How can I wear a scarf with a different dress

What should I look for when choosing?
  • Snuff on the head
  • Snuff on the neck
  • With a coat
  • With a down jacket
  • With a coat
  • With a jacket
  • Snud, combining a scarf, hat and vest is one of the most popular wardrobe items now. How to wear a scarf-snud, interested in many women of fashion. It is important to know several rules, nuances and peculiarities of its combination with other things.

    What should I look for when choosing?

    How to put on a snood-scarf
    Scarf - snod children's pattern "English gum".Cnud two turns with knitting needles. Needles scarf.
    Scarf-snod crochet for beginners. Scarf-Snood crochet for beginners.
    Scarf-knud( knitting on a frame without the help of knitting needles)
    How to wear a scarf snd
    Scarf SNID crochet for beginners Round Crochet Scarf with subtitles
    1. The most elegant and elegant look models from thin,but warm fabrics, beautifully flowing soft folds. For winter and late autumn, ideal for mohair and cashmere snodes, as well as angora and alpaca. However, one should not make a common mistake and think that snood is appropriate only in the cold season. In spring and summer, models from natural cotton, dense polyester, viscose look very impressive.
    2. The length of the scarf is very different. The most universal models are 65-70 cm long. This is enough to create beautiful draperies. But really extravagant images are created only using variants of length 1,5-2 m. No less important is the width. The optimum value is 35-40 cm. Use wide, but short models like hoods.
    3. At the peak of the fashion model of a large mating with braids and Aran patterns.
    4. Think about whether you have appropriate outerwear. It is easiest to combine snood with items of wardrobe with a small or completely missing collar. A collar-stand is also suitable.
    5. Color match so that it is suitable for eye shade, hair, skin tone, appearance type.

    Snoop on the head

    How to put on a snood-scarf
    10 ways - how to tie and wear a snuff
    How to wear a snob
    How to wear a snood ■ Knitting patterns with knitting needles ■ Howknit knitting with needles
    Snuff, scarf-transformer. How to wear. Master Class.
    Trendy advice on how to wear a scarf, scarf and shawl

    The classic version of wearing a snoop of medium length - in the form of a hood or a cap. He will perfectly replace the hat and scarf right away.

    1. Put it on both hands and turn one of them, twisting the figure-eight.
    2. Fold it in half so that you get two rings, and put it on your neck. The place where the hinges intersect should be in front.
    3. One of the rings pull on the head and straighten it.

    How to wear a snuff on the head:

    • In a short and not too wide scarf just poke your head. The edge in this case freely hangs down. In order not to slip, fix it with a pin, brooch or brooch.
    • A narrow and long snug with one end is put on the head like a hat. The second end just hangs from behind. Or you can fill it up with a collar.
    • A short and not too long scarf fold several times and put the resulting bandage on your head, covering your ears.

    Snuff on the neck

    How to wear snddy ■ Knitting patterns with knitting needles ■ How to knit knitting with needles
    How to put on a snood scarf
    Masterclass "Knitted Baby Scarf"( LIC on the neck) - Howknit snoring for a child
    Snoozing with knitting needles. How to tie a knitting scarf with knitting needles. We knit the snuff - part 1
    10 ways - how to tie and wear a snitch
    Simple snoop crochet. Snud CROWN for beginners How to wear a snipe on the neck? There are many options. Here are some of them:
    • A short scarf made of cotton or viscose is simply worn over the head like a long bead. He perfectly complements the jacket, cardigan or blazer in cool weather. Models of lace and viscose look great with tight-fitting dresses of simple styles.
    • From a medium-length scarf, fold 2-3 loops and put them around your neck. The more loops, the more simple and tight the clothes should be.
    • Fold the snitch, as in the previous version, pull one of the loops to the shoulder and prikolite to clothes with a beautiful pin or brooch.
    • Wide knitted scarf of medium length, put on neck over head and pull one end below shoulder. You can evenly tie both ends about 15-20 cm( depending on the length) below the shoulders - you will get something that looks like a pelerine.
    • You can make a vest from a very long knit crochet. Put it on the waist, turn it in front to make a loop and pull it around the neck. If the length is not enough, pull the lower loop under the chest.

    With coat

    How to wear a scarf with a fur coat?
    Snud "Classic"
    With what to wear a fur coat
    How to wear a shawl with a fur coat?
    How to sew a fur coat from an artificial fur with your own hands
    Trendy advice on how to wear a scarf, scarf and shawl

    In the process of selecting caps to the coat often there are problems. In order not to waste your time and nerves, get a snore. The first and only requirement: it should not look too cheap alongside such a chic and status thing, as a fur coat from natural fur. Choose a model of silk, cashmere, alpaca.

    A knitted fur scarf is not very appropriate here. But if you still made a choice in his favor, remember that you can not combine natural and artificial fur and even natural furs of different types.

    And, of course, no screaming colors. At your service - white, gray, olive, dark blue, inky-violet, cherry, terracotta, muffled scarlet and all brown-beige scale.

