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Who is suitable for the haircut of the bean
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  • One of the bravest, daring and simultaneously romantic haircuts is an elongatedbean. It is considered to be the most popular in the last few seasons. More and more often this haircut can be seen on the red carpet of Hollywood stars. What is the secret of its popularity? Who will use a bean, and what are the options for laying it? We tell!

    Who is suitable for haircut bob

    Perfectly looks on hair of any length and structure of bob with elongation. Directly before cutting, the hair features should be analyzed:

    • For thin, curly locks, a long bean with graduation should be selected. It will visually increase the volume along the entire length and avoid too fluffy tips.
    • For wavy, thick hair, a bean with long front strands will do. Such a haircut can be laid in even strands with the help of ironing, or, conversely, to make beautiful, neat curls.
    • For straight hair of medium density, any haircut is suitable, so when choosing an option, one should start from the nuances of the face, the shape of the nose and forehead.
    The peculiarity of the haircut is that it can be laid as you like: in classic straight locks, light curls, weave, so it will never be boring with it.

    Bob for long hair

    The easiest way to revive a boring hairstyle is to make an elongated bean. Haircut is perfectly combined with a bang and any color of hair. Strands can be either one length, or asymmetric, extended at the back or front. Depending on the shape of the face, you can choose these types of haircuts:

    1. To an oval or rectangular face, a bean will fit a long hair without a bang. You can lay a haircut with a curling iron to make all the locks smooth and smooth. To make your hair feel romantic and light, you can use a hairdryer with a diffuser and a means for creating curls. Get a very gentle and at the same time a mischievous image.
    2. The owner of a triangular face shape will approach a bean with a oblique bang that can smoothly pass into the front strand. Fashionable packing of this season is bangs, the tips of which are wrapped outside. To perform the laying yourself, you will need a styling means of strong fixation. On the ends of the already laid bangs, apply a small amount of wax or mousse and twist them with small-diameter brashing.
    3. For an elongated face, a bean with a straight bangs is suitable. Best of all, this haircut looks on even, thick hair. Laying the same thin, wavy curls will be quite problematic, as with increasing humidity bangs will curl into chaotic curls.

    Pick up a bean on long hair can be to any type of face and hair. The correct length and styling will help not only hide the shortcomings, if they exist, but also emphasize the virtues. For example, an even bang will highlight the eyes, the length to the chin is lips, and the prickly strands on the one side are cheekbones.

    Crown - an alternative to an elongated bean

    A long square - a haircut of one length with hair below the earlobes. It can also have internal or external grading, elongated front strands, asymmetry, bangs. In this case, the strands form straight lines, free lines. A silhouette of haircut bean resembles beans, i.e., rid of the straight lines inherent in the quads.

    For owners of a round and square face type, you can alternatively choose an elongated square. Its lines, in contrast to the haircut of the bean, will not repeat the contours of the face and help to hide some of the shortcomings.

    1. Kare on an extension - a hairstyle with longer front locks in comparison with hair on a nape - one of the most stylish and courageous. It always requires an ideal styling. Therefore, when choosing such a haircut, it should be remembered that the alignment, creation of the desired volume and shape will be required daily from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the structure of the hair.
    2. Graduated square is suitable for those who do not even have very thick hair. Strands of different length, laid down in peculiar layers, will help to give additional volume.
    Also, the square with the extension is perfectly combined with a straight or oblique bang.
    For lovers of perfectly smooth laying, an even bang of one length will fit. Choosing an artistic mess, bangs can be profiled or made asymmetric.

    Fashionable staining of an elongated bean

    Certainly, the natural color of hair is always relevant, but only a few girls are ready to give up the opportunity to slightly refresh or radically change the tone of their curls. The lengthened bean in such colors will look great:

    1. To owners of straight hair of dark-brown or brown color it is necessary to try shades of bitter chocolate or rich black. Ideally smooth, shiny strands in combination with a straight, thick bang - a standard of style and sophistication. It is especially interesting that this hairstyle will be combined with blue eyes, making their color more saturated and deep.
    2. For light hair, a fine option will be the highlighting of thin strands. Suitable for both wavy and fine hair, and for heavy straight curls.
    3. Brown-haired women with long beans should definitely try the ombre. A smooth transition of the hue will look very elegant on smooth or curly hair.
    4. You can not ignore the fiery red mane. It will look nice and the air laying with the oblique bangs, and a smooth hairstyle with an oblique parting.

    When choosing a color for coloring, remember that the black color on thin, curly hair looks slightly untidy, and light shades will look more advantageous in graduated, multi-layered haircuts.

    How to lay an extended bob( + video)

    One of the main advantages of an elongated bean is a variety of styling options. The option for every day is in the video.

    The most popular of the folds:

    • Classical styling - curled inside hair. To create such a hairstyle you will need a hair dryer and a large-brass brush. On the roots should be applied a little remedy for the radical volume and dry the hair with a hair dryer along the entire length, twisting the tips inside.
    • Straight strands will suit the owner of medium-thick hair. On washed hair, it is necessary to apply a means for smoothing with thermal protection and to dry with a hair dryer, directing the flow of air from top to bottom. If necessary, you can give an ideal smoothness with ironing.
    • Light curls suitable for light hair with a multi-layered bean. To create them, you can use a foam curler or curling iron. Twisting the hair should be by all means for the growth of hair and in one direction. To fix the styling will help a small amount of varnish with a shiny effect.
    • Artistic mess is a great option for a noisy party or meeting with friends. On the towel-dried hair, you should apply a small amount of mousse and comb your hair with your fingers or a comb with wide teeth, tilting your head forward. If necessary, you can dry the curls with the cold air of a hair dryer.

    When making a styling, it should always be remembered that a large number of stowage can weight the sticks. Stacking in this case will lose volume and will look stale. Moderately should be treated and naches, so that the hair does not look unnaturally lush.

    Hairstyles for long bean

    Hair length at this haircut allows you to make not only styling on loose hair, but also various gathered hairstyles:

    1. The "Malvinka" hairstyle familiar to all from childhood is ideal for an extended haircut. To create it, the front strands can be stabbed with small invisible ones behind the ears or on the crown. If the length allows, you can braid a small pigtail, a bun, a knot or a bow from the dowel.
    2. You can braid the hair in the spikelets, leaving a part of them loose or in the form of braids. For this thin comb, you should divide the head with spans in one direction. Strands should be the same width. Spikelets must be weaved firmly so that the curls do not get out of the weave and the hair is neat. Suitable for styling and for walking, and for sports, as the hair is collected and will not fall on his face.
    3. Amateur ghouls will need a few invisible to pin up short strands. Hair should be gathered in a bun on the vertex and fixed with an elastic band or a hair clip. Knocking out curls can be carefully pinned or left as is, to give the hairstyle lightness and carefree.

    The length of the haircut allows you to create not only everyday styling, but also various festive options: the French braid, Hollywood locks, various complex weaves.

    To ensure that the hairstyle always looks neat, not only styling, but also proper care is important:

    • If the hair is being dyed, regular moisturizing masks should be done regularly and a special shampoo for color protection should be used.
    • When using ironing it is necessary to use a thermal protective agent.
    • On weekends and on holidays it is better to refrain from drying and laying. Instead, a hairdo can be pampered with a mask based on essential oils, kefir or aloe.
    • Depending on the condition of the tips, it is necessary to trim them at least once every three months.

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