Psychological type - introvert

The well-known Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, studying the person of the person, has allocated two types - an introvert and an extrovert. At the same time, the main emphasis was on the tendency of people to focus more on the internal or external world. Let's consider in detail who is an introvert, its features depending on sex and age, and whether it is possible to change your psychotype.


  • Characteristics
  • Simple test
  • Interact with introvert
  • Introvert child
  • Introvert woman
  • Introvert male
  • The advantages of introvert
  • Ambivert - the golden mean
  • How to become an extrovert
  • Characteristics

    To learn the nature of the introvert and who it is, you need to consider the characteristics of itbehavior. To consider them shy is wrong. In fact, they communicate selectively with a small number of people and do not like big companies. What are the characteristics of the nature of the introverts are:

    • Unwilling to make frequent new acquaintances. For the introvert, this is associated with tangible energy costs;
    • Feel uncomfortable in a large crowd of people. Any meetings, rallies cause discomfort for such people;

    • An introvert nervous at the thought of an impending interview. The first minutes he can not concentrate, but quickly comes to his senses and skillfully manifests his abilities;
    • Honesty is one of the virtues of the introvert. Therefore, he is always true to his friends, although they have little;
    • To relax and restore energy, the introvert is enough to be alone, doing nothing;
    • Having received a message on the phone, it can read it only when it is free;
    • To trust a person with an introvert, you need time. Therefore, to create a relationship, he needs to know a better partner;
    • The introvert attracts people with its courtesy. Guests who come to his house create a pleasant and comfortable environment;
    • Planning for such a person is very important. He must think things through beforehand;
    • The introvert tries to create a balance between the time spent on communication and the period of loneliness.
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    Simple test

    There is one of the simplest tests for determining the psychological type. He came up with a professor of psychology at the Brooklyn College - Glen Hass( Glen Hass).For him, there is no need to answer questions. It is enough with the finger of that hand, which is the main "write" on its forehead the letter Q.

    The observer must notice in which direction its tail is facing. If left, then the person is most likely an extrovert. The outline of the tail in the opposite direction indicates that the subject is an introvert. The fact that extroverts "have" the letter in such a way that it is more convenient for the looking person to read.

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    Communication with the introvert

    Human psychology can not be remade. How to behave with the introvert:

    • His personal space can not be violated unexpectedly. It is necessary to agree in advance about the meeting in order to give him time for moral preparation for communication;
    • Do not expect a quick response to a suggestion or question from him. Hold a pause, give him time to think and formulate the answer;
    • It is undesirable to interrupt an introvert during a conversation. He may think that the interlocutor is listening to him inattentively. Therefore, either does not answer the question, or, saying that it is necessary, will close in itself and stop the conversation. He spends a lot of energy on all this;
    • Introverts are persons who are vulnerable. To offend them easily, but they may not even show their feelings. Introvert all remember both words and emotions;
    • Calling him to a frank conversation is very difficult. For this, you need to show patience and real interest. He immediately identifies false emotions;
    • The activity and excitation of the introvert's brain is constantly at a high level. Therefore, it is difficult for him to communicate. In order not to strain him, you can sometimes switch to written communication.

    Introverts are faithful good friends. You just need to know how you can understand the introvert and learn how to communicate with him.
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    Introvert child

    It is very difficult for a child to have an introvert if his parents are extraverts. It is difficult for them to understand the child's propensity for solitude. His isolation and estrangement from overly sociable parents can cause grief and surprise. They are concerned that the child does not want to discuss their cases, the events in the kindergarten or school. How should adults act in this case:

    • We need to understand that the child needs to be alone. Thus, he receives energy;
    • Parents should help him in communication with other children and adults. In this case, the nature of the child must be taken into account
    • You can not force a child to answer and talk when he does not want to. We need to give him time before he wants to communicate;
    • To get used to the new environment and people, the introvert child needs time. Do not force events.
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    Introvert woman

    The soul of an introvert female is mysterious and mysterious. Not everyone can win her love. What it experiences:

