People's signs of funeral and behavior in the cemetery

Not only a person's life, but also his transition to another world is accompanied by a number of customs and rituals, to observe which is extremely important at funerals and funerals. The energy of death is very heavy, and disregard for signs and superstitions can lead to unpleasant consequences - a range of failures, diseases, loss of loved ones.

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There are several rules when meeting a funerary procession on the street:

  • This event foreshadows happiness in the future. However, today will not bring any changes for the better.
  • Processions can not cross the road - if the deceased died of a disease, you can bring this sickness to yourself.
  • It is also impossible to walk in front of the coffin - according to the signs, one can get to the other world earlier than the deceased.
  • It is undesirable to move towards the funeral procession, it is better to stop and wait. Men in this case must take off their hats.
  • To overtake a hearse is a bad omen, promises big troubles or serious illnesses.

  • If the dead are being carried through the windows of your house - do not look out the window, it is better to pull the curtains. It is also necessary to wake up the household - it is believed that the deceased people can take the deceased with them. If at this time a small child eats - under his bed should put the water.
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Before the funeral of

Before you betray the deceased, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • Kill the lid of the coffin in the house of the deceased - to another death in the family. Also, you can not leave the lid of the house at home, going to the funeral.
  • To take out a coffin from the house follows to men. At the same time they should not be blood relatives of the deceased, so that he does not pull them after him - the blood reaches for blood.
  • During removal they try not to touch the door with the coffin. The body needs to be carried forward by the feet - so that the soul knows where it is being directed, but does not remember the way back, and has not returned.
  • After the late rye is poured - to close the road of death, and no one in the family is dead anymore.
  • On the arm carrying the coffin tied towels, which these men then leave to themselves - as a gratitude from the deceased.
  • If a person stumbles during the removal of the coffin - this is a bad sign for him.
  • Together with the deceased, things belonging to living people should not be lying - they acquire mystical power and can drag the owner behind them.
  • If there is to be cremation, icons are not put in the coffin - they can not be burned.
  • After removing the body of the floor in the house you need to sweep from the room where the deceased lay, to the entrance door, after which the broom immediately discarded. In the same direction, you should wash the floors and get rid of the rag.
  • The table or bench where the coffin with the body was standing should be turned upside down and left for a day - to avoid the appearance of another coffin with a dead person. If you turn the furniture is not possible, you need to put an ax on it.
  • When carrying the deceased, you can not turn back and look at the windows of your house, so as not to draw death into it.
  • Forget to close the gate in the courtyard after carrying the coffin - to another death. If the doors of the house were closed, until the procession returned from the burial - the family will soon have a quarrel.
  • If a coffin or a dead person falls, this is a very bad sign, foreshadowing another funeral for 3 months. To avoid this, family members need to bake pancakes, go to the cemetery to three graves with the same name as they do, and each one has to read the prayer "Our Father".Then give out the pancakes at the church along with charity. The ceremony should be conducted in silence.
  • Gravediggers, digging a pit, stumbled upon an old tomb with preserved bones - the deceased safely enters the afterlife and will lie quietly, without disturbing the living.
  • Before you drop the coffin into the grave, you should throw a coin - so that the deceased bought his place.
  • If the coffin does not fit into the pit and it has to be expanded, then the earth does not accept the sinner. Too large a grave - after his deceased will soon go his relative.
  • In case the grave collapses, one more death in the family should be expected. In this case, the collapse on the south side portends the departure of the man, from the north - the woman, from the eastern - the elder in the house, from the west - the child.
  • A native of the deceased should throw a handful of earth on the lid of the coffin, when he descends into the grave - then the deceased will not appear and frighten the living. As soon as the first handful of earth falls on the coffin, the soul finally parted with the body.
  • On the grave you can put a glass with vodka - for the repose of the soul. It is also believed that the souls of people turn into birds - they need to be fed, crumbling or leaving a hunk of bread.
  • If it turned out that extra belongings were bought for funerals - they should be carried to the cemetery, and not left in the house.
  • Some souls are attached to things and can bother living relatives. If it was not possible to enclose an expensive item to the deceased in a coffin, it can be left in the cemetery. It is desirable to distribute the clothes of the deceased to the poor.
  • The bed on which the person died, it is better to take out of the house together with bed linen. It is desirable to burn them, without getting under the smoke.
  • The image facing the deceased, after the funeral, must be taken to the river and put into the water - this is the only way to get rid of the icon without negative consequences. If there are no rivers nearby - you need to give the image to the church, you can not store it or throw it away.
  • If the death certificate contains a mistake in the name or surname of the deceased, it is another funeral in the family.
  • If death is overtaken by the owner of the house, in the coming year it is necessary to plant the hen-hen, so that the economy does not fall into decay.
  • Widow or widower can not wear an engagement ring, otherwise you can attract a serious illness.
  • If a funeral is in one of the houses on the street, they do not play a wedding that day.
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    • The next 40 days after death, all the mirrors and mirror surfaces in the house should be covered with an opaque cloth - otherwise they can become a trap for the soul of the deceased, and she will never be able to move into another world.
    • In a room with a deceased, windows and windows, as well as doors, must be closed.
    • In the house with the deceased must be a living person. This shows respect for the deceased, and also ensures that other people do not take his things away - such carelessness or malicious intent can lead to negative consequences.
    • If there are animals in the house, especially dogs and cats - it's best to take them to a different place for the funeral. It is believed that the howling of a dog can frighten the soul of the deceased, and the cat that jumps into the coffin is a bad sign.
    • You can not sleep in the room where the deceased is lying. If this still happened, for breakfast people are offered noodles.
    • In order to avoid harm from the deceased, a lighted lamp is placed in his room all night long, and spruce branches are laid on the floor and at the threshold. Needles should lie before the funeral, and people leaving the house should step on it, thus dumping death from their feet. After burial, the branches are taken out and burned, avoiding getting under the smoke.
    • Buying something for a funeral, you can not take change( trifle) - so you can buy new tears.
    • While the body is in the house, it is not cleaned and can not stand garbage. Sor at the deceased sweep - all of the house to endure.
    • The coffin should be made by the standards of the deceased, so that there is no free space in it. If the coffin is too large - to be in the house of yet another death.
    • It is better to wash and decorate the deceased until it is cool enough to appear clean before the Creator. To do this must necessarily widows. Water after washing should be poured into a deserted place, preferably not under a tree.
    • If an unmarried girl dies, she is dressed in a wedding dress - she becomes the bride of God.
    • To put on the deceased red - to the death of a blood relative.
    • If the widow of the deceased wants to marry in the future, she should put the deceased husband in a coffin unbelted and unfastened.
    • Things that the deceased constantly carried during his lifetime( glasses, prosthesis, watch) must be put with him in the coffin. There, too, you should put a measurement, which measured the body to make a coffin, the comb combed by the deceased, and a handkerchief so that he could wipe sweat from his forehead during the Last Judgment.
    • If you put a piece of bread and salt under the table with the deceased - this year nobody in the family will die any more.
    • One of the bad signs - if the eyes of the deceased are loosely closed or suddenly open. It is believed that he is looking for someone to take with him, and this heralds a new death.

