All you need to know about eyelash extensions

Perhaps every woman dreams of long and lush eyelashes. This can be achieved through an extension procedure. This cosmetology service for a few years has gained immense popularity. But before you address it, you should understand the pros and cons of the procedure itself, as well as familiarize yourself with the features of further care for artificial eyelashes.

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Before & After

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To the positive sides of eyelash extensions it is possible to attribute:

  • creation of beautiful, dense and long eyelashes for several hours.
  • correct and skillful build-up can create a visual correction of the eye section;
  • lasting effect of the procedure. The erect eyelashes look very impressive for 2-4 weeks, but it directly depends on the skill of the specialist and the quality of the selected material;
  • further saving time and money on daily make-up;
  • it is possible to forget about tweezers for twisting eyelashes;
  • no need to constantly check and adjust makeup.
Popular types of eyebrow tattoo with photos before and after
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However, the procedure also has disadvantages that should be taken into accountbefore addressing it:

  • the need for regular correction every 3-4 weeks;
  • weakening your own eyelashes, because they adhere to the newly-formed;
  • refusal to visit the sauna and bath;
  • should not be rubbed by hands or actively wiped with a towel;
  • with washing will have to exclude the use of soaps and gels;
  • is contraindicated in sleep on the abdomen and face in the pillow;
  • risk of allergy to the materials or glue used;
  • inconvenience, especially after the first build-up;
  • difficulty in the daily installation of contact lenses;
  • artificial eyelashes require constant care and monitoring;
  • extensible eyelashes are contraindicated in people who often suffer from conjunctivitis.

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How to care

The procedure does not apply to cheap, so the desire to keep the effect as long as possible is justifiable. Proper care for the extended eyelashes will help prolong the life of a beautiful and expressive look. For this, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • You can not moisten the eyelashes for 2-3 hours after the build-up.
  • As little as possible touch the eye with your hands.
  • It is advisable not to cry.
  • Every morning after washing, comb your eyelashes with a clean brush from the carcass. In this case, it is important not to brush the place of attachment of hairs, this can lead to the loss of eyelashes.
  • No need to paint and twist extensions lashes.
  • Sleep better on the back or side, without touching the eyelashes cushions.
  • To exclude the use of cosmetics on oily oily substrates, they can weaken the effect of the adhesive composition.
  • To wash off decorative make-up it is necessary cautiously, without touching eyelashes.
  • Timely go to the correction to a proven master who works only with quality materials.
  • Do not wring out eyelashes and do not remove them yourself.

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Materials for creating extended eyelashes are divided into:

  • Natural : mink, sable, columns, silk. The main drawback of natural materials is the high risk of allergies.
  • Artificial : rubber, silicone. They are popular due to their practicality and average price.

No less important for quality build-up and glue. Specialists recommend glue on the basis of special soot. This composition is dark blue, high in tackiness, dries quickly, does not clump, does not irritate the mucous membranes, there are practically no evaporation from it, has a long shelf life even in the open state.

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The very procedure of extension involves the gluing of artificial hairs at the base of natural eyelashes. It is performed in two ways: by piece and beam.

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This technique consists in gluing each artificial cilium separately. It creates a more natural look and lasts at least three weeks.

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This is a faster and easier way to build up, as it is done by gluing the eyelashes with ready-made beams. This option is ideal for evening make-up and requires more frequent correction, since the bundles are quite heavy and can fall away under their own weight.

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Narrow eyelashes can be classified by type depending on the length, thickness, color, bend and purpose of use.

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Length of

In this category, eyelashes are divided into sizes from 4 to 22 mm. The most popular sizes are 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm, the length of which almost corresponds to natural ones. Longer, as a rule, is used for avant-garde images and competitive build-ups.

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There are 8 varieties of artificial eyelash thickness from 0.07 to 0.3 mm.

  • 0,07 mm - ultrathin;
  • 0.10-0.12 mm - natural, elastic and soft;
  • 0,15 mm - thickened, look like colored eyelashes;
  • 0,18-0,20 mm - thick and fairly rigid and used to create a vivid image;
  • 0,25-0,30 mm - ultra-thick, look defiant and suitable for ceremonial events, short-lived.
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Seven standard varieties of bending extensions are denoted by letters:

  • J and B - practically straight, close to natural;
  • C, D - the most popular options, a slightly open look with slightly twisted cilia;
  • CC, U - strongly curved, used to create "puppet eyes";
  • L - very strongly curved and the most extravagant.
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Color variants of extensions have a very wide range. Standard and most common - black, it is most suitable for dark-haired girls.

Red and blondes should prefer brown shades, they look gentler, and soften facial features.

And you can create an original image by using eyelashes of different bright colors.

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The purpose of building

For the purposes of use, the extended eyelashes can be divided into the following types:

  • For everyday wear( classic) .For this option, choose eyelashes that are closest to natural, that is, medium-sized hairs and natural colors. The upper eyelid is formed only in the outer corners of the eyes, so the look becomes more expressive, and the eyes visually increase. Eyelashes in the lower eyelid do not grow.
  • For special occasions .Choose long eyelashes of more vivid colors, which form the upper eyelid completely. In the lower eyelid, eyelashes are increased depending on the image and desire of the client.
  • For stage images .Usually the longest hairs of bright colors are used. In this case, eyelashes can be supplemented with rhinestones, feathers or gold plating.
  • At sea .For such cases, the most resistant adhesive and materials that do not lose quality under the influence of ultraviolet rays and in contact with salt water are used.
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Effects of

Given the personal preferences, the technology of the build-up, the thickness, the bend and the length of the selected eyelashes, the result of the procedure can achieve different effects:

  • of natural - eyelashes in size coincide with the present;
  • puppet - long cilia decorated the entire upper eyelid, the lower eyelashes are also exaggerated, but of short length;
  • squirrel - very long eyelashes extruded at the edge of the eyelid;
  • fox - longer hairs are located on the outer corner of the eyelid;
  • sparse - short and long cilia alternate in a certain order;
  • glamorous 2D and 3D - two( 2D) or three( 3D) artificial, but very thin and light ones are glued to each natural eyelash.
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Correction of

Our own cilia completely change in 60-90 days. Congenital eyelashes and glue make the natural heavier and they start falling out more often, so it's aesthetically correct to make a correction once a month.

The correction procedure consists in the fact that the wizard adds cilia in the spaces of blanks or, at the request of the client, can change the effect. If the eyelashes are stained with ink during the socks, they all need to be completely changed.

Before proceeding to correction, the master must necessarily inquire about the inconveniences and sensations during the period of wearing artificial eyelashes. Then you should discuss the upcoming correction and if you want to make adjustments to the design.

First, the master combs the eyelashes and removes those that may fall out soon. Then degreases and cleanses the cilia, and then proceeds to form a new design.

The correction procedure lasts about an hour.

During the wearing of artificial eyelashes, your own little weakened and in need of special care. Therefore, at their own will, or if there is no way to get corrected, a short break can be made.

Within 2 months the natural cilia will be updated, and the artificial ones will completely fall out. During this time, strengthen your own eyelashes will help rubbing castor oil.

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