Fashionable asymmetrical haircuts for short, medium and long hair

Asymmetric haircuts for the past 10 years are at the peak of popularity. Original, stylish, different in shape and length, they will undoubtedly attract attention of others and emphasize determination, good taste and knowledge of fashion trends of its owner.

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is suitable. From the name, asymmetric is a haircut with different lengths of hair, while having a clear model of the structure. Cleverly selected asymmetrical haircut can dramatically change the image and shape of the face. Therefore, it is necessary to do it with a real professional.

By the way, coloring plays far from the last role in how an asymmetrical haircut will look. Cleverly selected and original made melirovanie, coloring and non-standard painting will make this haircut even more stylish.

When choosing an asymmetrical haircut, it is necessary to understand that such a work of art requires constant care and daily styling.

Do not think that asymmetry is the choice of only owners of thick and obedient hair. Of course, on thick voluminous hair, this haircut will look just luxurious, but a good master will be able to make an excellent asymmetry on thin hair, visually adding the required volume to it.

As for the shape of the face, the asymmetry is exactly the kind of haircut that can bring any form of the face closer to the ideal. So, to chubby beauties she will help to hide the fullness and visually stretch out her face.

A person with a square and rectangular shape will help to divert attention from the wide cheekbones and massive chin. A good asymmetry for the triangular shape of the face - a slanting bang helps to hide a wide forehead and maximize the shape to the generally accepted standards.

And, of course, the asymmetrical haircut on the owners of the oval face will look great.
However, it is very important to correctly choose not only the shape, but also the length of the haircut.

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Short haircuts

Cleverly selected asymmetry on short hair looks especially impressive. Especially with the use of creative staining techniques. Yes, and style this hair is much easier.

There are many options for short asymmetrical haircuts. For example, do not lose the relevance of haircuts with elongated strands and oblique cheeks. As a basis for asymmetric haircuts on short hair, you can use a pixie, cap, bean and quads with torn ends.

However, it must be remembered that asymmetrical haircut needs constant care and renewal.

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Average length

The average length of hair, perhaps, is the most convenient for creating asymmetrical haircuts.
Often asymmetrical haircut of medium length is performed on the basis of an elongated bean, after which original additions are introduced into it.

For example, one temple makes the hair very short, and on the other - leave strands long to the chin. Or they shorten the locks on the vertex, while leaving the length of the strands in front.

Especially popular now - a short neck and elongated corners, emphasizing the contour of the face, created on the basis of an A-shaped bean. This haircut looks most effectively on smooth even hair, so curly locks have to straighten with ironing, otherwise the haircut will lose its zest.

No less interesting option - asymmetry based on the haircut pages. As a rule, it looks in the form of a cap, but it can be distinguished by separate elongated strands, a long oblique bangs or sharp changes in length at different sites.

One important condition - the page looks best on dense hair, since they allow you to create the necessary volume on the vertex and leave enough hair for the length.

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Long hair

No less popular today are asymmetrical haircuts on long hair. There really is where to go for a walk. Often the basis for them can be a cascade. Here you can adjust the difference in the length of the hair as you like - from a barely noticeable transition to a cardinal difference in length, and sometimes also in hair color.

The most courageous women of fashion allow themselves stylish asymmetry, shaving one temple, the second while leaving untouched.

Long asymmetrical haircuts allow you to experiment without sacrificing the total length of the hair. To begin with it is better to try a variant with an asymmetrical bang, and then everything depends on imagination and determination.

An interesting variant of asymmetry is a double hairstyle, when the hair is cut in front of the bean in front, and the rear remains long.

A very important point is the color of the hair. Choosing a bold asymmetrical haircut, you can afford to hooligan with color. An extraordinary bright shade of hair will only emphasize the individuality and create a more spectacular image.

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Special charm of asymmetrical haircut gives highlights and coloring, especially when using separate contrasting hues separate strands or their edges.

And, of course, an important role in this haircut is laying. You can try to place accents on individual strands, using wax, lay the bangs so that it covers part of the face.

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