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Easter - a holiday bright and joyful, and very beautiful and appetizing. After all, when, how not on Bright Sunday, can you eat sweet cakes? On this day we go on a visit with gifts, and relatives and friends do not forget to look to us. Housewives, as always, want to surprise everyone with a cozy home, and for this everyone decorate the house with Easter compositions created by their own hands.

Symbols of light Easter

The spring holiday of Easter, although it is purely religious celebration, but in many countries it is adopted as state. The Resurrection of Christ is celebrated throughout the Christian world as the most important Orthodox holiday, giving faith in a new life, in salvation and happiness, in all the best things in life.

To decorate the house for this day is a long-standing tradition. In this case, all decorative elements should symbolize such concepts as light, life and renewal.

There are often such elements in the composition of Easter compositions:

  1. Egg. It is perceived as the image of the Holy Sepulcher: the outside seems to be dead, but in the core it contains a secretly arising life. Easter eggs are painted or painted. After all, according to legend, when Mary Magdalene brought the news of the resurrection of Jesus to the Roman emperor, she offered an egg as a gift, since it was not allowed to appear empty-handed to the sovereign, and she could not buy anything more. Tiberius did not believe the joyful news, exclaiming: how this white egg can not suddenly turn red, it is impossible to be reborn after death. And the egg immediately turned into an unnatural color. This interesting, but unconfirmed legend also served as the beginning of a beautiful tradition of painting Easter eggs.
  2. Easter cake is the sweetest symbol of Easter. Initially, this bread was absolutely fresh, without sugar, raisins and other additives. The owners left their baked goods on the table in the hope that Christ would visit the house. Now, the cakes are perceived according to the words of the Savior at the Last Supper that He is the "bread of life".So Christians express their involvement in the Church.
  3. Candle is a symbol of light, cleansing fire and heat.
  4. Flowers symbolize the awakening of nature, its generosity and fertility, the flowering of life.
  5. Rabbits also carry the idea of ​​fertility and wealth. Tradition to include rabbits and rabbits in Easter compositions with their own hands went from Western European countries, but a good idea has taken root around the world.
  6. Chickens, chicken and roosters, nest - everything that relates to the Easter egg.
  7. Birds and butterflies mean the revitalization and diversity of the world of nature.
  8. Wheat is the golden spikelet of the future rich bread, a symbol of a good harvest.
  9. Cross, icon, angels as attributes of spiritual life.
  10. Willow Sprigs. This tree symbolizes resurrection and a new life.

All this beauty is placed in baskets, wreaths, improvised desktop lawns. Combine the listed elements you can, whatever you like, as far as fantasy is enough. You can add similar, related symbols.

Framing the composition is recommended with ribbons, garlands, hand-made paper, cardboard, polymer clay.

Flower Easter Arrangements

Spring Easter compositions made of flowers are a real hymn to the revival of nature. Tulips, daffodils, violets and hyacinths, fragrant lilacs, any wild flowers - gifts of spring will serve as a wonderful decoration for your home. Bought or grown independently favorite florets form in bouquets, which can then be put not only in a traditional vase, but also in these wonderfully suitable vessels:

  • candlestick;
  • jug, milkman;
  • glass jar, cup or bowl;
  • stand for eggs;
  • watering can;
  • basket - wooden, metal or paper.

To create an Easter bouquet, take:

  1. Scissors or pruner to prune the flowers.
  2. Oasis is a material that absorbs water and perfectly supports the life of a flower. It can be found in every flower shop.
  3. Additional decorations: moss, twigs, ribbons, straw.

Miniature bouquets placed in empty egg shells are very beautiful and elegant. If you can get a huge egg of an ostrich, you will get a great version of the Easter vase.

The dining table is beautifully revived by a large basket with multi-colored tulips, because these buds in shape are very similar to Easter eggs.

On the windowsill, organize a small oasis: place moss in a basket of stumps and plant sunny daffodils, and toy chickens will add mood.

  • Fans of Japanese minimalism will like such a beautiful Easter composition: a basket with pink violets tied with a gently pink ribbon.
  • The table for breakfast can be served with miniature baskets of paper with daffodils.
  • Do not limit yourself in the desire to fill the house with primroses: the more woven boxes with hyacinths, the more spring will be the mood.
  • At the foot of the flowers, multi-colored colored eggs perfectly match, on the basket and the flowers themselves, attach bright butterflies.
  • An ordinary glass or jar can be updated with satin ribbon decor. Just tie them in strips of different colors.
  • Another option for the kitchen: take out a large jar, place in its center a glass with water for a bouquet, and around place a dyed bouquet of eggs.

Instead of a vase you can weave a large nest of bending branches - very original and symbolic!

