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Winter can not last forever - warm days are just around the corner, so it's time to think about summer wardrobe. Create a stylish image without much effort will help simple and comfortable wardrobe items - fashion T-shirts.

In the season of spring-summer of 2017, the men of Mama take an honorable place. Designers offer quite bold styles and combinations, but advise not just to copy the finished images, but to experiment. The main trend of the coming summer is negligence, but carefully thought out to the smallest detail.

Actual styles and forms

Summer of 2015, many women of fashion remembered by the mass enthusiasm of ultra short shorts and T-shirts. But such a trend pleased only the owners of ideal figures. In the coming season, designers decided to please everyone. Now absolutely any girl this summer can choose a shirt suitable length.

Shortened T-shirts

Crop-tops, beloved by all owners of a flat tummy, often met on the catwalk during the spring-summer 2017 shows. But their style changed slightly. Now it's more like retro-style vests, reaching a length exactly up to the waist line. This summer, such shortened tops will have a clear silhouette, it is good to keep the shape due to dense fabric and non-standard darts.

An interesting solution for a sexy, but partly aggressive image will be corset shirts with a pronounced bodice, tightly fitting to the body.

The outspoken tops-bando, which hide only the chest, remain popular. They can be worn not only on the beach, but also on a party or a walk, if you skillfully combine a similar element with a light jacket or shirt.

Extra long T-shirts

T-shirts of this summer are spacious, reaching the middle of the thigh. They are suitable for girls with any type of figure, and each will feel confident. It can be moved from the men's wardrobe mike-bortsovki, remaining fashionable for several seasons in a row, or feminine tops on thin straps.

No less relevant in the summer will be Busty T-shirts with and without straps. They can be attached to the body completely or only in the bodice area, freely falling from the chest. The maximum open top and successfully masking the waist area, such fashionable women's T-shirts will be an excellent element of the sexual image.

Classic jerseys

Classical jerseys of straight cut are always in trend. Their length for the summer-2017 will drop just below the waist, and the silhouette will become as tight as possible. The cutout can be either deep, or a boat or under the neck.

The width of the straps should be chosen based on the features of the figure and their preferences, there are practically no restrictions. In the fashion of wide tselnokrenyye straps.

These T-shirts look reserved, elegant, they will be indispensable in the summer in a hot and stuffy office.


Fashionable youth jerseys in the summer of 2017 will be rather extravagant.

Many models have an asymmetrical cut: an uneven hemline;straps, drapes or tucks only on one side.

Some designers offer very bold combinations of fabrics: silk and leather, cotton and kapron, knitwear and lace.

The features of women's shirts, fashionable in the summer of 2016, include:

  • A deep cutout, thanks to which you can adjust, pull out the figure.
  • Wide armhole, sometimes American. Allows you to make the shoulders and arms visually more fragile, feminine.

As for the form, the favorites of the season are T-shirts, slightly flared to the bottom, resembling mini-dresses in appearance.

Actual colors

In the summer of 2017 a fashionable T-shirt can be of almost any color. Among the favorites are both bright and pastel:

  • peach, tangerine;
  • bright green, herbal;
  • all shades of blue;
  • crimson, pearly pink;
  • is golden, pale yellow.

Classical black and white scale remains in demand not the first season. Also traditionally beloved fashion designers are gray and beige shades, often with a metallic tint.

Girls who like to experiment with their style, in the coming season, nothing is not limited. In addition to the single-tone tops, summer-2017 gives model women models, combining several colors at once. It can be variants with contrasting edging on the collar and armholes, black or white tops with bright accents of actual shades in the form of print, decor or a combination of different materials.

That there must be a new summer wardrobe absolutely for any girl is a white T-shirt. Minimalism recently at the peak of popularity. When choosing a model, pay attention to the details, so that the final image becomes really stylish:

  1. The color should be pure white, without additional shades.
  2. No pattern, it can replace the expressed texture on the fabric.
  3. Simple form.
  4. Quality material. Noble things look like silk, viscose, dense cotton.

All these moments in combination give an excellent base for the summer wardrobe. A gentle and individual style can be created if the white top is combined with a skirt, shorts, trousers, cardigan of delicate shades: mint, whitened blue, lemon. Denim and black color in the accompanying clothes will allow to form simultaneously a touching and aggressive image in the biker style. A white jersey in the second case can be replaced by a black one.

Prints, drawings, inscriptions

Fashionable summer T-shirt 2017goda not only should be the actual color. The mood is set by prints, which almost all designers willingly used to create their collections.

