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Depilation with the help of shugaring with time becomes more popular among women. At the same time, many prefer to do shugaring at home with recipes designed to make a special sugar paste.

Shugaring is a kind of epilation performed by a thick sugar paste. The technique of shugaring involves the application of warm natural caramel to the treated area of ​​the skin and its removal along with the hairs.

This article details how to make shugaring at home without professional help, how to make sugar paste for epilation, and how much the effect of the procedure is.

Why choose shugaring?

Shugaring is a safe, modern and in-demand procedure for the removal of unwanted hair, which has a number of advantages over other methods of hair removal.

In addition to the above advantages of the method, its growing popularity is explained by a number of other advantages. Having weighed the pros and cons, many women stop exactly on this method of hair removal. So, shugaring is different:

  1. A simple technique that is available to almost every woman. Sugar epilation can be easily performed at home without attracting specialists. The procedure can be performed in the summer season, and in winter.
  2. Long-lasting effect. Many women are primarily interested in how much the result of the procedure stays. Paste of sugar removes hair from the root, thereby substantially slowing their growth and creating a lasting effect.
  3. Practically complete absence of pain.
  4. Low cost procedure. It is inexpensive and affordable for everyone. In addition, the components necessary for the paste - sugar, lemon juice or crystalline citric acid - can be found in the nearest supermarket.
  5. No irritation, redness and skin damage.
  6. No allergic reactions. Sugar paste for epilation is made from natural products, so the risk of allergic rashes with this method is minimal.
  7. The absence of ingrown hairs, which often occur with other types of hair removal. Properly carried out sugar depilation minimizes the risk of further ingrown and curved hair.

Contraindications to the

method Many women are interested in what is dangerous about shugaring. Sugar epilation is a safe and hygienic procedure. However, in spite of numerous advantages of the method, it is necessary to take into account contraindications to shugaring. These include:

  • Presence of abrasions, cuts, ulcers, wounds and some other violations of the integrity of the skin on the skin being treated. In this case, it is better to refrain from any depilation until the full recovery of damaged skin.
  • Burns. In the presence of sun or other burns, it is better to wait for a complete restoration of the skin, in order to avoid painful sensations and unnecessarily to not injure the damaged skin.
  • Skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, infectious skin diseases of fungal, viral, bacterial etiology and other skin diseases.
  • Acute forms of herpes. If the skin has symptoms of herpes( vesicles, crusts, sores) it is recommended to postpone hair removal until complete recovery.
  • The presence of varicose veins of 3-4 degrees, as well as thrombosis. For these stages of varicose is characterized by constant swelling of the legs and feet, with the naked eye a noticeable expansion of the veins. Varicose pathology is considered a contraindication for most methods of hair removal, including hair removal with sugar paste, because during the procedure there is a slight mechanical pressure on the affected vessels. Such an effect in the presence of thrombi and severe varicosity is undesirable.
Doctors-endocrinologists warn about the theoretical possibility of absorbing glucose, contained in sugar paste, from the surface of the skin and mucous membranes( for example, when depilating the bikini zone) into the blood, which is undesirable in the presence of diabetes mellitus. It is better to use other depilation methods for hair removal.
  • Epilepsy. Even minor painful sensations during depilation can provoke an epileptic attack in patients.
  • any skin lesions, including benign( moles, papillomas, warts).In the above cases, it is allowed to make depilation with sugar paste, but it is necessary to avoid exposure to areas with tumors.
  • Immediately before visiting the solarium or the beach.
  • When allergic to the component composition of the paste( although this is fairly rare).

A few words worth mentioning about pregnancy. Some methods for hair removal, for example, laser hair removal, are strictly not recommended for pregnant women. But it is shugaring during pregnancy is the most preferred method.

Hair is removed almost painlessly, which is especially important for pregnant women, because their skin can become very sensitive under the influence of hormones.

How to properly do shugaring?

To perform shugaring at home, you need to prepare caramel paste in advance or use ready-made shugaring in cartridges.

Some preparation is desirable before the procedure. You need to take a shower or a bath without using any gels or detergents. It is allowed to use baby soap.

Water should be warm enough to steam the skin before the hair removal procedure. Then the skin is well wiped, wiped with alcohol, treated with talcum powder or baby powder.

How to do shugaring at home - video , two ways:

Hair removal with the help of special caramel-sugar paste will be effective if the hair length does not exceed 8 millimeters. Otherwise, long hairs need to be sheared or use a different depilation method.