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    Signs during and after the rite

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    Rules of conduct

    It is very important at the funeral and after them to behave correctly:

    • You can not swear, argue and make noise in the cemetery.
    • For the funeral, clothes of dark tones( preferably black) should be worn. It is believed that this color does not attract the attention of death.
    • In a funeral procession, pregnant women and young children should not be present. The birth of a new life and death are diametrically opposed phenomena. In addition, the aura of children is not strong enough, and can not cope with the negative impact of death.
    • During the ceremony of the deceased, it is necessary to remember only kind words.
    • You can not cry a lot at a funeral - the tears of relatives keep the soul of the deceased, it sinks in tears and can not fly away.
    • In the bouquets that are carried at the funeral, there must be a pair of colors - this is a wish for the late prosperity in the afterlife.
    • You need to leave the cemetery without looking back, wiping your feet when you leave - so as not to carry death with you. Also, you should not take anything from the cemetery.
    • After the funeral, you can not visit anyone without remembering the deceased, otherwise you can bring death.
    • After visiting the house with the deceased, cemetery or meeting of the funeral procession, it is necessary to light the wax candle with matches and to hold fingers and palms as close as possible to the flame. Then the fire should be extinguished with fingers, without blowing. This will help avoid overtaking the disease and death on yourself and your family. You can touch the oven - it symbolizes the elements of Fire. It is also good to wash under running water - take a shower or take a dip in the river.
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    • If the day of the funeral is clear weather, the deceased was kind anda bright man.
    • Rain at a funeral, especially with a clear sky before - a good sign, then nature itself is crying about the departure of a wonderful man. The prayers of the relatives are heard, and the soul of the deceased will soon calm down.
    • If a thunder rumbles during a funeral in a cemetery - there will be another death in the next year.
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    Up to 40 days

    For 40 days after death, the soul of the deceased is still on the ground. To be easily transferred to another world, relatives must adhere to certain traditions:

    • After the funeral, at the wake and in the house of the deceased, put his photo, and near him - a glass of water and a piece of bread. If water from the glass evaporates, it should be poured. He who eats the deceased will be sick and die. These products can not be given even to animals.
    • While the deceased is in the house, a bowl of water should be put on the window or table, on the shower wash, and also hang out the towel and leave for 40 days - at that time the shower flies over the ground, cleans and wipes.
    • Family should arrange a wake - to see off the deceased meal. The first time the funeral feast is done immediately after the funeral - at this time the soul leaves the body. The second time they gather on the ninth day after death - at a time when the soul has enjoyed the beauties of paradise and is shown infernal torment. Then - on the fortieth day, when the soul finally leaves the world of the living, to take its place in heaven or hell.

    There are a number of rules for funeral meals:

    • If you want to lend furniture to other houses for a funeral feast, death can be transferred there.
    • Before you start the meal, you need to pray for the deceased - praying helps his soul to endure the ordeal and get into the Kingdom of God.
    • The table does not have to be with an abundance of dishes, the main thing is to prepare ritual dishes - kutju, memorial pancakes, pies, compote or jelly.
    • First of all, pancakes are served at the funeral. The first pancake and cup of kissel is always given to the deceased.
    • During the funeral feast you can not clink glasses so as not to throw trouble from one house to another.
    • Who will sing, laugh and have fun at a funeral feast, he will soon want to wolf howl with grief.
    • If a person consumes too many hot drinks - his children will become alcoholics.
    • The ninth day is called uninvited - a large number of people are not invited to a wake, but gather in a close circle of relatives and friends of the deceased.
    • On the fortieth day on the memorial table you need to put a set of instruments for the deceased - on this day his soul finally leaves our world, and bids farewell to his relatives.
    • On the fortieth day, stairs are baked from the dough, symbolizing the ascension of the soul to heaven, giving alms, ordering a moleben.
    • After the funeral, food from the table( sweets, cookies, pies) is distributed to loved ones and even strangers so that as many people as possible wish the soul of the deceased to find rest.
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