Tablets Senadé during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a woman not only joy, often this process is accompanied by digestive problems, and one of them is constipation. To get rid of constipation, doctors often prescribe herbal preparations to pregnant women, and one of them is Senada. This is a laxative that stimulates the work of the colon. Eight to ten hours after taking Senada, a normal bowel movement occurs.

Constipation and their danger
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  • Constipation and their danger

    In the early days, the cause of constipation is the intake of calcium and iron preparations, increased levels of progesterone,which relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestine. As a consequence, hypotension develops, peristalsis and the process of regular emptying are disrupted. If the threat of miscarriage is diagnosed, constipation results from a reduction in motor activity and bed rest.

    Closer to the end of pregnancy, the cause of constipation is the restriction of the amount of fluid used, a reduction in physical activity. In addition, the intestine is squeezed by a growing uterus, which disrupts its function.

    Constipation causes not only the discomfort of the mother, they have an effect on the process of bearing a child. The large intestine absorbs everything that is in the body, so that toxic substances enter the bloodstream. Therefore, constipation is always accompanied by poisoning of both the mother and the child, which can affect its development.

    The gut, in which dense stools accumulate, presses on the uterus, causing its irritation. The consequence of this may be increased tone and the threat of premature birth. With constipation, the intestine presses against the uterus and other organs, disrupting the outflow of blood from them. All this contributes to the development of hemorrhoids.

    In addition, straining at the attempt of emptying threatens miscarriage or early childbirth. All this is an occasion to obligatory conduct treatment of constipation occurring during pregnancy.
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    The Senadé laxative works by the extract of Senna leaves. They contain special substances that irritate the nerve endings of the intestine, improve its peristalsis and ensure the advancement of stool to the exit. Senada has no effect on the digestive tract. In addition, it is not addictive.

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    Indications for use

    • Constipation caused by poor peristalsis and hypotension.
    • Proctitis.
    • Hemorrhoids.
    • Atonic locks.
    • Anal cracks.
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    • Intestinal obstruction.
    • Constipation arising from a spasm of smooth muscle.
    • Infringement of a hernia.
    • Pain in abdomen of incomprehensible origin.
    • Sensitivity to components of the preparation.
    • Water balance violations.
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    How to take

    According to the instructions for pregnancy and breastfeeding, Senada is used very carefully and only under supervisiondoctor.

    How to take medicine for constipation:

    • 1 tablet in 30 minutes.before eating, washing down with water.
    • 2-3 tablets. Similarly - in the absence of effect.
    • If you need to drink 3 tablets a day, you can take them as follows: 2 before bedtime and 1 in the morning on an empty stomach.
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    Side effects of

    • spasmodic pain
    • nausea
    • vomiting
    • diarrhea
    • symptoms of absorption disorders of
    If any of these signs occur, use of Senada should be discontinued, as it may adversely affect pregnancy.
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    During pregnancy

    When pregnant Senada is not always tolerated well. This is due to its effect on the large intestine. The instructions for the use of the drug indicated that it is inadmissible to use during pregnancy. The fact is that the action of senna leaves on the woman's body has not been properly investigated. But there is another, the reason - strong spasms in the abdomen cause involuntary muscle contractions of the anterior abdominal wall, similar to attempts, and therefore Senate reception near the end of pregnancy can provoke early childbirth, and in the first months - miscarriage.

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    Because Senate use is not possible in all cases, other drugs are used to solve the problem of constipation in pregnant women:

    • Lactulose and its analogues.
    • Norgalax.
    • Glycerin suppositories.
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