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Every man, regardless of age and occupation, loves comfort. First of all, the clothes he wears should be comfortable. But in addition to comfort is also important, and style, so fashionable men's T-shirt occupy one of the central places in the wardrobe.

This type of clothing can be called universal, T-shirts are suitable for sports, recreation and even work. That is why in the wardrobe of a modern man they should be several, different styles and styles, color, monochrome and with drawings.

In 2017, designers have prepared for men a variety of fashionable T-shirts. Staying stylish, without denying yourself comfort - that's the motto of a modern young man who is no worse than girls watching the latest trends.


Style is the determining factor when choosing clothes. You can feel confident only when you wear one that you like. For the selection of fashionable men's T-shirts of the season-2017, the designers identified priority areas:

  • cache;
  • is military;
  • sports;
  • retro.

Sports and casual( kazhual) styles have become traditional in their own way. These include free-cut t-shirts, tight-fitting and polo. The latter, so beloved by many men, is again at the height of fashion. This year, along with monotonous in the wardrobe, there must necessarily be vests of bright shades, with drawings and, of course, striped.

Style retro, gradually flooded podiums around the world, is particularly interesting. Men's T-shirts of 2017 resemble with their style and colors those that were fashionable to wear even in the time of our grandfathers' youth. Polo t-shirts in retro style are also represented quite widely.

Designers offer several options to choose from. Surely everyone can find something to their liking:

  • contrasting design of the gate, sleeves;
  • horizontal color stripes on the chest;
  • "varenka" and ombre.

Men's t-shirts with the effect of "varenki" are presented in large numbers, which is not surprising, because the style of the hippy returns! Models can be the same color with all sorts of shades of its hues or multi-colored.

Men's T-shirts will be no less popular in the style of military. Camouflage print of various shades, khaki, imitation of epaulettes and other distinctive signs of military themes are among the favorites of many fashion designers. The combination of such models with narrow black jeans, boots on a thick sole will help create a brutal image of a confident man.

Fashionable men's T-shirt of the season-2017 does not have to be done in one style. All kinds of mixing of different elements are welcome.

Minimalism does not go out of fashion. Laconic and elegant men's t-shirts of simple cut are popular among representatives of all ages. This year they must certainly be as tight-fitting as possible, which, in combination with warm noble shades, will effectively emphasize the relief musculature.

Topical cut

In the coming season, the most fashionable for men are free-cut T-shirts. The shoulder line can be slightly or significantly lowered, and the length varies from a short( just below the waist) to the middle of the thigh.

Youth models of such shirts differ asymmetric bottom, multilayered, volume. It is welcome if the T-shirt seems to be several sizes larger. Oversize effect is especially relevant in the heat, in such clothes you can feel much more comfortable than in a tight-fitting one.

In the summer of 2017, the V-neck is still popular. It can be found as an integral part of tight-fitting men's t-shirts, striped or ombre. The round gates also did not leave their fans, especially those who like to replace a shirt with a shirt under a classic jacket.

In addition to classic cut-outs in fashionable men's T-shirts, in the spring and summer of 2017 such convenient options as deep decollete and drape effect will be relevant. A deep cutout will help create a bold, but relaxed image of a confident young man. And drapery on the collar, according to some designers, will suit men who prefer to shave no more than once every three days. These shirts are suitable for everyone who prefers everyday style, they will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Polo shirts will not leave men this season either. Now they can be worn even under a business suit. The models of the fitted silhouette, conservative shades: black, white, dark blue, beige are actual. On vacation or a social event with the help of a dark tight polo shirt in combination with light pants you can create an elegant, sophisticated image. In the summer, polos are simply irreplaceable in the office, when the shirt seems too stuffy or stiff. But in no case can not wear a polo tie! By the way, it is better to keep the buttons unbuttoned, except for the bottom one.

Fans of rap and sports styles this year also did not remain without attention: free T-shirts and hooded hoods were presented by many fashion designers. Such youth models are perfectly combined with jeans and shorts. Men's T-shirts can be made from dense cotton, warm enough for a cool summer evening or outdoor recreation. They are recommended to be worn over a thin tank top. Fans of jogging or training in the open air are also required to have such a thing in their wardrobe.

Color solution

If you familiarize yourself with the summer collections of leading designers, it may be believed that the colors of fashionable men's T-shirts are completely copied from women's. But bright shades should not frighten a real man, especially when choosing clothes for recreation. Among the actual colors:

  • violet shades;
  • dark turquoise;
  • is orange, but slightly muffled;
  • whitened pink;
  • gray, green, olive;
  • beige, sand;
  • wine.

If such shades seem too bright, then you can pick up a fashionable t-shirt, painted in the ombre style, when one color smoothly flows from its darkest shade to light.

In this season, the color of the men's shirt should be either bright, flashy, or maximally neutral. Virtually all collections are black, white, chocolate and gray. They can be found both on classic men's monophonic T-shirts, and on fashionable youth models with bright prints or inscriptions.


Fashionable men's T-shirts for the spring-summer season-2017 are literally strewn with all kinds of prints:

  1. Futuristic and abstract drawings, color or monochrome.
  2. Clear graphic shapes, colorful stripes.
  3. Funny pictures in the cartoon style.
  4. Blurred and aged images, photos in shades of gray.
  5. Marine, beach motifs.
  6. Flags, emblems, stylized signs.