Bold drawings and original ornaments make even simple wardrobe items into stylish, unique items. The print on the T-shirt acts as an accent, forming an integral image. Do not choose a thing of a complex cut, decorated with ornament or pattern, in this case it is better to pay attention to an interesting fabric texture or an unusual combination of materials.

Fashionable T-shirt 2017goda - not just a thing, but a real work of art, a kind of art object. Preferred are large drawings and ornaments, and among the actual motifs are:

  • Portraits of famous personalities.
  • 3D abstraction.
  • Geometrical lines.
  • Animalistic or floral ornament.
  • Inscriptions.

T-shirt with a funny inscription will demonstrate to the surrounding part of the inner world of its possessor. By the way, this summer the hippy style is partly in fashion. Therefore, a colorful shirt with the appropriate words( Peace, Love, etc.) must necessarily be in the wardrobe of every girl.

Another feature of the print on T-shirts this summer is a horizontal strip. From the classic color of the vest is better to refuse, preferring more daring combinations of bands: orange with red, turquoise with raspberry. Shortened tops with horizontal stripes will help visually make the breasts larger.


By the summer season of 2017, designers have prepared. In addition to the t-shirts with relatively simple cut and restrained shades, fashionistas will be offered tops, which you can wear without accessories at all. The desired effect is achieved by:

  1. Draperies.
  2. Plisset, perforation, different cuts.
  3. Inserts made of nylon, lace, guipure, colored flaps.
  4. Frills or ruches.
  5. Bows or buckles on the straps.
  6. Embroidery with stones, beads, paillettes.
  7. Application of leather or metallized fabric.

T-shirts can be multi-layered, asymmetric, with different cutouts. In addition to the standard semi-circular and V-shaped, some designers offer bold artistic options. But a cutout in the shape of a heart or an elongated U is not for every girl, to experiment more carefully, because such forms can distort the proportions of the figure.

With what to wear fashionable in 2017girls

T-shirts Mike is a versatile thing, in the summer it is simply irreplaceable:

  • Helps to transfer heat due to light fabric.
  • Opens the body for sunburn or admiring looks.
  • It is easy to combine with skirts, trousers, shorts, jeans.

The symbol of this summer is thought-out negligence. A stylish shirt with a daring inscription or a funny drawing can replace a blouse or shirt in any set, if its appearance seems too elegant.

Fashion women's shirts with a complex cut or relief texture is better complemented with the most minimalist bottom: monophonic trousers, can be shortened, straight skirt just below the knee, narrow jeans.

The favorite subject of the wardrobe of many girls were mikki-bortsovki( "alcoholics").This season, fashionable are elongated, flared variants.

T-shirts are perfect for short skirts, shorts, and jeans of a variety of styles. In addition, the usual men's shirts are still fashionable, which perfectly match with jeans, loose shirts, sneakers or sandals on thick soles.

An image in the hippie style will complement the top with a print if it is combined with a long skirt, leather vest, sandals or shoes on a flat sole.

Short tight-fitting jerseys will perfectly complement the image of loose trousers or a skirt of silk, viscose. And the tops of flowing fabrics are perfectly combined with lightweight short trousers, slightly tapering downwards.

The shortened strapless sleeveless t-shirts are equally well combined with lush skirts of very different lengths and narrow pencils. Between the edge of the top and the waistband of the skirt may look a strip of skin, but do not underestimate the waist line. The border is better to decorate effectively with a wide leather or textile belt.

To the fashionable top bando not make the image excessively erotic, even vulgar, it is better to combine it with spacious things: a light shirt, a free wrestling with deep armholes, an elongated silk waistcoat or a short jacket.

Mikey-bustier can also be combined with these wardrobe items. And elongated models look good with short shorts.

A simple top style can be easily compensated by a combination with the original bottom, for example, tight trousers with tucks or a skirt with frills.

When forming a harmonious stylish image, one should adhere to the rule: the wider the top, the narrower the bottom and vice versa. But this does not always work, for example, a loose flared shirt is not bad with a long skirt of the same shade or a little darker / lighter.

The versatility of T-shirts this summer allows you to always choose different shoes for your image: from sneakers and sneakers to high-heeled boats.

The choice of T-shirts for the summer-2017 is so diverse that absolutely any girl will be able to pick up several successful options at once. One and the same model will become a good foundation for several images at once, if you combine it with different things. But for the shirt to look stylish, it is important to work out the overall appearance in general, paying special attention to the hairstyle with makeup. The more natural they are, the more spectacular and sexy will be the summer image.

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