Examples of images for a photo shoot in the style of pin-up

A bright, direct, somewhat erotic and incendiary pin-up style has long been one of the most popular styles for a photo shoot, especially a studio and summer retreat. In this style, as in other currents, there are different rules. Following them, you will get an excellent shooting result.

  • Style attributes
  • Where to shoot
  • Positioning rules
  • Popular images
  • Pin-up for pregnant women

Attributes of style

If we talk about the classical style of pin-up, then it's about the fashion of the fifties of last century. Of the materials should be used light, sometimes slightly transparent, monochromatic pastel colors. It is possible to use fabrics with large and small peas, strips or in a cage.

The aim of pin-up art is to create the perfect seductive image of a beautiful woman, emphasizing all her dignity.

Of clothing fit bright tight blouses and blouses, shirts tied knot, open t-shirts, body, short shorts and skirts, stockings, narrowed jeans with high waist. High-heeled shoes, stud or wedge.

Hair falls to the shoulders with large curls in a perfectly neat haircut, you can also tie a high pony tail or tie a bowknot in the shape of a bow. Makeup should be neat, usually with bright red lipstick, black arrows and thickly colored eyelashes.

Attention should also be paid to accessories, they will help to supplement the chosen image, to beat details and important trifles. A coquettish handbag, fans, glasses, mouthpieces, a comb, a hand mirror, summer hats, an old-fashioned phone, fruit, ice cream, an old suitcase stuffed with things, decorative cosmetics, especially red lipstick, soft toys,sunglasses in thick frames and much more.

If we talk about modern art pin-up, then the creation of an image is limited only by your imagination. It is important to remember only that the image of a girl in pin-up is a joyous and carefree coquette, with a radiant, affable smile. Clothing and accessories should emphasize its dignity, attract and seduce, but not vulgarize the image.

To achieve the desired pin-up result, further processing of photos in the style of old photos of this direction is important.

Learn also all about the features of the photo session in the retro style http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-retro/
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Where to shoot

The best themed photos for the realization of the ideas are those that can be madeat home. But you can create them in the studio, then the result of the photo will be more professional. In addition to the studio, there will be good decorations for a light kitchen in retro style, a bathroom, a bedroom, a dressing room and a dressing table.

You can also shoot outdoors, but only warm and sunny days are suitable for pin-ups.

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Positioning rules

Positioning also has a number of specific rules and tips. The pose should be comfortable and comfortable, tempting and tempting, on the verge of vulgarity. In most cases, the model is photographed in full growth, much less often to the belt line. Let's consider some of the most popular poses for posing in the pin-up style:

  • Standing. When posing in a pose standing you can not stand just straight. It is important to show the beauty of the bends of the body. For convenience, you can lean on or lean against anything: a table, a wall, a car.
  • Sitting. In Options, what to sit on and how, there are no restrictions. The main thing is to emphasize the legs, they need to be shown in all the beauty and as tempting as possible. Winning will be posing in the half-turn position with the casing towards the camera.
  • Lying down. In a lying position, it is also worthwhile to emphasize the legs. In no case, do not put them down and do not put it, it will spoil the whole effect. Depending on the pose, the legs can be crossed, extended, stretched, or tucked up. It is not recommended to direct the legs and body directly into the camera.
  • In the lap. In this position it is important not to forget about the hands. Lean on them about something, adjust your hair and watch the beauty of the bends of the body.
  • Portrait. Watch for facial expression and expression. In pin-up, the most popular expressed emotions are joy, languid look and slight surprise. Do not forget about the position of the hands, shoulders and chin.
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Popular images

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The standard of the pin-up girl is considered to be the image of an American housewife in short jeans shorts with a tied shirt, or in a light flying dress. In today's pin-up, there is no point in limiting oneself to ideas. Before you open up an infinite space for imagination and creativity, allowing to realize even the most daring idea.

This style does not tolerate harshness and severity, discomfort and stiffness, and excessive vulgarity. Pin-up is designed to reveal all the beauty and beauty of the female body, creating a romantic image of a charming seductress. The most popular images:

  • stewardess,
  • housewife,
  • girl in the kitchen,
  • girl in the bathroom,
  • girl in the bedroom,
  • girl plumber,
  • girl mechanic,
  • girl on the beach,
  • nurse,
  • teacher,
  • tourist,
  • elegant lady.
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Pin-up for pregnant women

Pregnancy is not an excuse to deny yourself a thematic photo shoot in the style of pin-up. After all, the style itself is called to exalt beauty and femininity. And what could be more feminine than a pregnant girl? Nature itself has taken care of the beauty and irresistibility of a woman during pregnancy, it remains only to supplement the image. Of course, not all popular postures are suitable for pregnant women, but in return they can use ideas that emphasize the special features of the situation.

Suitable topics housewives and some professions: conductor, sailor, mechanic and so on.

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