Makeup for a photo shoot

How sometimes you want to exclaim: "Freeze, moment! I'm beautiful! ", And stay at its best time. But, unfortunately, years inexorably always take their own, although modern technologies and achievements in the field of beauty sciences allow us to look younger. However, there is still a way that is able to stop this brief instant forever, and the name to it is a photograph.

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So never give up the opportunity to capture a favorite in the photo, especially do not miss the chance to take part in a professional photo shoot. Already such shots hundred percent can always lift your mood, become an excellent stimulator for the growth of contentment with yourself, and, in general, suppress any complex at the root.

To always be so, try to approach the issue of preparation for a photo session with all seriousness. In addition to posing, shooting is based on other important criteria, the main ones of which are those that are intended to emphasize your dignity and hide flaws. This includes a hairstyle, a choice of clothes, accessories, a choice of a place for carrying out of shooting and a correct make-up. About the latter, and we'll talk.

Make-up should be limited to the style in which the shooting will be conducted. If you do not, then, most likely, the outcome of your event will be pun. That's why it's important to first understand what makeup suits your chosen style. Considering the fact that there are a lot of styles in photography, in this article we will mention only the most popular ones.


This kind of make-up in many respects can be considered universal, because under the category of "classic" there are many variants of images in different genres. But, nevertheless, the following variant is considered to be a traditional classic make-up amongst stylists: the basis for a person to tone / two is lighter in order to achieve aristocratic pallor. Clearly worked eyebrow line. Eyes - pastel shadows, close to the shade of the skin, you can draw a thin line of arrows.

The main emphasis is on the lips. For them, a rich red, burgundy, dark purple or terracotta-red shade is chosen. Other shades of lipstick are also appropriate.

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This style will suit you if you want to embody one of the images in the 20-30's. By the way, it was the actresses of silent and black and white cinema who presented the world with variations of this make. Its main feature is a double accent and saturation. This is due to the fact that the black and white cinema could not, of course, convey the colors, and the face of the actress became inexpressive. To give him life, and made such a rich make-up.

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As mentioned above, the "vamp" accent is always double - on the eyes and lips. The tone of the face, like in the classical make-up, is best made lighter. As for the blush, they should be discarded or used semi-transparent crumbly textures. For the eye makeup, almost any rich shades that suit you are suitable. So, the "vamp" style is impressed by terracotta, dark blue, dark green scales. For the lips - red, purple, claret, plum, terracotta.

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In the "beauty" style of

This direction is relatively new in genres for professional photography and requires it special skill from the make-up artist.

"Beauty" is a very beautiful and extraordinary style. It provides for the creation of a whole composition, where your face, and sometimes your body, is a real canvas for the embodiment of interesting ideas.

So, in the style of this style, it is often enough to draw all kinds of patterns, abstractions, drawings, which then need to correspond with the hairstyle and clothes of the model, creating a single image.

Despite the fact that "beauty" refers to one of the most complex and costly styles, it is necessary to note the result of such a survey, which can eclipse much of what you had previously realized. In other words, it's worth it.

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In the style of "darkk"

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This style is also not easy to implement, especially if it involves the use of makeup and additional structures."Dark" - an atmospheric genre, an amateur. He can turn you into a sexual witch, feminine devil or ugly zombie. It's up to you to decide. But, in the case when there is no possibility to use the services of a make-up artist, you can also make-up yourself. Mike in this style is in many ways similar to makeup in the style of "vamp", only it is allowed to do not two, but more accents. For example, in addition to a saturated make-up, you can start a sham blood from the eyes, mouth, simulate cuts, put on contact lenses with bizarre and frightening effects( cat's eyes, demon, etc.), attach fangs, horns, to put it another way -devilry.

In addition to the standard eye makeup palette, "dark" allows for the use of red shades, and for lips - black, blue, green lipsticks.

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In the style of "natyurel"

This kind of make-up will allow you to somehow deceive all those who will view the photo. They probably will say that you are either not painted, or painted a little, and will lift your natural beauty to the sky. Do not try to dissuade them. Why should they know that makeup "natyurel" is sometimes even more difficult than "beauty".

This is only at first glance it may seem that there is nothing complicated in it: powder the nozzle, make up the cilia and everything is ready. But no!

"Natyurel" requires a makeup artist to have patience and practice in this matter. His main task is to "make a face", in the literal sense of the word.

For sure not everyone knows that when a photo session many colors fade, they lose their saturation. So, from any saturated hue it is necessary to take away 50-70% of saturation. If even the bright colors fade, what will become of the unpainted face? It simply goes into 2D format - it will become flat and expressionless.

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In the "natyurel" the whole secret lies in the application of different in the color range of toning bases, with the help of which the face is "drawn".At the same time, it can be corrected, starting from the spout and ending with the second chin, if it is certainly there.

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