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  • Which cancers are suitable for food?
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  • How delicious to cook crawfish? How many minutes to cook crawfish?
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Meat of river cancer, rich in proteins, calcium, B and E vitamins and practically free of fats, belongs to the category of tasty and nutritious dietary products. Boiled crawfish is often served as a snack for beer or as a component of complex dishes of the restaurant menu.

However, in order not to spoil the dish, crayfish need to be able to properly prepare( and for this you need to know exactly how long it takes to cook crayfish).Let's learn about all the subtleties of this interesting process.

Which cancers are good for food?

You can consume in food:

  1. Crayfish that have been cooked alive by .To determine whether a dish was prepared from living crabs, one can by the position of their tails. Crayfish, cooked alive, will be tucked under their belly tails. Tails of dead crayfish will remain straight.
  2. Cancers subjected to the shock freezing procedure .In this case, the frozen carcasses are boiled without defrosting.
Eating dead meat can lead to very serious poisoning.
It is necessary to get rid of asleep or almost not giving signs of life of arthropods, as their carcasses decompose incredibly quickly.
The most delicious are the large and active crayfish( they have the most tender and juicy meat) caught in the early spring.

Secrets of preparing cancers

  1. Cancers should be freed from particles of silt and sand. To do this, they are placed in a deep sink or bath filled with cold water. Half an hour later the water is completely changed, repeating the manipulation at least three times.
  2. Taking the cancer from the side of the back( to protect yourself from the claw), it is thoroughly washed under a stream of water.
  3. To soften the shell, crayfish half an hour before cooking can be held in milk.

How to cook crayfish with dill? How much salt is needed?

The secret of excellent taste lies in the properly prepared broth. For its preparation it is necessary to take:

  • 5 liters of water.
  • 5 tbsp.spoons of large gray salt.
  • 2 tbsp.spoons of sour cream.
  • The same amount of Adzhika.
  • 2 large lemons.
  • A large amount of fresh or dried dill( you can take 1 tablespoon).
  • Green parsley.
  • 5 leaves of a laurel.20 peas of black pepper.

Crawfish preparation process:

  1. In a saucepan with water, salt is poured, spices, sour cream, adzhika, greens and halves of lemons are added. Very important components of the brine are dill( it gives piquancy to the meat of cancer) and salt. How much salt do you need to cook delicious crayfish? At least one full tablespoon per liter of water. The fact that the shell prevents the penetration of salt into the meat, so the broth should be firmly salted. Otherwise, you will get a tasteless product.
  2. The mixture is brought to the boil and insists for half an hour.
  3. The present broth is again put on fire, brought to a boil and quickly, one after another, is lowered into boiling water of live crawfish. Keep them in this necessary for the back. Densely filling the pan with crawfish, you need to cover it with a lid and increase the flame to the maximum. As soon as the broth begins to boil, the fire is reduced to an average level. It is necessary to be constantly near by controlling the process, as the decoction with crayfish is used to spill out of the pan along with all its contents.
  4. After the required time, you need to hold crayfish in a hot broth, covering the pan with a lid. Thanks to this simple procedure they are infused, will acquire a special juiciness and aroma. How much time is needed for this? Ten minutes is enough.
In the process of cooking, the shells of crayfish become bright red: this is the reason for judging the degree of their readiness.

5. Boiled crayfish beautifully laid out on a large dish( lined with lettuce leaves), decorating with delicate dill leaves and lemon slices.

How delicious to cook crawfish? How to cook crawfish in a beer?
  1. In order to determine how much beer is required to cook crayfish, all arthropods are placed in a pan( allocated for this purpose) and filled with water. Then the water is poured into a measuring container and its quantity is determined. Beer will be required for 500 ml more than the amount of water that fits in the pan.
  2. Beer for cooking crayfish should be light( dark can cause bitter taste of the meat of crayfish).
  3. Salt is based on the calculation: 1 tablespoon with a small slide for each liter of beer.
  4. Beer is brought to a boil and alternately put live crawfish into it.
  5. Cooking crayfish in beer should be slightly less( five minutes) than in water. This is due to the fact that after cooking the crayfish will be infused into the beer broth for at least 20 minutes.
  6. Present in the decoction of crayfish in the form of a beautiful pyramid spread on a large dish. For her decorations use parsley and dill greens, slices of lemon and olives.
Beer used for boiling crayfish should be poured. You can not drink it.

