New items of fashionable dresses of 2016

  • Question of style
  • Asymmetric cut
  • Trapezoid in the base
  • Romance and retro
  • In the name of femininity
  • The loop behind the loop
  • Vivat, princess!
  • touch of bohemia
  • Long evening
  • shirt instead of a dress
  • strip, polka dots and flowers
  • Fashionable details
  • Warm option
  • Game colors
  • Rampage patches
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  • size One Shoulder
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transparent, multi-layer,vintage, open, but at the same time restrained - such will be fashionable dresses 2017goda. The trends of the last year are preserved in the collections of leading fashion houses, each of which develops them in its own way, offering its own understanding of the style this season.

Many turn to the trends of the past, 20th and 19th centuries. Thanks to a touch of sentimentality and romanticism, the main subject of the women's wardrobe of all times becomes this more spring-summer season even more feminine, fascinating, attractive

Fashionable novelties of 2017 are sewn mainly from light fabrics. Many guipure, mesh, dense cotton, linen, silk, lace.

The question of style

Classics and romance are the main styles of the upcoming spring-summer season of 2017.

Fashionable always were dress-cases, because this style optimally emphasizes the dignity of the female figure. At the same time, a fairly strict and simple silhouette helps visually hide what you do not want to demonstrate.

In the spring and summer of 2017, it is proposed to wear midi dresses-cases when the hem covers the knees. Cut, color, choice of fabric at the same time are very diverse. The neckline can be different - an elegant "boat" or a deep neckline, it all depends on where this dress is planned to be worn.

Very topical this summer will be dress-cases with open shoulders, with no straps. You can cover your shoulders by picking up a suitable bolero. Thus, one dress will turn into a whole two - it's convenient and practical.

Asymmetrical cut

Fashion offers women a real feast of interesting ideas, not always new, but from this no less enticing. So, again asymmetry is fashionable!

This is not only the hem of a different length, but also the unusual neckline cuts. Asymmetric neckline, according to designers, can drive any man crazy.

The length of the dress can be anything: from an extreme mini to an apparel in the floor. At the same time, stylists recommend to recall the sections, which so seductively reveal the female leg. This move is known for a long time, but it does not lose its relevance for centuries.

Trapeze in the base

Silhouettes of fashionable dresses are amazing. Asymmetric cut in combination with fabulous fabrics, whose composition often includes metallized threads, allows you to create futuristic outfits.

In many models, the trapezoid is taken as a basis. This form gives great opportunities for designers in the development of clothing. It helps to hide the shortcomings of the figure and at the same time emphasize the dignity.

Very relevant sundresses. They are many - different styles and colors. You can happily flaunt all summer in this traditional, never out of fashion outfit.

Romance and retro

Romantic flowing models are also very relevant. Romance and retro in the current fashion season at the peak of popularity. All the fashion houses of the world offered their variations on these themes, impressing the imagination of fashionable women with the grandeur of ideas, the variety of colors and the quality of fabrics.

Short, medium length, midi and maxi dresses this year can be different. The main rule is the correspondence of the figure and the case. For example, in an office it is hardly appropriate to wear a super-short dress, but at a youth party it will be welcome. Evening version for stylish ladies - long dresses of romantic style.

In the name of femininity

Lace modern fashion stylists have announced almost the most relevant of all materials for this summer. Women's fashion dresses, sewn from lace fabrics, of very different lengths, colors, cuts appeared in the shows of most of the world's fashion houses. ZHivanshi, Louis Vuitton and others paid tribute to this amazingly elegant, truly feminine material.

Lace is offered not only in the evening, but every day, for example, use it in a business wardrobe - if not in the form of a one-piece dress, at least as a decoration.

Lace is successfully combined with a net, chiffon, thin silk. As if the designers amicably agreed to return the gentle femininity to the catwalks, from where it triumphantly enters the streets of the cities of the world.

The eyelet behind the eyelet

The fashionable dress may very well be knitted. This applies to both winter, spring, and summer models. If you take woolen yarn, the dress will turn out to be warm and very cozy on frosty winter days. If you use cotton yarn, silk, bamboo, linen, there will be a pretty summer dress.