Classic( manual) technique

  • From the cooled caramel paste tear off a lump and begin to knead in hands. At first the sugar paste looks more like transparent amber.
  • In the process of kneading, the lump becomes lighter, losing transparency, and acquires a pearly hue. To the touch caramel paste is similar to plasticine.
  • Mashed pasta roll into a ball, stick on the treated area with hair, and wait a few seconds, sharply tear along with the removed hair upwards.

  • The depilatory mass must be applied against the growth of hair, and tear it together with the removed hairs - in the direction of their growth. This destroys the hair bulb, which guarantees a long-term result.
  • After this, it is recommended to rub the treated skin lightly to reduce pain. It is on the correct execution of the procedure that determines how long hair does not grow after sugar depilation on the treated areas.
If the paste starts to solidify, you need to warm it up in a water bath. It happens that cooked caramel paste begins to stick to your hands when it's too hot.

Take a new lump of caramel paste, making sure that it is not overheated, then resume the procedure. If the paste clings to your hands again, use a harder paste for depilation.

  • After the procedure, the rests of the sugar paste are washed off the skin with warm water. The skin itself is desirable to be treated after the procedure with mild antiseptic agents( olive oil, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, panthenol ointment, etc.).

Shugaring ball is the most popular technique, although other options are used. A variety of manual techniques is a spatula technique, in which the paste is applied to the skin and removed by a spatula.

Banding technology

This technique is similar to wax epilation. To do this, prepare a soft paste, which is applied with a spatula on the skin area, and then removed with a bandage.

Shugaring pasta

Now let's talk about the main component of shugaring - sugar paste. What it is? And how to cook it? There are many home recipes for caramel paste.

Traditional recipes include sugar, citric acid and water, but there are other options. Below are the proven compositions, but the best recipe for yourself can be chosen only by trying a few options yourself.

It should be noted that with the shroud method shugaring is performed with a more liquid paste than with manual technique.

It is advisable to strictly observe the specified proportions, description and order of cooking paste, as some errors can not always be corrected. For example, if you digest a paste, most likely, it will have to be thrown away.

However, some consequences of improper cooking can be adjusted. So, the composition for shugaring, if not cooked, can be too liquid. What to do? It is necessary to finish the paste until the desired consistency is obtained.

Mastering shugaring - recipes at once

First, prepare a small portion of sugar paste to understand the technology of its preparation and try this method. Then you can increase the number of components.


  • 6 teaspoons of sugar,
  • 2 teaspoons of warm water,
  • lemon juice from half a lemon.

Prepare cookware for caramel preparation and a mug with cold water in order to check the readiness of the paste during the thickening process.

Preparation of the composition:

  1. Mix sugar and water in cooked dishes.
  2. Put the syrup on a slow fire and, stirring, cook.
  3. When caramel mass begins to change color from white to golden-caramel, check the readiness. Drip a drop of the mixture into cold water. If the caramel does not spread in the water, but freezes there in the form of a smooth drop, the paste for epilation is ready.
  4. Add lemon juice to caramel and remove the composition from the fire, continuing to stir until the grains have disappeared and a uniform golden mass is obtained.
  5. Cool the caramel to room temperature.

Shugaring: recipe with citric acid

The recipe for 1 serving includes the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup granulated sugar,
  • 1.5 tsp citric acid,
  • 2 tbsp.spoons of water( warm).

Next, the pasta is prepared in the same way as in the first recipe. The consistency of the finished caramel for epilation should be such that the balls easily roll out of the paste.

The advantage of using the citric acid in the recipe is that the necessary concentration can not be guessed in comparison with the natural lemon juice, which can have different acidity.

If the composition turns out to be more acidic than necessary, caramel stiffens poorly. And, conversely, if the acid is not enough, the sugar paste turns out to be non-plastic.

Sugar paste for shugaring: prescription for several procedures

Prescribed pasta is enough for a whole season.

  1. Take 1 kg of granulated sugar, 8 tbsp.spoons of water( warm) and 7 tbsp.spoons of fresh lemon juice.
  2. Mix the above ingredients and put the sweet mixture for a minute on a strong fire.
  3. Stir and after a minute lower the heat to a minimum.
  4. Caramel mixture is covered with a lid and cooked for another 10 minutes with stirring.
  5. When the sugar is melted, remove the lid and continue stirring. The total time spent on fire is approximately 45 minutes.

Then transfer the finished caramel into the storage container. Before and after each procedure, the paste is stored in the refrigerator.

