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  • How to choose makeup for blue eyes?
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  • Considering the shape and size of the eyes

Blue eyes associated with purity, tenderness and purity are most common in the northern latitudes, and this is not accidental.

The fact is that a short northern summer and the absence of aggressively hot sun rays save the eyes of northerners from the need to protect them with natural light filters, whose role is assumed by the color of the iris.

The more aggressive the sun, the darker the eyes. That is why there are so many blue-eyed girls among the Northern girls, while the southerners, on the other hand, are endowed with brown and even black eyes.

How to choose makeup for blue eyes?

Competently superimposed cosmetics is capable not only to emphasize the unusual beauty of the eyes, but also to make them play on the face like precious gems.

Makeup for blue eyes should take into account the intensity of the natural color of the iris, because depending on this criterion, blue eyes are conventionally divided into four types:

  1. Eyes of a deep violet shade of .For eyes of this type, you can use decorative cosmetics( mascara, shadows and eyeliner) of any saturated tones and shades.
  2. Blue eyes with medium intensity color ( medium blue).They are often compared to the color of the pre-dawn sky. For them, a perfect combination of light shades of shadows applied on the eyelids and dark fragments in the area of ​​the outer corners of the eyes and at the very line of the eyelashes.
  3. The eyes of the light-blue shade of impress with its piercing brilliance and brightness. For blue eyes of light color, only soft pastel shades are allowed, as the shadows of saturated colors give the look a tired, weary look. Dark arrows, executed in retro style, go very well to such eyes.
  4. Gray-blue eyes of , endowed with the ability to resemble the color of the environment and the coloring of the dress of its owner. For eye-chameleons, when choosing decorative cosmetics, it is recommended to take shades that harmonize with the coloring of the clothes.

Types of make-up for blue eyes

Make-up ideas for blue eyes provide the widest space for a make-up artist's fantasy, as the right make-up can make them the main decoration of the face.

  • Smoky make-up( aka figs) for blue eyes can be performed with shades of pinkish, brown and olive-golden hues. Blondes with large blue eyes can emphasize their beauty by performing a smoky make-up for blue eyes, aged in a bluish-gray range. In this case, it is undesirable that the eye color and the shade of the shadows coincide. Brunettes with gray-blue eyes, who made smoky makeup for blue eyes with shadows of saturated blue tones, will give them more brightness, and it's better to perform the figs for eyes of violet color with purple ink and shades of brown-lilac shades.
  • Autumn make-up gives openness to the look of blue-eyed girls. As one of the possible options, we suggest making an autumn make-up for blue eyes with pink mother-of-pearl shadows, carcass and black contour pencil and flickering pink lip gloss. In order to make the makeup lasting, it is necessary to apply a special base base to the eyelids, and after applying the shadows and the contour line along the edge of the eyelids, they carefully grow.
  • Oriental make-up can decorate any woman( blue-eyed beauties are no exception).Since the oriental make-up has a special brightness and expressiveness, it is most often used as an evening make-up for blue eyes. There are two varieties of oriental make-up: Arabic and Indian.
  1. Arabic make-up for blue eyes accentuates the eyes. For this, a bright black eyeliner is used, contrasting with the shades of purple, lilac, golden, purple, lilac and gray shades.
  2. Indian evening make-up for blue eyes simultaneously allocates both eyes, and lips, and eyebrows. Doing it, you must fulfill two obligatory conditions: the skin should be swarthy( you can use bronze powder for this), and the eye contour should have a black eyeliner. The most suitable shades of shadows are: the color of the sea wave, green, brown, lilac, silver.
    Indian evening make-up for blue eyes needs a well-defined line of eyebrows, and for lip extraction it's enough to use not lipstick, but a shine of a juicy shade, as observance of a sense of proportion is the main condition of successfully executed oriental make-up.
  • Natural makeup for blue-eyed beauties is performed with decorative cosmetics, the shades of which are as close as possible to the color of their skin. The lightest shades of neutral colors are acceptable, which include: white, black, brown, gray. Light make-up for blue eyes with a colored accent on the eyelids is most often performed by pastel shades of bright colors. The effect of lightness and naturalness is achieved thanks to a particularly careful shading, which creates only a hint of the presence of a particular color. Everyday make-up for blue eyes looks harmoniously with the shades of peach, blue, coral, green and purple hues.
  • Blue makeup is most effective in the evening. The use of indigo shades in conjunction with the padding of a saturated blue and dark blue( almost black) ink enhances the brightness and shine of the blue eyes. Evening make-up for blue eyes in blue tones, made in the style of a fig, will make its owner a center of admiring attention, as the combination of shades of blue and gray shades can give a special expression and emphasize the beauty of blue eyes.
  • Daytime make-up for blue eyes, aged in blue color, allows the use of cornflower blue shades of eyeliner and shadows. To make this make-up look not too bright, the padding is done with very thin lines, and the shadows are applied lightly. With this version of makeup, the light is provided to the blue eyes.
  • No less spectacular is the summer version of blue make-up in turquoise colors.
Performing a blue make-up, blue shadows need to be combined with shades of other colors, otherwise the blue eyes on the face will look dull and malovyrazitelnymi.
  • Light makeup will look perfect only on a well-groomed face. To do this, you must first moisturize the skin, and then apply a foundation that smooths the tone of the face. How to perform a daytime make-up for blue eyes?

