Donnick honey - features, properties and recipes of application

Honey is truly an invaluable product that can not only improve immunity, improve the performance of internal organs, but also become the strongest source of energy due to its rich composition. Among the different varieties of honey, one of the most useful is considered to be the volcanic, possessing unique healing properties, widely used in folk medicine.

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  • light Hemorrhoids
  • With varicose veins
  • For menstrual disorders and climax

Characteristic features of

Bees collect honeycomb honey for a long timefrom June to early September. It is during this period that the source of nectar, the sweet clover, is abundantly flowering, providing stable honey gathering even at a time when other plants have already faded.

The hue of honey can be light amber or white. The aroma is sweet enough, with soft notes of vanilla. The taste is tender, not sugary, sometimes with a barely perceptible pleasant bitterness.

A characteristic feature of the honey honey - crystallization, which occurs quite quickly: just two months after collection, the honey thickens and becomes whitish-cream.

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Useful properties of

Thanks to the medicinal properties of the plant itself, it is possible to tell about the benefits of honeycomb honey. This kind of honey is widely used in the field of traditional medicine for the treatment and prevention of various ailments, such as:

  • cold;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • headaches, nervous tension;
  • heart disease;
  • problems of the urinary system;
  • menopause and menstrual irregularities;
  • wounds and abscesses.

Donnick honey can antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, analgesic, diuretic, laxative and absorbable effects on the body, and normalize appetite and digestion, relieve fatigue and irritation.

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But no matter how useful the honey can be, there are a number of contraindications that are absolutely necessarystudy before starting its use.

Contraindicated to apply honeycomb honey:

  • with a tendency to allergic reactions to beekeeping products;
  • in diseases associated with blood and blood coagulability;
  • in childhood;
  • for diabetes mellitus;
  • for kidney and liver diseases.

Only after consultation with a doctor, honeycomb honey can be used:

  • during pregnancy, since it can provoke bleeding and miscarriage in the early stages;
  • with a tendency to flatulence;
  • for dermatitis;
  • for bronchial asthma.
It is important to remember that at high temperatures, honey loses all useful properties, so it should only be drunk or added in warm liquid not exceeding 60 degrees.

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Application in folk medicine

In folk medicine, honey honey holds an honorable place, therefore it is often used for the treatment of many diseases and for prevention.

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To improve the immunity of

In the autumn-winter period, honeycomb honey is used to prevent or combat the influenza virus or ARVI.Just a couple of teaspoons of honey a day - and no cold is terrible!

A tablespoon of honey, diluted in warm water, will perfectly strengthen the whole body in the morning.

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From cough

You can apply not only honey in its pure form, but also tincture with radish. To do this, you need to make a deepening in the radish, place a tablespoon of honey and leave it for the night, after which take the remedy before eating for 1 dessert spoon.

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From insomnia

Tea with honeycomb honey will soothe the nervous system under stress and insomnia.

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From wounds and abscesses

A lozenge steeply mixed with flour with honey is applied to a problem place, and thanks to the bactericidal properties of the honey honey, healing is faster.

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No less useful are compresses made from honey with propolis: the honey mixture is put on a gauze bandage and applied to the right place for 20 minutes.

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From Constipation


  • 400 grams of dried apricots and prunes;
  • 50 grams of bay leaf;
  • 200 grams of honey honey.

Components grind in a meat grinder and consume 1 dessert spoon, washed down with water during dinner.

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When lactating

Donicar honey increases lactation. To this end, nursing mothers should eat 1 dessert spoonful of honey each time after eating, combining the reception with an abundant warm drink.

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When mastitis

When mastitis occurs during the period of feeding, compresses with honey honey can be applied to the breast.

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With tuberculosis

The use of pure honey honey, or mixed 1: 1 with badger fat is shown. The norm of this mixture per day for adults is about 50 grams, for children - about 30 grams.

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For inflammation of the lungs

It is useful to make compresses for the whole night. To do this, you need to connect 2 parts of honeycomb honey, 1 part of aloe juice and 3 parts of vodka. Soaked gauze in this composition, attach to the back and chest area, wrapped over a warm cloth.

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With hemorrhoids

The effect of alleviating painful sensations is provided by warm baths with the addition of honey. In addition to them, you can make enemas from 100 ml of water and 20 grams of honey.

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With varicose veins

It is recommended to take a mixture of 250 grams of honeycomb honey and 350 grams of chopped garlic, infused over seven days. Use three times a day, daily, 3 hours before eating 1 teaspoon.

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With violations of the menstrual cycle and climax

Thanks to the phytohormones contained in the honey melon, daily consumption of it by a dessert spoon will help not only to fix the menstrual cycle, but will eliminate fatigue, irritability( which is typical for menopause) and give vivacity.

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