    • Restraint. This leads to some insecurity of women in themselves. Her opinion and perception of the interlocutor are important. She is afraid of offending him, so she always listens with special attention. More silent than he says;
    • Sensitivity and closure. A female introvert rarely opens her soul to men. It must be conquered, enchanted. Only then will it fully open before him;
    • Dreamy. The introvert woman seeks to find a man who understands her, appreciates and can fully trust her;
    • Desire to be necessary. It's not necessary to talk openly about this. She perfectly understands when a person can not cope without it. She loves to help other people.
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    Introvert male

    Not very friendly conservative who carefully "protects" personal space - this is how you can characterize an introvert male. What else can you say about this psychotype:

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    • The word of an introvert male is flint. This means that he always keeps his promises and talks about what he personally believes;
    • He can not be pressured. A male introvert can not be forced to do what he does not want. From those who are trying to achieve this, he simply leaves;
    • This type of men prefers to "go with the flow."He is not ready to make fleeting decisions and spontaneous actions;
    • They are unusually violent manifestation of love. Experiencing feelings, they may not even talk about it. His love is manifested in a special care for the object of adoration.
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    Advantages of introverted

    When compared with the opposite psychotype, it has the following advantages:

    • Not tied to material values, not mercantile. For the introvert, personal development is more important than the accumulation of material goods;
    • Differ high concentration on what they do. Even if this takes a lot of time;
    • Have a good imagination. Focusing on his inner world, introverts are given to thoughts and dreams. Thanks to this, they often "are born" interesting ideas;
    • Observation and laconicity, which allow you to notice everything to the smallest detail;
    • Devotion. Introverts very rarely come close to other people. But if they let someone into their world, they will be unconditionally loyal friends or partners;
    • The ability to listen allows them to have information. This quality makes them excellent interlocutors;
    • There are a lot of creative personalities among introverts. Being alone, they reveal their talents.
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    Ambience - the golden mean of

    The same Karl Jung came to the conclusion that there are practically no pure introverts in the world, as well as extroverts. The bulk of people refers to ambivers. This is a person who has, to some extent, the characteristics of both psychotypes. Sometimes during a stressful state, people are able to drastically change their behavior. Depending on the specific situation, a person can exhibit the characteristics of an introvert or extrovert. Thus, the flexibility of nature and the ability to adapt to the situation is manifested.

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    How to become an extrovert of

    In the world of introverts it is much less than extroverts. Therefore it is very difficult for them to get along with others.

    Can an introvert become an extrovert at will? Of course, everything is doable. What you need to do:

    • Communicate more;
    • Teach yourself to think positively;
    • Pretend to be an extrovert, showing unusual cheerfulness and cheerfulness;
    • Activate your social life, go in for sports, enrolling in a group;
    • Get to know people more often, trying to feel more confident;
    • Take the initiative, do not be afraid to ask people for advice;
    • Strongly and for a long time do not dwell on your thoughts, so that mental disorders do not appear.

    Regardless of the type of person, the most important thing is internal comfort. And it does not matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.


    This is about me. I'm an introvert. Maybe not one hundred percent, but still. Never had a lot of friends. The intimate test with the letter Q. My ponytail clearly went to the right. I do not like crowds of people, in large masses it's just some kind of wild, aggressive mass. I do not like corporate parties.especially when everyone drinks and chops. We all want to be significant, significant. It's already on Carnegie.


    As a typical introvert, I can say that there are additional advantages in introverts, for example introverts have creative thinking( at least the majority), they are talented and do not exchange for quarrels, squabbles and gossip. They achieve in life a lot, without even stepping over the fate of others. They are chesny, they do not care about someone else's opinion. In my opinion, it's better to be calm introverts, than an eccentric extrovert.


    I can say the same thing about myself, I'm more introvert than an extrovert though the features of the latter are also present, I do not like big companies, I'm faithful to friends and loving relationships, but not very well, I approach the matter quite responsibly, notI love gossips and quarrels, I'm not interested in that at the time I'm thinking about another idea that arises in the brain, a good strategist and planner, I think it's better to be an introvert, a person than a dull gray mass inherent in most people-extrovert, and in generalwatering golden mean where introvert traits prevails

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