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Hot stacking, chemical attack, aggressive environmental influences, improper care - these are all reasons for the deterioration of the hair condition. They become dull, lifeless, dry, sekutsya, drop out. Modern cosmetology offers to solve these problems with the help of the newest methods of hair protection and nutrition. Shaving of hair, or, as it is also called, shining, is a kind of lamination familiar to everyone. This is a healing procedure that strengthens, nourishes the curls from the inside.

The essence of screening

Initially, this procedure was carried out only in the salons. To do this, the curls are treated with a special polymer mixture that envelops every hair, seals it, moisturizes and saturates with useful substances from the inside.

Thanks to this film, the hair looks healthy, shiny, well-groomed. The shell is quite dense, and therefore the curls are protected from aggressive mechanical and chemical influences. The film increases the diameter of the hairs, and therefore they look more voluminous, they shine more brightly.

The peculiarity of screening is that the preparation treated with hair is penetrated through the scales into the core of each hair, saturating it with useful substances from the inside. That is why this procedure is considered curative and health-improving.

There are two types of screening - transparent and coloring. The peculiarity of the second variant is that the paint is added to the composition, which the client chooses. The color composition does not contain ammonia, and therefore does not damage the hair, it provides a rich color for up to 6 weeks. The duration of the effect depends on the type and structure of the hair, as well as on compliance with the rules of care.

Shielding: Pros and Cons

Shining is a young procedure that has many advantages:

  • Active components act on the cellular level, they penetrate into the damaged cuticles, restore the structure of the hair.
  • Suitable for the treatment of dry and brittle ringlets. The film seals the split ends.
  • The screening drug consists of natural components.
  • Cosmetic product does not contain ammonia.
  • Due to the dense film, the diameter of each hair is increased.
  • Hair becomes more docile, not tangled, lend itself to laying.
Thanks to the film, strands are protected from dirt, ultraviolet, frost, wind, mechanical, chemical damage.
  • Gentle coloring composition guarantees a rich color, a beneficial effect on curls.
  • Active ingredients are stored in cells, and therefore each time the effect lasts longer.
  • The composition has a pleasant natural flavor.

Before carrying out the shielding it is necessary to familiarize with its disadvantages:

  • After shining the curls need special care, so you need to buy shampoos with neutral ph. To curl not electrified, use a balm with an antistatic effect.
  • The duration of the effect after the first time is about 3 weeks. To prolong the action, you need to hold 2-3 procedures.
  • If the curls are healthy and shiny, then you will not notice any changes.
  • Not recommended for oily hair.
  • Curls become hard, heavy.

Salon Shielding( + Video)

First of all, the master will describe the technology of holding shining, tell you about its main advantages. The procedure consists of three phases:

  • First moisturize, cuticles are leveled.
  • Then the damaged structure is restored and strengthened.
  • Finally, the strands are sealed in a protective film, thanks to which the hair shines.

The procedure for screening the hair occurs in several stages:

  1. The locks are thoroughly washed with shampoo. Then you need to wait until they become semi-dry. They should dry naturally, the hair dryer is prohibited.
  2. After that, the hair is treated with preparations( usually 3 agents are used).It is necessary to wait the necessary amount of time in accordance with the instruction, so that the hair absorbed the composition.
  3. Drugs should be thoroughly washed off with strands of water. Then it is worth waiting for the curls to dry naturally.
  4. Then the head of hearing is treated with a transparent or colored mixture for screening.
  5. After 30 minutes, the curls should be dried with the help of professional equipment - climazon, sushuary or professional hair dryer. The hair is evenly dried with hot air.
  6. The curls are then treated with a fixer. The balm is not washed off.
  7. Strands are dried. Done!
In the end, the master gives advice on hair care after shining.

Home screening

Salon screening is quite expensive, and therefore women have found an alternative method of hair restoration. The procedure can be carried out at home, for this you just need to buy a basic set of reliable manufacturer. The main thing is to follow instructions clearly and not to miss a single stage.

Technique for home screening:

  1. First you need to thoroughly wash your hair with a special shampoo from the basic kit.
  2. Dry the hair with a natural method, for this, pat them with warm towels, but do not rub it in any way.
  3. Treat the forehead with any fat cream so that it does not stain.
  4. Apply a screening agent to wet curls according to the instructions.
  5. Maintain the required amount of time.
  6. Wash your head, dry hair with a hairdryer.
  7. Treat the hair with a balm-fixer that does not need to be washed off. Done!