    Important to know:

    • The black snood will add to you the rigors and make you visually older for several years.
    • Pink and burgundy ugly will emphasize flushed cheeks in the frost.
    • Swamp green will give an unhealthy, tired look and sharply distinguish circles under the eyes.
    • When choosing a light beige scarf, make sure that it does not coincide exactly with the shade of the skin. And blondes are not recommended for any beige tones.

    How to wear a snood with a fur coat? The easier it is, the better. Nothing distracts her attention. Just fold a few loops and put it around your neck, letting it go under the collar or hood.

    Categorical taboo - vest or bolero from a scarf on top of a fur coat. This causes associations with a downy shawl tied atop a quilted jacket.

    With down jacket

    How to wear a snuff with a down jacket?
    Snud "Classics"
    Outfit |Attire of the day # 9 |Winter day on the beach |How to combine a down jacket and a snitch
    Knitting with knits Knitted scarf with snd
    Knitting with knits Knitted with snows
    Knitting for beginners Knitted snores

    Down jacket is a worthy alternative to a fur coat due to coziness, lightness and versatility. In addition, he is very warm.

    Picking up a snore, remember that models of neutral tones are suitable for bright outerwear. And vice versa.

    In the latter case, a bright scarf can be supplemented with gaiters, mittens, knitted gloves or mittens of the same color.
    • Even if your down jacket is with a hood, wearing a snob is not a problem. Just fold a few loops, put them around your neck and pull out the hood so that the hinges lie beneath it. Or, before putting on a neck snug, put on the hood, and then remove it.
    • If there is no hood or it can be unfastened, wear a scarf with a down jacket, just throwing it over your head. In the cut, beautifully drape the folds to cover your neck.
    • Take a short and narrow snare in two loops and put it around your neck like a stand-up collar. This is especially true if the collar is wide.
    • Scarf with a long fitted down jacket is worn as a hood.

    Any down jacket gives an extra volume to the figure. Therefore, ladies with lush breasts and massive shoulders can recommend a thin and not too long snug, in color for a couple of tones different from the outer clothing.

    If you need to divert attention from the full thighs and visually balance the proportions, choose a volume snore and wear it like a collar or a cape.

    With coat

    coat // yarn boucle // knead // knit for 3 days
    Crochet from thick yarn crochet Models Caps Coats Snood
    How to wear snacks
    Howwear snddy ■ Knitting patterns with knitting needles ■ How to knit knitting with needles
    10 ways - how to tie and wear a snuff

    Snud to a coat pick so as not to disrupt a single stylistic concept of the image.

    1. Not suitable for wearing with it a coat with three-dimensional collars of complex shape, with fur collars. The ideal option - a small collar-rack, a turn-down "English" collar or its complete absence, like a coat in the style of "Chanel".
    2. For classical drapery, woolen, cashmere coats, medium length scarves, alpaca, silk are appropriate. Sharp contrasts here do not look too good, choose an accessory of 2-3 colors different from the color of the coat.
    3. An interesting combination is obtained if we take two snodes of the same color, one smooth mating, the second with texture patterns.
    4. Another possible option - a short fur snoop, provided there is no fur trim on the coat.
    5. With classic coats of simple styles you can wear over-the-top snoops with embroidery in tone, with decorative buttons, with beaded trim, with fringe. Any decor on the outer garment is inappropriate in this case, the image will turn out to be lurkingly provocative.

    From full thighs you can distract attention, if you put it on like a bolero. Coat choose the most simple and fitting. It is tight, not tight, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect.

    Wear the scarf on one hand, pull up to the shoulder, twist the "eight" on the back and thread the second arm in the resulting loop. If desired, you can move this cross and forward to the chest.

    If the coat has a hood, thread the snipe under it. Those who just want to hang it around their necks will have to wear their coats open-handed. It turns out, by the way, quite a stylish image, if you choose a black coat of straight cut just a little above the knees, narrowed jeans 7/8 in length and sneakers in combination with a snore of gray or beige. In this case, socks or pantyhose are strictly forbidden. Cold? Beauty requires sacrifice. But all the same in frosts so it is not necessary to put on. Pneumonia is very unpleasant.

    The latest fashion trend is knitted snacks made from natural or artificial fur. They are great for a strict classic coat. Wide version of medium length is worn, like a cape. The long medium-wide is like a bolero. The shortest is like a headdress.

    With a jacket

    How to wear a snoop
    How to wear a snud - 10 ways
    Snud "Classic"
    ASYLUM 3:53
    Scarf is a snipe pipe. Details
    The new trend of autumn 2015 - a fashionable scarf-yoke!- Everything will be good. Issue 705 from 11/16/15
    • With light demisezonnymi winds wear dense cotton or thin knitted scarves, from which you can roll 2-3 loops.
    • Looks good and models of delicate binding of fine wool.
    • For a jacket in a sporty style, choose a short knitted scarf with a bright print or catchy pattern.

    Scarf-snood suits absolutely everyone and can harmoniously complement any image, turning a strict, boring and conservative ensemble into something very elegant and memorable.

    In addition, it perfectly warms in the cold, and to properly wear it, do not need a long practice in front of the mirror.

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