An example of daytime makeup for blue eyes - video:

Let's look at one more option step by step:

  1. The subgrowth space of the upper eyelid is covered with a very light shade of golden-beige shadows.
  2. For a more expressive look at the inner corner of the eye, a drop of shadows of a pearly white hue is applied.
  3. The skladochku on a century emphasize cold purple shadows, having executed careful shading of color overflow.
  4. The mobile eyelid is covered with opaque gray shadows.
  5. These same shadows are used to draw a thin line near the edge of the lower eyelashes.
  6. This simple makeup ends with the application of dark gray carcass.
  • Black make-up is rightly considered universal, because it successfully combines absolutely with any color appearance, approaches to the eyes of any color and can be successfully executed on the face and blondes, and brunettes, and brown-haired. It is not by chance that during the demonstration of fashion collections of the most famous couturiers, we can see on the faces of models different variations of the black makeup, which can be avant-garde, classical and oriental .

To create a black oriental make-up, the eyelids are dyed with shades of intense black shades, seeking to give a classic almond-shaped shape, characteristic for the eyes of oriental beauties. Clear graphic arrows on both eyelids will make the look complete.

Avant-garde black make-up, very popular in an informal youth environment, is distinguished by a contrasting combination of dark age design and porcelain-white leather.

Black make-up for blue-eyed girls, designed for daytime output, is performed in shades of saturated gray, brown and purple hues. Black color shadows in makeup for blue eyes are used only for evening make-up.

  • Dark make-up for blue-eyed girls is designed to make their color deeper, but if improperly applied, it can irreparably distort the most delicate features. How to make a beautiful make-up for blue eyes in dark colors - video:

Let's give some useful tips that will avoid irreparable mistakes.

Blue-eyed girls who make dark makeup should choose silver, turquoise, blue, beige and blue shades, a cool shade of which can advantageously emphasize the blue of their eyes.

A dark make-up for blue eyes, executed by velvet shades of shades, will be successful in case of a choice of chocolate, eggplant and brown tone of decorative cosmetics.

Hot brunettes with bright blue eyes are suitable for saturated and warm colors: bronze or golden.

  • Brown makeup has always been associated with the presence of good taste in the girl wearing it, because in any situation it looks very appropriate and natural. Most often for winter and summer brown make-up use shades of cold matte shades, and for autumn and spring pores - cosmetics of warm pearlescent tones.

It is believed that brown shadows are completely inappropriate for blue-eyed girls, but sometimes in the course of personal experiments absolutely unexpected results are obtained, so why not try?

Girls with gray-blue eyes can experience shades of a gray-brown shade, which is a certain compromise, capable of smoothing the discord between blue eyes and brown shadows.

Selection of decorative cosmetics taking into account the color of hair

When choosing the color range for everyday make-up, you need to take into account not only the color of the iris and the shade of the skin, but also the color of the hair.

  • Daytime make-up for blue eyes and light hair should be done with shades of beige or soft brown hues, and for easy eyeliner use a brown contour pencil. If a blonde prefers to do without shadows, she should use brown mascara.
  • A gentle make-up in the style of a fig for blue-eyed blondes suggests the use of shades of gray, silver and blue color palette.
  • A daily variant that takes into account a combination of blue eyes and dark hair allows the use of shades of pink and brown colors. Brunettes with gray-blue eyes are ideally suited to shades of all shades of lavender. The contrast between the dark chocolate color of the hair and the transparency of the light blue eyes can be enhanced by using a gray or brown eyeliner.
  • Perfect makeup for brunettes with gray-blue eyes - smoky, made with shadows of dark brown, bronze, dark blue, silvery, turquoise. The use of shades of saturated shades is advisable for performing evening smoky makeup, and pastel shades make it possible to make an easy daytime "Smoke Ice".
  • Light brown hair for natural make-up should be chosen with shades of different shades of blue and blue, blue mascara, dark gray eyeliner and lipstick of wet sand, as well as pale coral and beige.
  • To girls, whose appearance is marked by a decorative combination of blue eyes and red hair, decorative cosmetics of both warm and cold colors suit equally. Girls-brown-haired should avoid using shades of black shades. A similarly unfortunate option is the choice of green and purple shadows. The most suitable for red-haired beauties are shades of brown, white and gray colors, brown mascara and eyeliner.

Consider the shape and dimensions of the eyes

  1. The correct makeup for small blue eyes is best done with shades of brown color. Never use too bright shades or those whose color is identical to the natural color of the eyes. And in either case, the eyes will appear sunken and even smaller. How to increase small eyes - makeup in video:
  2. Make-up for round blue eyes is designed to visually "draw" the corners of round eyes to the sides with the help of dark eyeliner, correct selection of shadows, and eye shape correction. A step-by-step make-up that can accomplish this task can be found using the rich arsenal of numerous videos.
  3. Eyes with an impending eyelid often give their possessor too sad and weary look. Performing a bright make-up for these eyes, you should abandon the use of pearlescent shadows and the application of clear contour lines. How correctly paints the eye with the impending eyelid - video:

    It is recommended to use non-liquid eyeliner, but crumbly shadows and a soft contour pencil easily exposed to shading. Sharp arrows, however, are quite acceptable for eye makeup with impending eyelids.

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