Interesting hairstyles to herself

  • Elementary hairstyles for 5 minutes
  • Romantic hairstyles for hair of different lengths
  • How to make yourself a hairstyle for study or work
  • Unusual and easy hairstyles for a walk

Every girl wants to feel the most attractive not only on holidays but also daily at work,at a hike to the store, on a Sunday walk and even at home. Styling hair is a great way to demonstrate your femininity, grooming and image. We will tell you how to make a hairstyle to yourself so that you look fresh and attract admiring glances. It is not necessary to constantly go to the salon. If you adore creating beauty, then you can easily cope with it yourself!

Elementary hairstyles for 5 minutes

To look elegant, sometimes it is enough to make a styling just a couple of strokes. Try to have in your arsenal at least a couple of the most suitable for you quick hair. And then an unexpected visit by the guests or a spontaneous walk will not be taken by surprise.

Light hairstyles to herself for 5 minutes:

  • We divide the well-combed hair into two ponytails on the back of the head, then, as from ordinary shoelaces, we tie one knot from the bundles. If the hair is rather long, repeat the action, making a second nodule. The remaining tips are assembled and neatly secured to the back of the head by invisibility. You can add a hair clip for greater beauty and better styling.
  • If you lay down in the evening with washed and insufficiently dried hair, the chance to wake up with a haircut reminiscent of the effects of a hurricane is close to 100%.We fix the situation with simple styling. You will definitely need a curling iron for curling.
    1. Combed hair gathers in the tail very high on the crown.
    2. Depending on the thickness of the hair, we divide the bundle into 3-5 curls, turn them one by one in turn.
    3. After removing the elastic, we spread out the perfectly arranged hair and fix this result with a permanent varnish. Accurate light waves look romantic and somewhat festive.
  • We make elegant Greek styling. It will take a special bezel of fine rubber. He is put on his head, the hair lying on his back is tucked behind a rubber strip on the back of his neck. For reliability use invisible.
  • French shingle.
    1. Hair is sprayed with a good styling agent.
    2. Then gathered low, at the very neck, the hair is twisted several times and pressed against the head.
    3. Tips are hiding in the resulting bumble, which looks like a shell. Hairpins will help to last a long time styling.
  • Original bundle with a pigtail.
    1. We collect hair on the very top of the elastic band.
    2. Separating from the total number of hair about a fifth, weaving it with a simple pigtail.
    3. The rest of the hair wraps around the gum and is fastened with stiletto heels.
    4. At the very end, a small pigtail is wound at the base above the bump and is also fixed with an invisible one.

Ways to taste the hair in 3-5 minutes is actually much more. Try to consider them all: for short and long hair, hairstyles for study and walking with friends, a concert or a date.

Romantic hairstyles for hair of different lengths

It looks attractive on a date and you will feel confidently comfortable with simple styling, which any girl will cope with.

Flowers are very romantic and always face beautiful ladies. Weave them out of hair is simple. Try it and see for yourself.

A low tail with a flower

  1. Hair is put behind the back.
  2. The third part of the beam is taken from above, it is fastened with a thin rubber band, and the braids are weaved by a not very tight loop.
  3. Then the braid is twisted forming a rosebud, and the hairpin is attached to the head at the base of the tail.
This option is a great way to make a hairstyle for long hair much more interesting. After all, even the long, long curls, covered with great patience, in their usual loose form sometimes bore the owner of such wealth.

Of short hair

If you decided to radically change the look and make a short haircut, then to build from it something stylish or romantic and feminine, perhaps even easier.

Make a side part so that the bang slightly falls on the face, adding an image of mystery. You can slightly twist it. Experiment with different rims, choosing models with flowers, bows, stones and metal decorative inserts.

Air beam on medium hair

Beautiful styling that is suitable for walking in the summer heat, because the neck will remain open for a pleasant blowing by the breeze.

  1. A straight parting is done behind the center.
  2. Two highly symmetrical tailings are assembled high on the crown of the head.
  3. They are twisted separately, then join, blocking the parting. Invisibles will reliably retain the shape of the beam.

Braided beam on medium or long hair

Let's consider one more variant of a fast hairstyle. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. . The hair is combed up and put on an elastic band.
  2. The tail is divided in two, from each part a plait is woven.
  3. We wind the pigtails alternately around the base of the beam, using the invisibility for fastening.
  4. We cover hair with varnish or a spray.
  5. You can put on a beautiful rubber band or attach a hair clip in the shape of a large bow.


