With what to wear a female cardigan? Fashionable images

  • General rules
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  • Variety of invoices
  • Combination of color solutions

A cardigan is a thing that must necessarily be part of the basic wardrobe of every woman. Today fashion designers offer quite a few interesting variations of such clothes. They can be short or long, lace or thick enough. In any case, you need to know what these products are combined with. So, with what to wear a long cardigan and other kinds of this clothes?

General rules

To learn how to correctly use this type of clothing, you need to follow the recommendations of fashion experts:

  • does not fully button the jacket;
  • product can be combined with a variety of things and shoes;
  • this garment can always be decorated with additions, it can be a scarf or belt;
  • it is categorically forbidden to combine it with a suit;
  • is not recommended to wear a sweater with knitted dresses, because a combination of the same type of textures will make the image overloaded;
  • if a cardigan is combined with a shirt, its sleeves should look out from under the jacket for a few centimeters, the same applies to the collar.

Important features when choosing a cardigan are the features of the figure. So, gorgeous beauties should not combine a shortened jacket with trousers that have a low waist.

Also full of fashionable women are contraindicated with massive products, which will only emphasize the presence of excess weight.

At the same time fragile girls look great bulk cardigans of large mating, which emphasize the miniature of their shape.

Models of cardigans

There are quite a lot of stylish variants of similar products. Depending on this, each girl will be able to choose the most optimal and stylish image.

One of the most universal and practical options is a short cardigan. This product perfectly looks paired with a classic dress. At the same time, it is not recommended to fasten the jacket. To make the combination look holistic, you should put the belt around and wrap it around the waist 1-2 times. Also it is necessary to put on shoes with a hairpin, made in classical style. Important in this case are accessories.

In addition, a short cardigan looks great with jeans or trousers of any cut. In the cool season it is worth wearing a turtleneck. In summer and in spring, the jacket can be combined with tops, T-shirts, shirts. To make the image more harmonious and complete, it is recommended to use a light scarf or a bright accessory.

Another stylish object of the wardrobe is an elongated model of a cardigan. In fact, it is a knitted sweater, which often reaches the knee length.

In this case, this garment can have a deep cut, buttons, zipper. In most cases, this piece of clothing is free-cut.

Long knitted sweaters are remarkable for their versatility. They perfectly suit the owners of magnificent shapes and slender women of fashion. The most relevant trend is the combination of an elongated upper part with tight jeans.

Some designer shows have demonstrated an original trend: a classic cashmere cardigan in combination with silk or satin dresses.

In addition, today multi-layer solutions are very popular. However, this can not be attributed to elongated versions of cardigans. Combine this garment with a jacket is possible only in certain situations, for example, to create a composition in the style of grunge or glam-rock.

A very interesting image can be obtained on the basis of an elongated jacket and shorts. The bottom should not be made of wool or other bulk fabrics. Also, the cardigan should be quite thin, the models of bulk mating in this case will not work.

No less successful choice will be the combination of a knitted cardigan with a soft dress made of wool. As a result, you will get a very stylish and cozy image.

As for fasteners, today models without them are surprisingly topical. That's why many women of fashion are interested in how to wear a cardigan without buttons. This is a very stylish solution that can be combined with almost any things. To make it more practical, you can emphasize the waist girdle.

Pants, tight jeans, leather leggings are great as supplements. From shoes it is necessary to choose feminine models on a hairpin. In this high girls need to be careful. The fact is that a long cardigan visually lengthens the silhouette.

Another stylish and unusual solution is the oversize cardigan model. In this case, the choice of combinations should be approached with extreme caution, since there is a risk of making your figure even larger. Massive top of bulk binding should be combined with a tight bottom. In this case, the skinny jeans are the perfect solution. To complete the ensemble, it is worth choosing high boots on a flat sole. Also an excellent option in this case will be boots. Of accessories, a three-dimensional scarf will do.

If you plan to combine a wool product with a dress, it is important to consider that they should be of the same length. In this case, a free outfit of lightweight material is perfect.

Contrast of fabrics will bring a certain zest to your image.
If you want to look more stylish and original, you should choose unusual shoes, for example, sneakers or shoes. To complete such a bold ensemble will help the suspension on a long chain and volumetric bracelet.

Variety of invoices

Cardigans can be safely carried throughout the year. Particularly successful this piece of clothing looks in the winter, but in the summer with his help you can create actual images. A knitted cardigan made of wool will look good in combination with a turtleneck. Also it can be worn with a jumper. Such an ensemble will perfectly complete narrow trousers or jeans. In addition, you can choose a classic model.

In the summer season, a knitted cardigan looks great in combination with a short dress. Also an excellent image will be obtained on the basis of top or short. In addition, it is quite possible to use to create compositions and leggings. Finish the ensemble can boots with heels.

For summer and early autumn, it is worth choosing a knitted cardigan. In warm weather, the sleeveless model will look great. Also a good option will be a shortened version. Such cardigans look great with a variety of things - skirts, blouses, dresses, tops.

Combination of color solutions

To make the image look as fresh and harmonious as possible, it is necessary to take into account the colors of this garment. Many girls are interested in what to wear a gray cardigan. This garment with confidence can be called universal. A long gray cardigan looks good with any things. It can be combined with white and black skirts, trousers. The perfect solution will be jeans, blue or blue.

Why wear a black cardigan? This is also a universal option, where you can go to a social event or a business meeting. An excellent addition to such clothes will be things made in brown or blue. This cardigan looks great with white or red shades. Also it can be supplemented with a pale pink or blue palette of flowers.

If you want to create a more fresh image, you should choose a white cardigan. It can be combined with a light dress or light-colored jeans. It is also possible to afford pants saturated color or bright skirt.

If you want to look more mysterious, you should wear a blue cardigan. It allows the use of saturated shades in the image: yellow, red, green. Excellent look orange and purple additions.

Many girls are interested in what to wear with a beige cardigan. This is a versatile piece of clothing that is combined with a variety of shades - black, red, brown. In this case, it all depends on your preferences.

Quite often women of fashion choose cardigans of bright shades. With what to wear such products? Stylists recommend choosing neutral colors of basic things. If you want to afford a brighter solution, you need to pay close attention to the choice of additions:

  1. The blue color can be combined with green, white, yellow tones.
  2. Coral is well suited for brown, cream, maroon tones.
  3. The green tint can be combined with any pastel tones - blue, pink, yellow.
  4. The turquoise shade looks great with white, blue, blue. An interesting choice will be yellow-orange additions.
Cardigan is a very stylish and fashionable item of women's wardrobe. With its help you can create a large number of interesting images and stylish compositions.
To always look attractive and harmonious, it is very important to choose the right cardigan depending on the characteristics of your figure and learn how to combine it with other things. To do this, it is worthwhile to carefully study all the recommendations of the stylists and try to execute them as clearly as possible.

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