Crafts from unnecessary computer CDs and DVDs with their own hands

The second life may be for many obsolete things, not an exception in this case and old computer disks. They can accumulate decently, throw out sometimes a pity, but you can transform into any crafts. The level of complexity of these crafts varies, each handmade will be able to pick up a suitable version of the master class.

  • Scrapbooking-style album
  • Holder for curtains
  • Bright tray

Scrapbooking-style album

Required materials and tools:

  • 8-10 discs,
  • scrapbooking paper,
  • paint tape,
  • hair clippers,
  • all kinds of decor material,
  • mounting adhesive tape double-sided,
  • adhesive tape colored, decorated.

Initially, it is necessary to connect disks between each other, using a paint tape and hair bands. Gum is attached to the last disc. To make the discs visually acquire the volume, use the mounting tape, its fragments paste on the surface of the discs.

After it is necessary to hide the ugly circumference of the discs by gluing along the perimeter with a paper tape.

Next, we glue the surface of disks with multi-colored paper on both sides. After trying on the photo, we cut the excess, glue the photo and apply additional decorating material. It can be lace, small rhinestones, ribbons, scraps and so on.

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Holder for curtains


  • ribbon grosgro,
  • fast fixing glue,
  • waste discs,
  • chopsticks,
  • beads, lace.

Initially from the disks you need to form circles, cutting out the inner ring. After the resulting bagel you need to wind a narrow tape, making at least two layers. The edges of the tape should be hidden under the layer of tapes, fixing with glue.

Now you need to decorate the bagel. In this case, it was decorated with flowers and elements in Kansas technique.

On how to work in Kansas technique read here

The holder is attached using a conventional sushi stick, which can also be decorated, wrappingtape in the tone of the holder.

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Bright tray

The following materials are required:

  • old tray
  • discs, with an iridescent surface,
  • sharp scissors,
  • quick fixing adhesive,
  • solvent.

On the surface of the tray, you need to create a broken glass effect. To do this, the disks are cut in the form of fragments. These fragments are almost like puzzles, laid out on the surface of the tray. The distance between them is not more than a couple of millimeters.

loading. ..

After complete drying, the adhesive must be wiped with a solvent.

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