The braids are again in vogue, so the next laying is also with this traditional element:

  1. The plait is two ordinary pigtails on the back of the head.
  2. One of the braids is laid in front with a forehead, like a bezel, attached with invisibility.
  3. The second pigtail wraps the head in the same way, just behind.

How to make yourself a hairstyle for study or work

For training and working moments it is important that lush head of hair does not interfere with useful activities. However, the girl always wants to be attractive, so get acquainted with the beautiful hairstyles for a trip to the lecture or office.

Let's start with school. Quite young fashionistas would like to learn how to create beauty on their heads, like their stylish mummies.

What can be done laying in the school to myself:

  • Twisted tail.
    1. Well smooth hair comb, will help in this by sprinkling water from the spray gun.
    2. We form the tail with a rubber band and divide it into three bunches.
    3. Then, each of the bundles is re-divided into two curls.
    4. Twist and connect the first double curls, and then all together.
    5. Tight twisted ropes firmly fixed with rubber band and bow.
  • Bugs for first-timers.
    1. Let's make an interesting part in the form of a zigzag.
    2. We tie two tails at any height.
    3. We twist the curl first, then wrap it around the gum, put on the second rubber band under the hair color.
    4. Repeat the same with the second.
    5. Bows or ribbons look lovely over the riffles. This hairstyle can be tried by young people, imitating the style of "Lolita".
  • Elegant tails.
    1. On each side of the central part, we assemble a ponytail into the elastic band.
    2. Separate each of the strands for weaving a thin braid.
    3. We enclose the finished pigtails around the rubber bands and hide the hair ends with the hairpins.
  • Braids of tails.
    1. Make the parting in the center of the zigzag.
    2. We form two tall tails.
    3. Bring them together, highlighting the three parts for weaving the future spit, put an elastic on its end. You can beautifully decorate the bases of braids with small bows.

Presentable business hairstyles

They too can remain feminine:

  • Elegant pebbles.
    1. We collect hair in the tail with the help of elastic bands.
    2. Divide the bundle in two at the base of the hair growth, slightly pushing the elastic down. We pass the tail from above through the loop formed above the rubber band.
    3. We comb the hair with a comb with sparse denticles and wrap them up, fixing them with invisible heads.
  • The volume beam.
    1. Prepare the chignon. Thread all the hair back to the back of the head.
    2. Separate the curls one after the other and twist them around the rubber band, attaching it to the color of the hair with invisibility. As a result, you will get a stylish, magnificent hairdo for working moments.
    3. Stacking the Crown. First we will make an oblique parting. Of the two low-lying bundles of braid plait. Slightly stretch the eyelets of each pigtail, then attach them with stilettos to the head from the back of the head to the temples.

Unusual and easy hairstyles for walking

Choosing which hairstyle you can make, at times we want to emphasize the originality. For recreation, parties, city and country walks will suit any unusual hairdresser's creations. Here, fantasy does not need to be limited. Therefore, try boldly to build such simple stackings:

  • Nests of hair. This is a great hairstyle for picnics and other activities near nature.
    1. Hair for the neck is divided into 4 parts.
    2. One by one we twist them into small "nests" and fix them with hairpins.
    3. Hair tips can be left carelessly protruding. This laying is unconstrained and natural, like nature itself.
    4. You can take a hairpin with an artificial bud and add to the composition.
  • Ponytail with double volume. This version of the original styling itself is suitable for a dance party.
    1. Divide the entire volume of hair into two segments.
    2. One bundle is wrapped around an elastic band at the back of the head, at the level of the central part, the second - at the same level, but above - on the crown.
    3. Well brush your hair - and a double ponytail is ready!
  • We remove the boring bangs with a stylish pigtail, so that she does not interfere with the rest of her contemplation of the beauty of nature.
    1. The bulk of hair remains in loose form. From the roots of the bangs we begin to braid the pigtail, simultaneously capturing the nearest locks.
    2. Plait in the direction of the forehead behind the ear.
    3. In the final, the rubber band keeps the braid from opening. It turned out a styling with a twist: asymmetry plus lateral accent.
  • A side knot for lovers of collected hair.
    1. Apply mousse for the entire length of your hair.
    2. We shift the hair to one shoulder, divide them into two identical parts and begin to knit the knots. It will be enough two.
    3. Be sure to attach the knots at their base with a thin invisible rubber band.
    4. Make a comb with sparse prongs.

Girls and women are especially beautiful when using their hairstyles competently underlined all their dignity. High stylings show a beautiful neck and open fragile shoulders. Loose hair is beautiful in itself, but with rims, braids or hairpins attract extra attention to the person and tell others about the individual style of their owner.

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