Examples of images for photo shoots for girls outdoors and outdoors

Studio photography allows you to get the most quality in terms of technical requirements of the photo, but it will not give the depth of the plot and the colorful atmosphere that can provide scenery of a multifaceted nature and city. To realize on the nature and on city streets it is possible a lot of images.

  • Genre images
  • Thematic images
  • Thematic images
  • Water and marine themes
  • Desert theme
  • Field topics
  • Forest theme
  • Stylistic images
  • Urban streets
  • Villages and villages
  • Shooting with animals

Genre images

In this case, simple genre photography is done without accenton the idea, style, theme. It is aimed at obtaining high-quality photographic material. The following photo genres are applicable to nature and street photo genres:

  • portrait,

  • architectural photography( main emphasis on architecture),
  • street photography( accent on crowded places),
  • tourist photography( focus on attractions or travel experiences.examples of this photo is a selection of works by Murad Osman "Follow Me"),
  • landscape( main focus on the landscape).

It is important to understand that if you supplement the genre of a photo with a theme, for example, of a mystical character, then the rules of posing and staging the composition will be slightly different from the classical off-topic image.

Genre images will suit everyone who does not want to bother with the idea and wants to get good photos. To implement the genre images, there will be enough classical posing and more or less suitable for the circumstances of the image( clothing, make-up, hairstyle and so on).

You can shoot a genre photo on the background of absolutely any aesthetically acceptable scenery of nature, city or village.

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Themed images

The list of subjects is long enough. This includes mysticism, fantasy, science fiction, folklore, historical productions, costumed images( cosplay) and much more. Depending on the venue selected topics.

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Water and Sea Theme

This includes all possible topics related to water. On the sea you can embody the images of mermaids, sirens, Aphrodite, coming out of the foam, waiting for the scarlet sails of Assol, the girl of the corsair and many others. The rivers, marshes and small ponds are suitable for folk and mythological themes: goddesses, river spirits, witches, night on Ivan Kupala, undead and so on.

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Desert theme

In addition to the desert, there are scenery of huge deserted quarries, sun-scorched lands, especially if they are not gray or black. The desert theme allows us to embody many historical images associated with this or that deserted country( Babylon, Egypt, Troy).In addition to these images, ideas with deserted robbers or warriors, fatal beauties of the East, belly dances, mythical goddesses and sand spellbangers will do.

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You can also make cosplay on many nationalities in Africa or other plains.

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Field Themes

As the scenery can serve as green fields of grass, wheat fields, sunflowers or other more exotic plantings, for example, chamomile lavender, poppies, tulips and so on. Depending on the scenery, the idea for the image also varies. It can be a gentle and romantic image of a Slavic girl, a daring and fiery image of a gypsy or provincial girl from the province. In any case, the theme of the fields is better to display calm and restrained themes, especially romance. But if you shoot mysticism or other more atmospheric themes against the background of the fields, you should make a bias not to the gloomy component, but to feelings, for example, to pass through the photo nostalgia, sadness, loneliness, emptiness.

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Forest theme

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Forest scenery can create both romantic overtones, and mystical or fantastic. Everything depends on the forest itself, its features. So impassable windbreaks, bare thickets are suitable for the themes of witches, evil spirits, rituals. Huge trees and relatively flat land will be suitable for the embodiment of the fantasy. Birches and other trees recognized in our country will become good decorations for any Russian and Slavic ideas.

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Stylistic images of

The photoshoot, built on some style, should meet the main criteria of this style. The most popular styles, suitable for realization outside the studio and premises, include: retro, vintage, country, hippie, Kazhalu, grunge, rock, rustic( rustic style), provence, boho, military, sport, fashion( gloss), glamor, trash, ethnic( styles of different cultures), Slavic, Russian, Gothic, Empire, Baroque, Romantic.

First you need to choose interesting or beautiful scenery, and only then pull yourself under them, and from the scenery to choose the style, and not vice versa.

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Urban streets

Well-kept gardens and parks are suitable for family photo shoots, as well as for the realization of a romantic style, sports and fashion. The periphery of the city, especially the places decorated with graffiti, will be suitable for the realization of styles of different subcultures, in particular grunge and rock. Ideal city streets, characterized by purity, symmetry, the presence of architectural beauties suitable for fashion style, kezhual, romance, glamor, and if the background is also thematic, then you can embody the style that suits him, from retro to gothic.

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Villages and villages

For rustic and rural landscapes the Rustic style, Slavic style, Provence, hippy, Russian style is good. You can also impose a fashion style or glamor on these styles.

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Shooting with animals

Shooting with animals looks best in a romantic style. But also for these purposes fit many ethnic direction, hippy style, as well as glamor, fashion, retro, vintage, rustic.

You can also shoot with animals with a thematic character, embodying different mystical, fantastic, fantasy and other images.

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