The colors of knitted dresses are offered very different. There are options in one tone, but there are created from yarn of different shades. This dress, made with high quality, has always been considered a stylish and unusual piece of clothing.

In 2017 it became one of the main fashion trends. Therefore, anyone who wants to be fashionable, it is worth considering buying at least one model for your collection. Viva, princess!

Very fashionable dress this year - lush, reminiscent of exotic flowers. Lace skirts, falling from the waist and starting just above it, create the image of a flirty princess. It looks very nice, girlish.

Such "puppet" models are increasingly being offered to modern women of fashion and are becoming more popular. It's so feminine!

Touch of bohemia

Bohemian style is increasingly coming to the field of women's dresses. Expensive fabrics, exquisite, luxurious prints, cut, reminiscent of the silver age of Russian literature.

These dresses are offered to sew from light transparent fabrics. Make them long enough, approximately to the ankle.

Beautiful and exquisite, these outfits look very good at a social party or pompous reception.

Long evening

Evening and cocktail dresses, according to designers, should be long. This emphasizes the beauty of the female figure and allows the lady to feel like a real queen.

In a short dress or medium-length dress it is impossible. Therefore, the evening dresses of 2017 are to be sewn long - maxi or at least midi.

Fabrics - soft, flowing, tight bends of a female body.

Shirt instead of dress

Fashionable novelties of the spring-summer season in 2017 were not without a simple, well-known dress-shirt. Already last fall this style loudly declared itself on the fashion podiums. And now, without such a dress, a fashionista can hardly do.

The fabric can be different. Coloring - cage, paisley pattern, flower ornaments, fantasy drawings and bright repeating prints. Anything.

Stripes, polka dots and flowers

Trendy striped dresses are recommended to be supplemented with a black belt.

  • The strip is again fashionable. It can be as restrained, for example, a combination of beige with white, and contrast. It looks very relevant, if you choose the appropriate cut, finish and accessories.
  • The vintage pea also demonstrates itself on the catwalks. In a new presentation, in dresses sewn according to modern patterns, he does not look at all like "from a grandmother's trunk".
  • Flowers and flower motifs are relevant. There are a lot of them on the dresses of the spring-summer season in 2017.

Fashionable details

It's interesting that in this fashionable season, such a detail of a cut as a basque became very popular.

A small "skirt", placed at the waist, is able to emphasize the figure, while hiding a little prominent belly or plump hips. Looks coquettish and feminine.

Baska can be found in fashionable dresses for everyday use, in office outfits, in the evening decisions.

By the way, a black strap or belt is the most fashionable addition to the dress this year.

Many in modern fashionable dresses are traditionally female elements - ruches, flounces, assemblies. They are made of lace or fabric, from which the dress itself is sewn.

Складочки are still valid! They can be oncoming, both throughout 2015 in many models, and laid in one direction.

All this additionally emphasizes the femininity of the wearer and creates delightful images.

Warm version of

Until spring came, the stylists decided to please the women of fashion with comfortable and beautiful warm dresses. Fur and leather are used in their finishing. Such dresses are not distinguished by their openness: their main task is to create their own owner comfort in cold weather. These are closed models, which, nevertheless, have their own flavor.

In winter, mainly in dresses are used high collars, collar-struts. An interesting decision this year: under the dress is put on a thin turtleneck. Warm and stylish at the same time.

Game of color

The colors in the new season are combined very boldly. Bright tones coexist with a gentle pastel.

As for prints, there are two trends. One offers contrasts from bright colors, as well as ornaments - animals and plants. The second is dominated by prints in two colors. The main characters here are white and black, blue and white, brown and beige.

Interesting trend - watercolor drawings with vague contours, smooth color transitions. Such fashionable colors of dresses look very gentle and feminine.

Riot of scraps

Patchwork technique this season has climbed into all styles of dresses. Even romanticism has not ignored this fashion trend. It is noteworthy that for the creation of models based on patchwork, now mainly knitted fabrics are taken.