Clearly follow the instructions, use only high-quality preparations. Any departure from the management is threatened by the fact that the result does not appear.

Screening at home - video

Screening kits

If you decide on home screening and choose the tools, pay attention to their prices. If the drugs are too cheap, then, most likely, it is a fake and the result will not please you. Give preference to known professional tools that have the necessary certificates. Yes, such sets are more expensive, but the effect is guaranteed!

Familiarize yourself with the most popular and quality screening kits that differ in the composition and duration of the effect:

  1. One of the most famous lines for scoring is "Kemon".This is the products of the Italian manufacturer, which saturates curls with useful substances, straightens curvy curls. The kit includes a leveling cream, neutralizing lotion, a restorative complex, which includes keratin, as well as a fixative balsam. Thanks to bamboo and avocado extracts, the fixer does not allow the paint to wash out. The set includes organic components, there are no lauryl sulfate and artificial dyes, which cause allergies, irritation. This kit is suitable for hot and cold screening.
  2. "Estelle" for hair screening - products of the Russian manufacturer, there are separate sets for brunettes and blondes. The kit consists of a two-phase spray conditioner, a base oil with argania, macadamia, camellia, siloxane, and also an aerosol with a gloss effect. All cosmetics and instructions are in a convenient case. First, the curls are cleansed with shampoo, then processed with shining oil, at the end, a fixer is applied. Suitable for hot styling method.
  3. The American screening kit called "Paul Mitchell" consists of a cleansing shampoo, a moisturizing mask, a screening drug, a remedy that prevents tangles from tangling. There are transparent and coloring sets. The preparation consists of oleic acids, soy proteins, phytoextracts, ammonia is absent.

Frequency of repetition of the

procedure Many wonder how often it is possible to carry out screening? It all depends on the condition of your curls. If they were severely damaged, then contact the hairdresser 10-15 days after the first procedure.

Each time the frequency will increase, this is because active substances accumulate in the cells of the hair, and therefore the effect lasts longer.
To achieve good results, you will need to spend 5 to 10 sessions. You can repeat the course in six months.

Indications and contraindications

  • This procedure is ideal for girls with long, dull, lifeless, brittle strands with split ends.
  • And also for those who often dyed hair, puts them with a hair dryer, a straightener, daily use fixing means.
  • Screening will help your locks to survive acclimatization if you are going to rest in another country. Ultraviolet, hard and salt water will not be terrible for your hair, but thanks to a protective film. Strands will remain healthy, radiant, silky no matter what.
  • If you live in a big city, then shielding is just necessary for your locks, which suffer from dust, smog, dirty air.
  • This is a quick way to bring your head in order before the wedding, graduation, corporate or date.

However, despite all the advantages, in some cases, scoring is contraindicated:

  • Alopecia, ie, abnormal hair loss. After the procedure, the hair becomes heavier, and if the roots are weak, then they begin to fall even more.
  • Girls with thin, weakened locks or, conversely, too thick and thick.
  • Oily scalp. Screening drugs are designed for deep nutrition and moisturizing, and this is superfluous for owners of fatty hair type.
Various skin diseases.
  • Damaged scalp( scratches, abrasions).
  • Allergy sufferers, people sensitive to the components of the screening drugs.

Shielding and laminating - what's the difference?

Many people confuse screening and laminating hair, because the procedures and effects themselves are similar. The difference is in the effects of drugs on the curls.

  • Shielding agent has a broader spectrum of action, it penetrates deep into the structure of the hair, nourishes, strengthens.
  • A laminating compound affects only the outer shell of the hair, they are sealed in an airtight film that protects curls from temperature changes. Both procedures can be performed in turn or at the same time.

In order to maximize the effect of shielding, you should use cleaning agents from the kit. If there are none, use a shampoo with antistatic effect. The only taboos are shampoo with exfoliating effect and caring means, which contain alcohol.

Now you know about screening almost everything. Appreciate the condition of your hair, and then decide whether they need to be shining or not.

If you decide on home screening, then follow the instructions clearly and use only high-quality products. After all, only healthy hair looks truly delicious!

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