10 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

10 years of marriage - an important event in the life of a married couple, her first serious anniversary. So, it is necessary to take a thorough look at his preparation - to think over what to give, what congratulations to present for 10 years of the wedding, observing the existing traditions. And for this it is important to know which wedding is celebrated.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

How the wedding is called

The tenth anniversary of a joint life is called the Pink wedding.

There is another name for this important date - Tin wedding. Such names are very symbolic. It is believed that for ten years of marriage, the couple learned to be flexible in relationships like tin, but at the same time retained the romance and freshness of feelings, as evidenced by the second name of the anniversary of the wedding.

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How to tag

There are many options for how to celebrate the first anniversary of a joint life.

Traditional full-scale version provides:

  1. Celebration in a banquet hall decorated in pink and red tones with the use of compositions from roses.

  2. Dress of the bride and groom of a pink shade with elements of colors.
  3. Serving dishes and drinks with delicate pink and red shades.
  4. Invitation to the anniversary of the wedding of a large number of guests - all who attended the wedding itself, necessarily including witnesses.
  5. At the entrance guests are pinned on attire individual roses or small bouquets.
  6. All guests come with roses of tender pink or red shades.
  7. The dance of guests with roses in their hands is a truly enchanting sight, which will be the highlight of such a celebration.

Traditional budget option provides a celebration with fewer guests - celebrating in a closer circle of close guests or only in the family circle.

As in the first version, the main feature of the holiday should be the predominance of pink shades in the decor of the room, table and snacks.

Romantic option is suitable for couples who would like to be together this day, passionate and truly in love with nature.

It can be:

  1. Dinner for two in a family nest, at a table decorated with roses compositions or strewn with their petals.
  2. Romantic evening at a country hotel or favorite cafe, on the river bank or on the roof of the house.
  3. Joint launch of lanterns desires for thematic pink or red colors.
  4. Joint viewing of home video with wedding photos and celebration photos in a romantic atmosphere and atmosphere.

A non-traditional option for travel enthusiasts and provides:

  1. Journey to the country, which you dreamed of.
  2. Visiting places with which your couple has special memories - a place of acquaintance or a place of the first kiss.
  3. Visiting places traditionally visited by newlyweds in your city - bridges, on the railing of which hang locks, benches of lovers.
  4. Skating in a wedding car, limousine or river bus.

An interesting tradition: on the morning of the wedding day, the perpetrators of the celebration are put in their pockets on a tin spoon and wear them there until the evening. Before going to sleep, this amulet is placed under the pillow, and the next morning it is taken out and later stored as a pledge of a happy life.

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Gift for the wife

From the husband:

  1. Bouquet of roses. And, according to tradition, there must be eleven of them in a bouquet: ten red colors - a symbol of years spent together in love and one white color - as a symbol of hope for future happiness.
  2. Decoration in the form of roses or with stones of pink color. Packaging must also be pink or red.
  3. Casket for decorations, made of tin or with a floral pink pattern.
  4. Romantic serenade under the window - a wonderful and original gift.
  5. Pleased with his wife on the anniversary of the wedding and beautiful poetry.

From guests:

  1. Traditional bouquets of roses.
  2. Picture depicting roses. Bedding of gentle shades with a picture in the form of roses.
  3. Tea sets with "pink" themes
  4. Interior items: figurines, candlesticks, mirror frames made of tin or decorated with roses.
  5. Household and computer equipment in pink or red tones.
  6. Jubilee medals made of tin with number 10.
  7. Collage of photos of a pair on a pink cloth or paper.
  8. loading. ..

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What to give to husband

to her husband on 10it is customary to give any souvenirs from tin.

This can be:

  • chess,
  • charms,
  • tin charms,
  • cup holders,
  • beer mugs,
  • bottle holders,
  • glassware sets,
  • tin plate set,
  • symbolic tin spoons,
  • weapon models,
  • set of tin soldiers.
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10 years you together, lovely friends
With a pink wedding I congratulate.
I wish you to live together 150 years,
Even better - 200, let the years fly.
And let them become better than those that have already passed,
And protect your home from anguish.
Let them fill every corner with happiness,
Love will fill your whole earthly life!
All ten years helping each other,
You were able to save fire saint,
Which every moment protects,
Since you became a particle of one.
Not without reason trembling your relationship
Could get the blessing of higher forces,
After all, happiness and goodness, luck and luck
Each of you asked for another!
Your family is still strong.
And in honor of lived together the glorious years of
We give you the hope of an amulet -
Beautiful delicate pink bouquet.
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