Spring 2017 offers tight dresses made in this technique. At the same time, a combination of flaps of different fabrics, differing in texture, is often supplemented with other details - inserts from the net, lace inserts, ruffles and flounces.

Important point: the colors of the individual components of such a "patchwork" dress are selected in one tone, best if they are monochrome. This gives an unexpected and interesting effect. The models are really refined. Perhaps, it can be called quite a good curtsey in the direction of the Boho-style. He this year continues his triumphal march through the fashion podiums.

Free-form dresses are offered. Characteristic details - lush sleeves, exquisite fasteners, decorating the gate. Fabrics for bokho-dresses are mainly used with ethnic designs.

Large size

Wearing dresses for size and even two or three more own in spring and summer 2017 will be very fashionable."Overseas", which is considered retrostyle, this year was transformed into super-version.

Dresses in a new interpretation are wide and long, sew them from a fabric that drapes well and flows beautifully. Short options here are not suitable. For all its plasticity, fabrics for overdressing dresses can be quite dense. These outfits can be used for office work. Decorate dresses of this style with the help of ruches and flounces. Make cuts in different places of models.

One shoulder

Another legacy of past fashionable eras - dresses with one open shoulder. It seems that in 2017 the designers decided to collect all the best from the previous decades of world fashion and present it in a new performance.

One-shoulder dresses fit well into the evening style, look great on a hot summer day on the street. They emphasize the femininity of the figure, create intrigue.

These dresses can be of different lengths - in half or midi. Materials - all the most relevant in the new season.

A small dress

A black small dress in a series of fashion models in 2017 also found a place. It is still in fashion, but it has become much more interesting. The elegant invention of Coco Chanel in 2017 impresses with a huge variety of variations, colors, textures and color combinations.

On the catwalks, in fashion shops you can see a lot of models of small black dresses sewn from translucent fabrics. There are velvet and chiffon variants. Beautiful, unusual look black dresses, combined from velvet with chiffon: the idea is not new, but this year the designers offered new solutions that differ from what was in this segment before.

In the spring and summer of 2017, in a small black dress, you can appear in the office or at a business dinner. Or come to a party, using it as an exquisite evening outfit. The versatility of the model in this season is even more emphasized, and a large selection of offers allows you to pick up each fashionable woman, the most suitable black dress.

Fashionable jeans dresses

Jeans are also in fashion! Dresses from this fabric are very different. Perhaps the most common model is a shirt-cut dress. Denim fabric makes it a very practical piece of clothing.

Sew of jeans and dress-cases. This is a win-win model, allowing a good looking lady with any figure.

The main thing is to choose a model that will fit exactly in size. Too tight or, conversely, an overly spacious dress of jeans can play a cruel joke with you, making your figure not so attractive.

In the summer of 2017, it's worth wearing jeans sarafans. Made of a thin natural fabric, they will allow you to feel great on hot days.

The great advantage of jeans is that it is in good harmony with other items made from other fabrics. Many types of accessories are suitable for it. In addition, it is perfectly combined with embroidery, fringe, mesh, even with lace.

Important points

If you carefully consider the fashion styles of women's dresses, several main points become apparent:

  1. Fashionable dresses this spring are often sewn from transparent fabrics. Widely used gypure, lace, thin chiffon, inserts from the grid and a grid entirely for the whole model, which sits on a dense lining.
  2. The actual technique of "patchwork sewing" is actual. In one product can be combined several types of fabrics, with different texture and color. This allows you to create dresses with an unusual character.
  3. Many fringes - everywhere and everywhere. It not only fits harmoniously into hippie and folk style clothes, but also quite appropriately looks into business dresses: for example, leather or sued fringe is sewn to the hem of the dress-case.
  4. Asymmetry. It is present in the cut of many dresses: their hem is made different in length - from mini to maxi, the idea of ​​a tattered cut is applied.
  5. Again in the fashion flare. Dresses with flared skirts are now very relevant.
  6. The strip takes a strong place on dresses of different length and style. It will be a lot this year.

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