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film Summer time pleases us not only with the opportunity to soak up the sun, but also a variety of fruits that grow in abundance in summer cottages. In the arsenal of experienced gardeners, there are a lot of different cultivation techniques that allow you to eventually get a quality large harvest. In this article we will talk about how to plant a strawberry under a black film and what nuances should be taken into account in doing so.

Many summer residents prefer to grow this delicious berry because of the relative simplicity of care for it and the presence of a huge amount of micronutrients and vitamins useful for the body in the strawberry. There are also those who are most attracted to the early maturation of the fruits of the plant, so most gardeners at least a few beds leave to grow strawberries under a black film.

The main pride of the gardener is, of course, the harvest of impressive volumes, so that no one in the family does not remain without a portion of useful vitamins. The first thing you want to eat delicious juicy strawberries, so the summer residents are throwing all their energy to ensure that the berry grew sweet and large enough.

Features of using black

Mulching can significantly improve the structure of the soil, thereby providing plants with all the necessary conditions for comfortable growth. Its main advantage is the complete disposal of the earth from harmful weeds, which have a negative impact on cultivated plants. Thus, the truck driver will no longer need to stand for hours in an uncomfortable position to remove all unnecessary.

Planting strawberries under the film promotes earlier ripening of fruits, and the elevated temperature of the earth has a beneficial effect on the entire root system. The top layer of the soil is constantly in a moistened state thanks to the film, so all metabolic processes in plants are improved, and the land does not dry out during the sunny summer season.

This technology has a number of other advantages besides the above:

  • First, the absence of contact with the ground allows to grow absolutely healthy and pure berries.
  • Secondly, a well-designed and well-designed hose system saves you from having to spend time watering the plant. Thus, each bush gets the right amount of moisture.
  • Thirdly, this method of growing strawberries does not differ in any complexity. Even novice gardeners can easily test this simple and convenient technology.
However, there is also a certain risk. The black color of the material during the hot season excessively absorbs the rays of the sun, so there is a strong heating of the soil, which in turn leads to premature burning out of the strawberry bushes.

We start with the preparation of

materials. As a mulching cover material, some gardeners use special agrarian fibers that perform the same functions as conventional black strawberries.

It is best to plant the plant in late spring or early summer, choosing a not too dry day with a cool weather. If the technique of landing is carried out qualitatively, with observance of all the rules, then within two months you will be able to enjoy the first fruits of your laborious work.

Before putting strawberries on film, a beginner needs to adopt several effective tips and acquire in advance all the necessary materials:

  • To begin with, we determine the appropriate footprint of the covering material, which must correspond to the number and size of the beds. It is worth paying attention to the width and thickness of the used film.
    Specialists recommend choosing a product with a thickness of at least 40-50 microns. The width of the film must match the size of the bed. Often, gardeners plant two rows, but if desired, you can make more beds.
  • It is necessary to choose a suitable variant of seedling in advance. This can be a closed type in pots or seedlings with an open root system. For the first option, you should choose a film with pre-made round holes. In the second case, you can make incisions yourself.
  • You will need a hose with which you can build a watering system in the future. To determine the required length of the product, you need to add the length of all the beds. Such a system will help to ensure each strawberry bush with enough water.
  • For convenient execution of all installation work, you should also prepare scissors and special gloves.

Proper planting of strawberries under the

film Once you learn how to plant strawberries using black film, immediately make sure that this method is simple and affordable. However, in order for you to rejoice in a large crop, before planting plants the soil should be relaxed for several years from any plantations. Such a condition is not very simple to implement, but it is on the "rested" ground that you can later grow large and juicy strawberry berries.

Before starting the installation, you should first thoroughly dig the beds to saturate the soil with oxygen, after which the ground must be carefully leveled to avoid the presence of large clumps of earth. Once the soil is ready, you can proceed with the installation work:

  1. To improve the soil, it is necessary to mix the soil with sand and peat. In order for the root system to develop properly, the beds should be of sufficient size. The distance between them is not less than 30-40 cm, and the length of the rows should be 80-100 cm.
  2. At the next stage, we start preparing the irrigation system. To do this, we need a hose, which must be laid out by a snake on the plantation between the beds.
    Use scissors to make small holes on the entire surface of the hose, and then lay it deep into the earth for 5-8 cm. One end of the hose will be fixed to the spout and the other tightly closed using a strong reliable stopper.
  3. Then cut the black film so that the material matches the size of the bed. It is necessary to evenly spread the product around the perimeter, and secure the edges securely with the help of a layer of earth poured on the edges.
  4. Preliminary marking cut out on the film small holes, whose diameter should be about 15 cm. Then make holes in the ground. For better growth of strawberries, plant the plant in a staggered manner, observing the distance between the bushes in 25-30 cm. Observing this rule, you can get large berries of strawberries. Now you can buy a mulching film, in which small holes have been made in advance for further planting.
  5. At the final stage, we plant the bushes in the prepared wells, and then try to minimize the holes on the film in order to further prevent the formation of weeds. To do this, instead of holes, you can make two perpendicular incisions with scissors, and the excess material to bury in the ground.

Before planting a plant, it is recommended to hold its roots in water for a while, adding a small amount of potassium permanganate to it. Such a solution will have a beneficial effect on the health of the whole tuber.

To water all the beds, just connect the hose to the spout, and then turn the tap. In the future there will be no problems with the drying of the soil, and you will get healthy and clean fruits.

Such a simple technology of growing strawberries will allow you in a couple of months to collect an impressive harvest and please the family with delicious sweet berries. This method is suitable even for those who for the first time decided to mulch the soil, because the installation works do not require any complicated actions or large financial costs. Related Videos:

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