Cleansing the body with activated charcoal

Activated carbon is an effective enterosorbent preparation that has anti-diarrhea and detoxification effects. The drug is used to purify the body during flatulence, dyspepsia, poisoning with chemicals and alkaloids, drugs, allergies, obesity, cirrhosis, dysentery, metabolic disorders, etc.

  • For the intestine
  • For weight loss
  • After alcohol
  • Acne
  • With the allergy

Coal neutralizes the effect of almost all known to date harmful substances, such as salts of hydrocyanic acid and iron, acids and alkalis, methanol, ethylene glycol and many others. The components of coal are not absorbed by the walls of the intestine, are not digested, do not affect negatively the human organs.

For the intestine

Before you start drinking coal for cleansing, you need to calculate the dose of the drug, based on your body weight: for every 10 kilograms take 1 tablet of coal. So, a person weighing 53 kilograms is enough for 5 tablets, and a 59-kilogram should be taken already 6.

To improve the effect, the drug should be consumed in the form of an aqueous solution. To make it, you need to take the necessary number of tablets, crush them, pour 300 ml of cool water and leave for the night. The next day you can drink the medicine. If there is no desire to prepare a solution, then the tablets should be thoroughly chewed and washed down with still water.

The course of cleansing the body with activated charcoal lasts from 15 to 30 days. It is recommended to drink tablets in the morning and in the evening, absorb the absorbent better with clean water without gas, and not with juice or tea.

Cleaning the bowel with activated charcoal at home has some feature. In comparison with other methods of purification, which mainly contain a laxative component, the use of the sorbent does not imply the complete elimination of the contents of the intestinal tract( mucus, hard feces, stones).In addition, the drug has a fixing effect, that is, against the background of its prolonged use, the appearance of constipation is possible.

For this reason, it is recommended to take only dietary foods and products with a relaxing effect: apples, kefir, beets, oatmeal, sea kale, carrots, bread with bran, etc., throughout the whole cleansing course. Fatty, fried, canned, smoked is necessarycompletely excluded from the diet.

As with any absorbent preparation, at least 2 liters of plain water should be consumed in the days of body cleansing, in addition to juices, tea, and first courses. Otherwise, harmful substances not only will not be removed, but will become even more densified due to the binding property of the drug. The last recommendation is better to take for a constant habit and then, probably, there will not be a need to repeat the procedure of cleansing the body with an absorbent.

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For weight loss

There are 2 weight loss methods foractivated charcoal help:

  • The daily allowance of the absorbent( at the rate of 1 tablet per kilogram of weight) is divided into 3-4 doses and taken 1-2 hours before meals, washed down with purified water. With a large body mass, it is necessary to begin taking coal from 2-3 tablets and gradually increase.
  • Regardless of the weight, no more than 10 tablets are recommended daily. This method is more sparing and no less effective for people with a high body weight. The recommended dose should be divided into 3 parts and consumed, as in the first case, 1-2 hours before meals.

The duration of the coal diet is 10 days, if necessary, you can repeat it after 2 weeks. The optimal number of cycles of activated carbon for weight loss - 3.

Before you sit on such a diet, you need to know that coal is an absorbent, and not a fat burner. Weight will decrease due to cleaning the body of toxins and toxins. To achieve greater results, consultation of a nutritionist is required, which will additionally prescribe a diet. In addition, uncontrolled intake of the drug or excess of its dose can trigger the occurrence of diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face and lips, tightness in the chest, etc.

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After alcohol

After taking a large amount of alcoholic drinks, intoxication occurs when the decay products of alcohol turn into a poisonous substance - acetaldehyde. This condition is accompanied by nausea, headache, dry mouth and other unpleasant sensations. One of the most effective methods of getting rid of a hangover is the reception of activated carbon. He will absorb harmful substances in the body and will not allow their penetration into the blood.

After taking alcohol, it is recommended to drink 5-10 tablets of the drug depending on the body weight. The medicine must first be crushed and diluted in purified water. In the morning after awakening, the dose should be repeated. To fully detoxify the body, the intake of activated charcoal should be accompanied by an abundant drink.

The sorbent is recommended to be consumed not only after alcohol, but also before the planned feast( 5-7 tablets dissolved in a glass of water) - it will also help to absorb toxins, to prevent absorption of acetaldehyde into the body, quickly absorb and bring it out naturally. Also, coal normalizes digestion, reduces discomfort and unpleasant sensations in the stomach, which often occur in people taking alcoholic beverages.

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Gastrointestinal organs often suffer from improper diet, eating disorders and foods with a high content of harmful substances. This in most cases affects the skin of a person, pimples, spots, etc. appear. Therefore, timely and proper cleansing of the intestines from toxins and toxins with the help of activated charcoal helps restore skin health and beautiful color.

However, the drug is rarely used as an independent agent for skin cleansing. Basically it is included in the complex treatment to strengthen or slightly weaken the effect of other drugs. It must be remembered that activated carbon removes both harmful and useful substances from the body: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, after its use, rehabilitation therapy is required, which includes a balanced diet, the intake of vitamin complexes and medications that regulate the intestinal microflora.

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There are 2 schemes of reception of activated charcoal for facial cleansing:

  • Course of treatment 10 days: take 2 tablets 3 times a day for 1.5 hours before meals or after.
  • Course of treatment 7 days: take medicine once a day in the morning on an empty stomach. Calculation of the number of tablets - 1 piece per 10 kilograms of weight.

In addition to oral administration, activated charcoal is often used as an external agent, adding it to various masks. With constant use, the face sorbent improves the condition of the skin prone to fat, cleans it, removes black spots, blocks inflammation and smoothes fine wrinkles. It is recommended to make carbon masks with clay, gelatin, yogurt, aloe or purified water.

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With allergy

Activated charcoal helps to purify the body not only from toxins, slags, but also from allergens. Deep cleansing reduces the effect of allergic substances on the human immune system and eliminates the manifestation of such symptoms as:

  • Edema.
  • Skin itching.
  • Skin rashes and hives.
  • Runny nose.

Depending on the severity of the seasonal allergy, the duration of one course of treatment can be from 2 weeks to 1.5 months, and is repeated 2 times a year. Tablets should be taken in the morning for 1-1,5 hours before the first meal, thoroughly chewing and washing down with water. You can divide the dose of the medicine into 2 divided doses: morning and evening.

However, it must be remembered that prolonged use of the drug can provoke disruption of normal digestive processes and the occurrence of such disorders as constipation, diarrhea, indigestion.

The use of absorbent for stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, colitis, hypoglycemia, gastric bleeding, thromboembolism, hypocalcemia, hypothermia is contraindicated. In these cases, the use of activated carbon requires a doctor's prior consultation.

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