With what to wear a white female jacket

  • Models of the jacket according to the type of the figure
  • Options for the work
  • Original combinations in the street style
  • Trendy trends of the coming season
  • Unsuccessful options that should be avoided

In the wardrobe there are sometimes things that never lose their relevance. This is also the white woman's jacket, embodying freshness, festive style and even a certain solemnity. Of course, it is difficult to call it an obligatory piece of clothing, but those individuals who follow the fashion can not do without it.

In the coming summer season of 2017, this wardrobe item comes to the fore, helping to create a unique and elegant image. And it seems that the question of what to wear a white jacket should not arise, since a light scale is combined with all basic things, but there are also some nuances and peculiarities that should be taken into account.

Models of a jacket in accordance with the type of the figure

The key to the proper composition of the outfit is the competent selection of one thing to another, and they should sit well at the same time, emphasizing all the advantages and delicately hiding the shortcomings. Planting, as well as the very model of a white jacket can radically transform a girl or, conversely, a little to dim her bright appearance.

Among the popular styles of this garment are the following:

  • fitted, flared and straight silhouette;
  • with long sleeves, short and sleeveless;
  • single-breasted and double-breasted models;
  • classic jacket and decorated with auxiliary elements;
  • is elongated and short;
  • on buttons, zippers or without fasteners.

This variety allows you to use a jacket in different styles, and also with his help visually adjust your figure.

  1. Girls with lush breasts who do not want to focus on it, you can choose models of men's cut without sides and with an oblique line of fasteners.
  2. To small individuals, do not dwell on elongated models that will further reduce growth. In this case, stylists recommend choosing a shortened jacket, the bottom of which is framed by a strip of flounces.
  3. Women with full hands should abandon a white jacket with a short sleeve, which will draw even more attention to this part of the body.
    Those who, by contrast, want to emphasize the bust and décolletage line, you can pay attention to the fitted single-breasted style with one button.
  4. A bit to hide the massive hips will help an elongated model of the direct silhouette.

Guided by these techniques and choosing a suitable white jacket, taking into account the features of your own figure, you can refresh and decorate your image.

Options for the work of

For office and business style, a white jacket will be very useful, especially when it comes to the summer season. In this case, as psychologists note, this color has to talk, that in professional work is necessary. But here it is worthwhile to understand that, using such a piece of clothing, it is important not to make the outfit too elegant and informal, because it's still about the strict style.

The most unbeatable options in this case are classic black trousers and a single-colored mid-length pencil skirt. No wonder the combination of white and black has always been considered a sign of style and good taste. Also with a white top gray, dark blue, milky and beige colors will get on well.

The following kits can be successful and relevant for the office:

  • White double-breasted jacket, light blouse of strict cut without a collar, black satin skirt just below the knee. Supplement the image will help body pantyhose and patent black shoes-boats.
  • White jacket with sleeves three-quarters of a little elongated style, a thin knitted jacket with a short sleeve of a faded lemon tint, a yellow skirt with a length up to the calves, which narrows downwards. As shoes, you can use milk flats or low-heeled shoes.
  • Medium length dress with loose skirt of subdued turquoise hue and white jacket without beads. On your feet you can wear light shoes with an open nose.
  • A duet from a white jacket with a basque and the same color of a pencil skirt made of elastic loose material can become an exquisite option for a working environment. Also, it is appropriate to add a monochrome top black, dark blue or rich lilac shade and black shoes with a sharp nose and a thin heel of medium height.

Original combinations in street style

Such a garment as a white jacket can easily connect with jeans and shorts. The image turns out to be playful and fervent, but it is rather laconic.

As for jeans, under such a light top, blue, gray and asphalt ones will do. The very model of pants can be either classic, or shortened or in the style of a boyfriend. Even flared jeans silhouette can be tried to combine with a white jacket, if it is short and fitted.

Shoes for such a set should be chosen more coarse. It can be:

  • sandals, which are intertwined leather straps on a high thick heel;
  • cloth or canvas shoes on a wedge;
  • shoes in a man's style;
  • suede ankle boots with an open spout and heel;
  • leather Cossacks with carved ornaments.

Those girls who want to make the right accent on slender legs, but do not look vulgar and too cutesy, you can choose a duet from a white jacket and shorts.

As for the latter, it is better to prefer wide models with arrows, darts, and hidden pockets. But from tight and ultrashort models will have to be abandoned. The exception in this case is jeans shorts, trimmed with fringe. Shorts can be of different shades, ranging from light green and sky-blue to bright red and rich orange.

Shoes here should be chosen refined and gentle:

  • graceful sandals on high thin heel;
  • varnished and suede ballet shoes of pleasant warm colors;
  • shoes with high lacing in Roman style.

In cooler weather, under a duet such as a white jacket and shorts, you can wear boots made from a thin material of light shade, as well as light boots with numerous holes.

Trendy trends of the coming season

In the spring and summer of 2017 at the peak of popularity will be coral color in combination with a snow-white shade. This is an excellent reason to wear a light jacket with such a bright and juicy complement. Variants of this outfit can be the following combinations:

  1. White jacket with sides with a deep triangular neckline and with short sleeves, which is fastened with two buttons. Cotton milky blouse in red peas, tied in the neck to an elegant bow. Coral skirt of a straight cut to the knee, which is decorated with a large cloth bow on top. Shoes in this case, you must choose light shades, picking it up in the tone of the handbag.
  2. Double-breasted jacket in white with contrasting black buttons, chiffon dress in fine pleats on thin straps, light coral, waist with thin white strap. Accessories can be selected in dark shades, as there are black buttons on the jacket, and this will not contradict the whole stylistic direction.
  3. Short jacket with a basque, tightly closed on a slanting zipper, trousers of a warm coral shade with arrows, narrowed to the ankle. On the feet put on shoes light shade on a high metal heel, and on the neck you can tie an orange silk handkerchief in a white large polka-dot.

Unsuccessful options, which should be avoided

  • Some women of fashion, trying to create an exclusive individual style, begin to combine a white jacket with the same shade of shirts and pants. As a result, before the gaze appears, as they think, snow-white beauty. But in reality, from such an image, it is cold and artificial.

If you really want to "make friends" with each other white things, then under such a jacket and pants is better to choose a blouse, shirt or top white, but with some bright ornament or print. Such a detail will help balance the image and avoid overload with a light tint.

Another good option for combining, when it comes to white things, is a light jacket, naked on the naked body, and flared pants with arrows. The main thing is that the neckline of the jacket is not too deep.

  • Also, the white jacket does not work very well with narrow trousers or a long skirt of flesh tint. From afar, the illusion of the naked bottom is created.
Do not experiment with black and dark brown mini skirts, combining them with such a light top.
The silhouette turns out to be disproportionate. An alternative is a tight-fitting dress of medium length made of leather.
  • If the outfit uses more than four different colors, then it should also not be worn under a white jacket, as things will simply begin to "interrupt" each other.

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