Bold and bright young men will have to taste fashionable men's t-shirts with floral motifs.

The main trend of the season is a thin horizontal strip. She can evenly cover the whole T-shirt or only her part: chest, sleeves. Stripes can be only two colors as on a vest, or at once several shades, and the brighter, the better.

Almost all designers presented this season fashionable men's T-shirts with the inscriptions. Funny statements, figures, names of celebrities or names of cities - all this can be found in huge numbers.

Choosing a model in retro style, pay attention to options with aged drawings that look like the photo of the 70's. The partly restored hippy style, which calls for fighting for peace throughout the world, justifies sentimental inscriptions on men's T-shirts, slightly wiped, but certainly with bright and juicy color accents. Often, one T-shirt successfully combines a fashionable color, a stylish print and a philosophical inscription.


Traditionally, the decor is rarely found on men's T-shirts, except for embroidered emblems or logos, often found on polo models. But this season young men who love to be original can turn their attention to T-shirts and T-shirts adorned with rhinestones. Add metal to the image and deep cuts to complement the image.


The summer season of 2017 is distinguished by a special approach of designers to the selection of materials for sewing fashionable men's T-shirts. The war is declared synthetic, but you will not be surprised by the usual cotton jersey. That is why some fashion designers presented in their collections t-shirts made of silk. Satin models seem unusual, but they are perfect for classic trousers. As an office version for the summer period, a silk t-shirt, especially with a collar-stand, replaces the shirt.

Among the more traditional materials for men's t-shirts, the favorites are cotton and viscose, as well as more expensive flax or bamboo.

In the fashion and unexpected design solutions, such as a combination of different materials in terms of texture. The T-shirt itself can be knitted, and the collar or rim of the sleeves - flannel, silk or corduroy.

How and with what to combine

Polo t-shirts are easily combined with any things in the style of kazhual: chinos, shorts, sports jackets, etc. The only "but" - it's important to combine colors correctly. Unbeatable option: dark top, light bottom. With a jacket and jacket, a polo shirt can be the same color or the most contrast. For a retro-style image, a polo shirt with a contrasting collar or stripes on the chest will fit, but it must be refilled in trousers. To complete the kit you can braided leather belt and soft loafers.

If we talk about the style of Kazuhal in general, then T-shirts are its integral part. Despite the absence of strict rules, when forming a stylish everyday image, it is important to be able to correctly combine colors and styles. A white loose T-shirt of medium length with a deep, but not too much, cutout will perfectly complement the slacks, the chinos of gray or beige hues, the blue straight jeans. Such a set is appropriate to wear with suede shoes in tone pants. In cool weather, you can throw a classic cardigan or a sporty jacket of a reserved shade.

Wide T-shirts and free-cut t-shirts, plain or with print, perfectly complement the narrow black trousers made of denim or other dense fabric. Classical jeans and short shorts boldly combine with T-shirts of this type, complementing the kit with sneakers or slipknots.

Young people can try on the trend of the season-2017 - denim overalls, under which must necessarily hide a T-shirt. If the overalls on the straps, then a shirt or a T-shirt is better to choose a spacious, sleeveless, but with a deflated shoulder line. It can be white or black, with a print if it can be seen from under the denim, pink or turquoise with the effect of "varenki."A stylish neck scarf of bright color and a textile backpack with slip pads will complement the image.

But under the overalls, reminiscent of the uniform of the mechanic, a white fitting T-shirt, possibly with an inscription, will do. A stylish addition will be a bandana or bandage on the head, high heels with Velcro.

Fashionable T-shirts are perfectly combined with one more trend of the coming summer - short shorts. Some designers and at all in favor of the latter offer to give up trousers even in the office. Shorts can be sewn in the manner of classic trousers from a fabric of reserved shades or bold, with an original print: golden yellow, herbal, bright blue or dirty pink. Such classic shorts should be worn with a polo shirt, monochrome or with no pronounced ornament.

Fans of bold and extravagant images can try to make a set of a wide and long white T-shirt and black shorts. Complement the image of black shoes Derby or monks on bare feet, leather backpack and a round-shaped hat.

Free T-shirts with print perfectly fit jeans shorts, in cool weather the image will be complemented by a jacket-bomb. From footwear it is better to give preference to sports variants: gym shoes, sneakers, moccasins.

This spring, white cotton trousers, slightly shortened and narrowing downwards, will be extremely fashionable. This model is better to combine with dark monophonic T-shirts. Ideally fit into the image of a tight-fitting viscoel silhouette or black polo. Ideal footwear for such a set will be shoes with lacing, lobers or moccasins.

Choosing a fashionable T-shirt for the summer of 2016, it is important to remember that first of all it is necessary to focus on your own preferences, rather than on design trends.

Single-color t-shirts are always relevant and easily combined with other wardrobe items. Prints and inscriptions must also correspond to the character and demonstrate to the surrounding character of the owner, his views on life.

Among all the variety that men have generously endorsed this year with designers, it is quite possible to choose exactly that version of the T-shirt, which will favorably emphasize the style and figure.

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