When these braids are three, and for long hair, the hairstyle looks very original and stylish.
  • Collect the hair in the tail on the back of the head, comb it, fix it with an elastic band. From the tail we separate one strand, about a third of the total hair. From this strand we braid the classic pigtail, twisting its tail at the very base, covering the elastic band, and then hiding the end of the pigtail in secret ways by invisible ones. Hair in the tail can be slightly curled with a hair dryer with a round brush or curling iron. Very beautiful hairstyle is ready, and quickly and simply.
  • Hairdress based on braids. We braid the braid from the very top. To make it more magnificent - first you can twist the top strands in a magnificent, no-nagging tourniquet, and then to this bundle a little later add side strands of these three parts to braid the braid. Fasten at the bottom of the beautiful barrette or bow. Once fixed, the braid should be slightly stretched to the side, so that it looked lush and larger. The originality of this hairstyle is attached by the upper tourniquet and a wide braid. It's beautiful when such a braid ends with a flower, an original bow or a stylish hair clip.
  • Weave symmetrically on two sides from the bangs to the nape of the two braids according to the principle of the spikelet. He trails like this: take a small strand of hair and begin to weave a pigtail, with each turn on the right and left grabbing and adding to the original main braid new small spikes. Outwardly, such a hairstyle resembles an ear of wheat, at the base of which is a braid, and on the sides - thin hairs. After the lateral spit-spike converges on the back of the head, you can combine them into one common braid, which you can even glean to the very end with a spikelet. At the end, fix the elastic band under the hair color. At the junction of two spikelets, you can attach a beautiful flower to your hair.

Children's evening hairstyles

There are many options for children's evening hairstyles, based on variations of various braids and original weaving. For the festive exits, all the variants of loose, but at the same time stowed or stabbed hair, are also acceptable. Hair styling, haircuts, children's hairpieces, beautiful costume jewelery and even fresh flowers for styling are allowed. We present you some of the possible holiday hairstyles.

Cosi-tiara and spikelets

We make a hair-dress on the basis of a braid-tiara( tiara).

  1. For long or medium hair, we apply foam to styling hair. We separate one strand from the temple, we braid it in a braid, but not downwards, as usual, but upwards. We lay it in the form of a hoop over a bang, we fix invisible.
  2. As an option: we weave the hair from the top of the head according to the principle of the spikelet. If the hair is long and the braid, in addition to the improvised diadem, forms a swirling flower on the side - even better. We fix the flower from the hair with beautiful hairpins.
  3. All other hair is wound on small hair curlers or with a curling iron, fix it with varnish. If the length of the braid is not enough to make a flower on the side, we attach a hairpin in this place in the form of gerbera, orchid, chamomile, etc. It is elegant and romantic!

Beautiful and unconstrained look hairstyles, based on a braid in the form of a spikelet( French).Now it is fashionable to braid the braid so that it passes through the head asymmetrically: from the upper part of the right temple - to the lower occipital part under the left ear, for example.

This kind of hairstyle is easy:

  1. It is necessary to divide the hair horizontally into two parts. The upper part is combed to the right, and the bottom is to the left.
  2. It is necessary to begin to weave a braid from the upper right temporal part. Gradually you need to grasp her hair first from the right side of the head, then from the middle, and then, going down, take them to the left.
  3. At the very end of the braid fix the rubber band. To make the hair look more stylish, you need to weave the braid along the entire length, which will give the image a slight negligence and airiness.

Hairdress with ornaments from hairpins-flowers:

  1. We braid several spikelets from the crown to the nape of the neck. It is better to get at least four pieces.
  2. Below them we fasten them with elastic bands.
  3. Across the head - at the base of all pigtails, in the middle, at the end - we attach the same small flowers-flowers. The size of such a flower - with an average button, not more.

This baby head looks like a flower clearing, very fun and unusual. You can use hairpins, strawberries or, for example, funny carrots.

Начесы, шишки и шиньоны

Stylishly on the children's heads look hairstyles with flecks.

  1. If you have enough of your shock, make a tail on the back of the head or closer to the crown, first separating the upper part of the hair. The rest we fix in such a way that the ends of the tail remain under the rubber band. As one of the options - we make a bundle of bumps.
  2. The rest of the hair in the head region is combed, and then gently lay this strand around the bump, fixing it with invisible ones. If the lump or tail is initially well strengthened, the hairstyle will be firm and sturdy.
  3. Around the cone we fix a satin or lace ribbon, on the side - a beautiful classic bow. For such nuffs and cones, girls can use a diadem, if the holiday format allows.

If the girl's own hair is still not enough, but I want to please myself and the child with an unusual styling, you can use also the hairy bumps. An indispensable condition: this chignon should be the same color as the girl's hair.

  1. We collect all our own hair with the help of a rubber band in a bun on the vertex, and fix the hairpiece on top with hairpins and invisible ones.
  2. At the junction points around the briquette we use for decoration the ribbon or satin ribbon, on the side - a bow or a hairpin-flower.
  3. For older girls, it will be a good idea to decorate such a hairstyle with crystals, or, for example, butterflies made of metal, organza or beads.

Fish tail "

" Beautiful hairstyles for girls of different ages are often made on the basis of weaving "fish tail", which looks like a tail of a mermaid. Today, this is one of the most popular and favorite weaves, both for young girls and for small women of fashion.

We will tell you step by step how such a braid is braided:

  1. We comb our hair, moisturize it with water or spray, so that it does not run out or become electrified.
  2. To the right and left of the temples, we select small strands( about 2 cm).Cross them over the back of the head, holding the right strand over the left. At the intersection, we put them to the head and hold it with our right hand, and we pull out the next lock in the area of ​​the temple. Then we hold this strand on the back of the head with the left hand, and with the right we take the next lock on the right.
  3. Thus, in the center connect side strands: right over the left, then - vice versa. And according to this principle weaving is conducted to the base of the head. The result was a spit, which can be fixed with an elastic band and leave a loose tail.
  4. If you want to make a "fish tail" for the entire length of the hair, you need to continue to weave the braid, pulling alternately to the right and left thin strands of hair and crossing them in the same way as they did on the top of the head.
  5. At the very end, the "fish tail" is fixed with an elastic band for the hair.

Braiding the plait "fishtail" - video

Rules and secrets of beautiful hairstyles

  • The main rule: hair in any hairstyle looks good, if they are well-groomed. Even wavy and naughty hair that is almost impossible to pacify, look great if they are clean and shiny.
  • And at a very young age, girls do not interfere with massaging the head with special brushes or hands. This is necessary to restore the normal circulation of the head and help the hair after the rubber bands, metal hairpins and hard combs.
  • If you use textile bows, bands and bands, erase them and do not turn them into long-livers. In this situation, this is not welcome. Change your accessories, watch for fashion, refuse old and unsuccessful.
  • If you decide that the haircut for a girl is the best option, keep track of its length. Short haircuts require attention and constant correction of tips.
  • Remember: hair is loved when they are looked after. And it's never too early to start it.

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