Shugaring: recipe in the microwave

For the recipe you need:

  • 4 tbsp.spoons of granulated sugar with a small slide,
  • 1 teaspoon citric acid,
  • 1.5 tbsp.spoons of water.

Ingredients are mixed in a glass bowl, which is then placed in the microwave oven to the most powerful mode. The cooking time is about 3 minutes, until the caramel mass becomes golden. At this time, you need to stir the mixture several times, opening the microwave. Ready caramel should be cooled before use to room temperature.

Shugaring: recipe without lemon and citric acid

With high skin sensitivity, especially for epilation of the intimate area, a recipe is used without citric acid, which can cause irritation on the skin.

2 tbsp. Spoons of water are mixed with 4 tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of liquid honey. Further sugar paste is prepared as well as in the above formulations with citric acid.

Recipe for a slurp on 10 spoons of sugar

Ingredients: 10 tablespoons( about 250 grams) of sugar, 1 tablespoon of water, fresh juice from half a lemon.

Sugar caramel is brewed until golden, as in previous versions. If the pasta is digested and the color is dark brown, it will become too hard. If you prefer a bandage depilation technique, cook the paste less( no longer than two minutes), since a more liquid consistency is needed.

Shugar paste: a recipe for fructose

Caramel paste recipes for glucose and fructose epilation are popular, especially among professionals, as these ingredients make the paste more fluid in comparison with the usual sugar recipe. At the same time, the composition of fructose is quite strong, elastic and easy to use.

Ingredients of sugar substitutes:

  • 6 tbsp.spoons of fructose( glucose);
  • 0,6 tbsp.tablespoons of citric acid;
  • 2 tablespoons of water;

Pasta from fructose is put in a saucepan on a small fire and with stirring is brought to a golden color. The finished composition should become quite viscous. After that, you can remove the paste from the plate and leave the caramel to cool.

Thus, there are many home-made sugar loaf recipes for shugaring, allowing you to quickly prepare a composition for hair removal at home and carry out the hair removal procedure yourself without visiting expensive salons. In the presence of a certain experience, neither the preparation of caramel, nor the process of sugar hair removal should cause difficulties.

Shugaring or wax: which is better and what's the difference

Wax and sugar hair removal are highly effective, providing a lasting result. Both methods are considered to be one of the most popular methods for removing unwanted hair.

But epilation with sugar, as practice shows, has a number of important advantages over wax:

  • Shugaring causes less pain. With wax epilation, the hairs are removed immediately from a sufficiently large area of ​​the skin, and the pain is felt more sharply because of the heat coming from the heated wax. The technique of performing shugaring is devoid of the mentioned drawbacks, since the caramel paste is removed from the skin in small fragments. Accurate compliance with the rules of the procedure allows you to achieve a significant reduction in pain during removal of the paste with hairs.
If for you in choosing the method of depilation the main criterion is the question whether it is painful or not during the procedure, give preference to the slouching.
  • In the wax method, especially if a non-professional does depilation, there is a risk of burns to the treated skin, since the wax is very hot before application. The use of sugar paste, which has body temperature, is safer in this respect.
  • With the help of manual sugar depilation technique it is easier to remove unwanted hairs on small areas of the body, so this method is used for eyebrow shaping, intimate hair removal, for the face, including removing the antennae and hair from the cheeks in women.
    The traditional recipe for caramel paste because of citric acid is not always suitable for sensitive areas, as it can cause irritation.
    Therefore, it is recommended to perform shugaring of the zone of deep bikini and other sensitive zones with a specially prepared paste( for example, using honey instead of lemon juice or lemon acid).Of course, sugar hair removal is also used for classical zones - to remove hair from the legs, hands, abdomen, buttocks, underarms.
  • Shugaring at home is one of the cheapest, budgetary and affordable procedures for hair removal, the cost of which equals the price of purchased sugar and lemon, which are the main components of sugar paste. So, the average price in the salon for the procedure of shugaring or, for example, wax depilation, is ten times higher than the cost of sugar hair removal at home. Accordingly, the use of home-made recipes for shugaring and home-based procedures allows you to talk about significant savings.
With sugar depilation, the problem of ingrown hair is less common than with the wax method.

The only thing that is inferior to shugaring wax method is the speed of the hair removal procedure. Here a clear advantage with wax, as the procedure is carried out by a bandage method. Nevertheless, it is possible to use a bandage method for sugar epilation.

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