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Candles have special magical properties, which naturally could not go unnoticed. Even in Russia was popular fortune telling with wax and water, which was most often held on Christmas Eve. No less actively predicted the future of wax as a resident of Europe.

Guessing on the wax from the candle

Today fortune telling on wax is also popular, especially among young girls. The main advantage of this way to know the future is its simplicity. Molten wax, getting into the water, freezes and takes shape of any shape. To unravel the symbolic meaning of the figure obtained is the task of the guessing person. Conducting fortune-telling on wax, the meaning of symbols can not always be unraveled from the first time. However, perseverance in this matter will necessarily lead to the desired result.

Divination by wax on water

In order to find out your fate with a candle, long preparations are not needed. For such a guessing, a simple minimal set is enough:

  1. Large wax candle
  2. Matchbox
  3. Bowl with cold water( water should not be ice cold)

Only patience of a fortunate person can be added to this list. To get the result you need a sufficient amount of melted wax, which means that the candle should burn for a long time.

Experienced fortunetellers advise choosing a multi-colored candle to make it easier to see the outline of the received figure against the background of a light bowl. In addition, you need to ask in advance the question of interest. The color of the used candle depends on the nature of the question. For a romantic relationship, a red or pink candle fits, for questions about health - green. Financial issues are better solved using a gilded candle. With this approach, the value of wax figures in the guessing will be as accurate as possible.

It's very important to look at the candle flame during divination. The flame will tell you something about the mood of fortune telling:

  • The candle, which was quickly and easily lit, which is remarkably lit is a good sign.
  • A candle that hisses, sparks or produces other noises can mean that you will receive a very important message.
  • A candle that burns very slowly and is very "sluggish" is not a good sign.
  • A candle that does not light up - means that you should stop guessing and move this event to another day.

To find out what awaits you in the future, you need to get the resulting figure from the wax to the wall / door( any vertical surface).The shadow that will be discarded will form a new figure that will signify your future.

Sacred divination on wax

You can guess at wax at any time, however the most suitable time for this is New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve. Previously, for holy fortune-telling, it was advised to choose special places that should be strengthened. The girls went to abandoned houses, a bathhouse, a shed, a cellar, a porch, an attic or a cemetery. It was necessary to guess without belts and crosses, hair was dismissed, and knots on clothes were untied.

Svyatkovye fortune telling on wax consisted in pouring melted wax into water, after which a figure was obtained. Figures with a poor value were thrown out by pigs or buried in the ground, and with good values ​​they were stored until the next fortune-telling.

Waxing on wax: the interpretation of figures

For girls who spend fortune-telling on wax, the designation of figures is of the greatest importance. It is on the basis of the figure that you can try to predict your future.

After the wax has got into the water and frozen, you need to carefully study its shape and determine to which specific subject it is closer. It is very important to give vent to your imagination. A wax figure can be seen right in the bowl or get it out of the water and explore from different sides. Having determined the type of the figure obtained, one can begin to interpret this symbol. When guessing wax can get a variety of shapes - animals, flowers, trees, human images, the sun, mythical creatures and much more.

Waxing on wax: dog

The dog symbolizes the faithful companion that is next to you. This result of divination shows that you also know how to be friends and appreciate the friendly relations. You yourself always strive to help close people, so in any situation you can safely rely on support. A wax dog acts as a clue: it's time to type a team( if you have not done so yet), you can solve many problems together and achieve incredible results.


The figure of a dog standing on its hind legs means that a loved one needs your help.

Waxing on wax: fish


Seeing such a figure, you can safely prepare for good news, one way or another connected with water. In addition, after such a guessing, acquaintance with foreigners becomes more likely. Silent and mysterious fish also speaks of the presence or the imminent appearance in your life of a little mysterious, laconic and wise adviser or mentor. Even if it is not easy, you should still listen to his words and recommendations.

Waxing on wax: heart


Wax heart, of course, speaks of love. It is love in the near future will occupy your thoughts, and no other problems can disturb more. Almost with absolute probability it can be said that your feelings will not go unnoticed and undivided.

Much of love can also tell the shape of the cast heart. A favorable sign, predicting a happy love, can be considered a distinct form of heart with sharp boundaries. If the heart is in veins, the form is indistinct or consists of several parts - this is a bad, alarming sign, warning of a possible danger.

Waxing on wax: elephant


The figure of wax in the form of an elephant has several meanings. This symbol indicates that you are a strong person who has a significant supply of vital energy. You go by a firm and confident step on the right path, but you can not fail to notice people around you, otherwise luck may turn away from you. This sign also shows that there are well-wishers behind your back, that is, people who are always ready to help and support, shifting part of your duties and problems onto your shoulders. In addition, the wax elephant indicates your excellent physical shape and at the same time warns that intense and excessive loads are unacceptable and can harm, depriving you of all past opportunities.

In a word, the elephant symbolizes strength, perseverance and confidence in the correctness of the chosen methods of achieving the goal. To avoid collapse, it is worthwhile to exercise prudence and avoid using your exceptional power to the detriment of others.

Waxing on wax: flower

If during the divination you saw a wax flower - this indicates the beginning of an extremely favorable period of your life, filled with a series of joyful events. All of you will necessarily come true. Your luck will be rejoiced by the people around you, and you will necessarily share with each part of your luck.

The flower also says that you, possibly, get married or meet a new and very reliable partner.


Flowers are a very favorable sign, symbolizing changes for the better, success in everything: dreams are fulfilled, sometimes even exorbitant ambitions are realized. Regardless of what wax flowers have turned out in fortune-telling, they always talk about your spiritual inescapable joy, with which you can easily share with people around you. Flowers also show that you have many friends who are always happy to communicate with you. Flowers are a symbol of your beautiful and happy future.

If a girl spends fortune-telling on a wax, the rose may appear to her more often than other colors. It speaks of a love that already lives in the heart of a fortuneteller or will appear there in the near future. If you saw a wax rose, do not be afraid to open your heart to a new feeling.

Waxing on wax: wood


A sign giving hope, indicating the availability of sufficient internal resources to achieve the set goals. You are strong in spirit, firmly on your feet, open to the world around you and draw strength from it.

Reliability, stability, strength and fortitude of spirit will certainly help in your affairs and solving problems.

Waxing on wax: snake

Snake - cob


A snake is a symbol that is interpreted in different ways: wisdom, strength, and a danger sign. On the one hand, this sign symbolizes wisdom and the ability to find a way out of difficult life situations. On the other hand, the sign of the snake warns of danger, someone's perfidy, a target for which can be your personal relationship. The whole reason in the dangerous and insidious enemies around you.

Waxing on wax: embryo


The embryo says about the plans of any business and the desire to implement them.


A wax embryo can also designate a pregnancy( not necessarily yours), as well as the emergence of new relationships, new work, new friends, a new social circle.

Waxing on wax: protein


Since the protein is a resourceful animal, its figurine in divination tells of your love for everything material, as well as the inclination to foresee everything and prepare everything beforehand so that the difficulties are not taken by surprise. Such a habit in life can be very useful, and sometimes even salutary.

Waxing at wax: mermaid


A mermaid figure warns of possible deception, temptation. You need to be very careful not to get caught on the hook of the cunning.

Waxing on wax: dagger

Beware of false friends. And also the danger of losing something important because of enmity. Haste, swiftness, attack.

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