How to cook crayfish in wine?

  1. To boil crayfish in wine, take 500 ml of dry white wine for each liter of water and a small branch of dill and rosemary
  2. . Then everything is done just like when boiling crayfish in water: add salt, bring to a boil and throw into boiling water of live crawfish.
  3. Cook them for the same time as in the case of boiling in water( i.e., 15 to 20 minutes).
  4. Before giving the boiled crayfish to brew, add a juice squeezed out of half a lemon into a decoction( based on each liter).

Crawling of crayfish using cucumber pickle

  1. Crayfish are cooked in water in the usual way.
  2. Ten minutes after the beginning of cooking, a cucumber brine is poured into the pan( from the calculation of 200 ml to 2 liters of water).
  3. Bring to a boil and boil crayfish until cooked.
  4. Allow to brew for 10-15 minutes.

Crayfish boiled in beer with bacon

  1. Crayfish is launched into boiling beer and brought to a second boil.
  2. Add to the pan sliced ​​lard, lemon juice, 1 tablespoon mustard and a bunch of fresh dill( you can replace it with a pinch of seeds).The broth is thoroughly mixed until the mustard is completely dissolved.
  3. Cover the pan with a lid, allow the crayfish to brew.

How many minutes can I cook crawfish?

How many cancers to cook on time? This issue is especially interesting for those who are going to do it for the first time. There is an opinion that large crabs should be cooked for at least 45 minutes. This opinion is erroneous, and it can not be followed in any case. Meat of crayfish( as well as meat of shellfish and shrimp) from long cooking becomes stiff and tasteless.

How long does it take to cook crawfish? Duration of cooking depends largely on the weight of the caught individuals.

  • Small( weighing up to 70 g) crayfish should be cooked for no more than a quarter of an hour.
  • Crayfish average( up to 90 grams) is cooked for 17 minutes.
  • How long does it take to weld large( over 120 grams) crayfish? This is enough for 20 minutes.

How to eat crawfish?

Any edible carcass is part of the carcass( with the exception of the mustache and shell), but most people, by ignorance, eat only meat that is in claws and on the tail.

  1. Cutting the carcass usually starts with the most delicious and meaty part - with a tail( "cancer cervix").Putting the cancer on your plate, the tail is separated from the torso and choose from it juicy meat, opening the shell in this area. Usually it has white color and rare pink veins. The intestine of cancer, resembling a miniature tubule, must be removed.
  2. Next, the claws are separated, sucking out the aromatic juice and flavoring the contents of this part of the cancer carcass by opening the claw with a fork.
  3. There is a pleasant liquid substance in the body, which must also be sucked.

Cancer cancer shelling can be by hands or special culinary scissors.

Cancer storage times for

  • Cancers can be stored alive by placing them in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator and feeding them with meat or sausage. Shelf life of live crayfish is no more than three days.
  • The cooked crawfish is stored in the same decoction that was used for their preparation. You can do this for 12 hours. After this period, they can not be eaten.
  • Cancers subjected to shock freezing, can be stored in the freezer for no longer than 30 days.

Who is useful to eat crayfish?

Dietary meat of crayfish, which is low in calories( 75 calories per 100 grams of meat) and rich in vitamin and mineral make-up, is useful for everyone, because:

  • high protein content is a guarantee of excellent health,
  • phosphorus and calcium are beneficial for the growth of muscles and bones.

In addition, meat of crayfish is particularly recommended for :

  • with a tendency to crack on the soles of the feet( especially for cold reasons),
  • for various spleen diseases,
  • for patients suffering from gallstones and bladder stones.

Video how to cook crawfish

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