Try to compose tulips or something else for your taste with willow tree branches, they are right in the way on Easter day. Do not be afraid to use artificial flowers for decor in baskets, wreaths and improvised nests.

Edible Easter compositions

Any celebration for lovers of food is a holiday of the belly, and Easter is no exception. Prepare for them long-awaited delicious and beautiful presents:

  • fill in a jar of colored glazed nuts and put artificial flowers in it, tie a jar with a magnificent bow;
  • from eggs you will get wonderful bunnies, if you glue paper ears to them, finish your eyes and nose;
  • put straw in the paper baskets, and on it - decorated eggs;
  • and if you paint the shell in yellow and finish the eyes with the beak, a wonderful chick will come out;
  • take a plate decorated with a flower pattern, put a cake in the center, and lay eggs in a circle;
  • you can find on the Internet a hare pattern, print, cut and paste to the banks, which then pour your favorite pills or candy platter.

Talented culinary specialists will be able to demonstrate their talent by sculpting various figures from sugar mastic: chickens, pigeons, small kulichiki.

But the children can not do this holiday without the favorite chocolate eggs "Kinder Surprise".This New Year's tradition is very appropriate and on Easter day: hide the coveted gift in a basket with ordinary eggs or in a flower bouquet.

Let the kid look for his favorite sweetness and toy, then Easter will be remembered as a welcome holiday.

In general, preparing for Easter for children is an expanse for games and interesting pursuits. They are especially fond of painting shells, making beautiful crafts, so involve the children in the affair of decorating the house, so that there are a lot of festive songs.

  • Many professional confectioners cook large cakes with the symbolic figures and inscriptions for the Bright Sunday: "Christ is risen", "Bright Easter", etc. Fans of homemade cakes will be able to realize the idea on their own.
  • You can also build a turret made of candy and bars fastened with a ribbon, decorated with a wreath and willow branches.
  • For a large family or company of friends bake cake in the form of a cathedral: multi-level, with turrets, fragrant and tasty.

The perfect solution is a decorative cake from sweets. To do this, glue tape with cake form of sheets of foam plastic. On polystyrene, glue the strips of double-sided adhesive tape and glue along the perimeter of the candies in colorful candy wrappers.

Original design compositions for Easter

If you prefer all the unusual and unique, decorate the interior with the Easter trees:

  • in the vase put branches of any tree and, like Christmas decorations, hang out cardboard figures of rabbits, various decorative toys;
  • in the jar put the painted eggs and put flowering branches in it;
  • if possible, hang the branches to the ceiling and plant artificial birds on them.

Closer to the evening to create a cozy atmosphere will need candles. They are added to the composited compositions or as an egg shell is used as a candlestick.

Use all kinds of materials and techniques for creating scenery: sewing, knitting, beading, embroidering. The same flowers - roses, gladioluses, hyacinths - can be built from corrugated paper. The texture of this paper repeats the natural structure of the petals, so the finished crafts will turn out to be very lively and beautiful.

  • You can build something magnificent and original to a bright Easter even from pasta. They alternate glued together, forming the framework of the desired object: the Easter egg, the church or the wreath. Above the article is covered with gold paint.
  • Garlands are a great idea for decor in this spring holiday. Without paper chickens, birds and rabbits hung on the walls, the interior will be incomplete.
  • The main symbol of the Resurrection of Christ - eggs - decorate in an unconventional way: with the help of paper decor, stickers, buttons and beads.
  • On the most festive table, besides the traditional set of dishes, the favorite bunnies delicacy will be very useful - fresh, artificial or painted carrots.

"Bouquet of sweets" - the name of the next Easter composition. You will need chocolate sweets in shiny colorful candy wrappers. We tie them with a normal thread to prepared twigs, put them in a vase. We finish the improvisation with ribbons and figures of chickens.

Wreaths on the door to weave are rather dreary, but the result is worth it.

The formed round frame from dry branches is decorated with fresh leaves and buds, we attach a bow from above. If desired, you can add inscriptions with greetings and congratulations.

It's a great idea to use feathers, pebbles, egg-shaped cardboard, homemade cards to create Easter decorations.

Remember that the Easter table should be distinguished by an abundance of food: fresh vegetables, fruit juices, snacks for every taste. Get on this occasion thematic napkins with bright pictures, and for canapé - toothpicks with birds and rabbit muzzles.

Eggs with wishes can become a highlight of the holiday. Color the split in two shells, put in one piece of paper with joyful wishes and offer entertainment to the guests.

Easter composition by own hands - video

Bright Sunday is a holiday of flowering and the final approach of spring. Let this day blossom, rejoice and sing, and Easter compositions will help create a feeling of a warm holiday. So do not forget to pay attention to the decoration of the house in the pre-holiday bustle, devoting a couple of hours to creating a charming atmosphere.

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