Empire style in clothes

How to reconcile the desire for simplicity, elegance and convenience with the evocative luxury of imperial time? The features of modern Empire are different from historical in many respects, but not in terms of costs. This is a very expensive style, perhaps one of the most expensive for today( besides baroque).And in order not just to part with the savings, but also to invest them with the mind, rather than become a mocker, it is necessary to take into account many nuances of this direction.

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For reference

The historical framework of the style itself is not so great. He dominated only 25 years - an insignificantly small segment in history in comparison with other historical styles. But during this period his pomposity was able to eclipse almost any currents that will follow. And it's not surprising, because Empire is the style of kings. Here it is a question of the Roman empire of times of its heyday. It is the colorful heritage of Rome and its true greatness that inspired architects, artists, tailors and many other figures of Europe of that period.

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Features of the style

The style of the Empire style came into vogue from the beginning of the XIX century and imperceptibly flowed into the eclectic style. But they never forgot about him. You can see it at the bohemian dinner parties, at social events, and on ordinary city streets.

What feelings and associations should the modern Empire style evoke? First of all - it's lightness, refinement, femininity, beauty. Empire is intended to emphasize all these criteria in every woman who chooses it. And while in the modern style of Empire there is almost no place for pomposity, screaming luxury. The only criterion is quality materials.

Secondly, the Empire style is a grace of nymphs, beautiful Roman women who knew how to attract attention. As a tribute to the historical peculiarity of the style, its modern interpretations are most often displayed in dresses, tunics and sarafans. This is a universal feature of the direction.

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Empire likes a palette of wealth and nobility. From time immemorial, white, pearl, champagne, red( Roman purple, scarlet) and gold have fallen into the range of such colors. Later empire added noble shades of beige, pearly pink, cream, azure, black and many other rich or muted natural colors to its palette.

Learn about the same bright and rich style in clothes called baroque http://woman-l.ru/stil-barokko-v-odezhde/
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Depending on the pores of the year, the fabrics change. But the graceful style of Empire is revealed in a warm period. He just needs flying and translucent fabrics. Used chiffon, silk, expensive types of woolen fabrics, cotton, etc.

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For empire is characterized by embroidery, lace, the use of expensive rhinestones like Swarovski, the use of precious metals, precious and semiprecious stones, gilded sequins, pearls. Formerly fur was used for finishing( sable, marten, Arctic fox, etc.).

But now most famous designers refuse to use it, supporting a humane movement against violence against animals. For the sake of justice, it must be noted that the style did not lose much from it. The beauty industry is gradually offering new solutions, like replacing fur with artificial fur.

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The cutting of things is simple and elegant. In it, a distinctive feature is an overstated waist, cutouts on the back, a deep neckline, a free floating silhouette.

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Dress is the main attribute of Empire

The Empire style began to emerge from the dress, it remains the dominant element in the wardrobe of this direction.

And, the dress can both preserve most of the signs of the historical style, and make a bias towards modern trends.

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Dress to the knee

Previously, the length for the dresses was static - to the heels. Now there are no restrictions. Because dresses, tunics and sarafans in Empire style have different lengths. Coquettish and youth looks like this outfit with a length to the knees.

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For young, slender girls suitable empire mini with an inflated waist, for older women, the length should be such that the dress ends in the middle of the patella. The accent passes to the back( cutout).

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Long dress

The classic dress for Empire was and remains a long dress. Depending on the design and materials used, this dress can be suitable for almost any life situation.

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Wedding dress

Wedding fashion often experiments with directions, but invariably returns exactly to this style. Empire can bring into the image that tenderness and fragility, which so to face any bride. Very often in terms of wedding fashion, the classic Empire style is combined with the Victorian style, which makes it even milder and feminine.

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Gold color dress

Gold is the basis of the historical imperial style. Modern Empire also has not lost the craving for both the noble metal, and the palette of its shades. In many collections, gold colors are selected as fundamental or for decoration. Dress the same shade, but only if you choose a quality and interesting fabric, will always look chic.

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Red dress

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Scarlet toga - an attribute of the historical style, the imperial power. The rich palette of red shades in Empire is very symbolic and also, as it were, hints at a certain status of the one who put on these colors. But at the same time, modern fashion adds such a dress not only to power. It is incredibly feminine.

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Black dress

Similar outfit emphasizes sexuality, adds the image of a fatal riddle. Topical fabrics( silk, chiffon, silk muslin, dense poplin, satin) with complex decoration, lace, interesting embroidery or a combination of different decors are actual for sewing such an outfit.

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Trendy trend - white dress

The length of the modern white empire dress can vary from mini to toe. The main thing that this outfit does not resemble a wedding.

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Russian Empire

This branch appeared relatively recently. It focuses on primordially Russian motives superimposed on the main features of modern empire.

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The style is full of many unique accessories:

  • Massive, made from expensive materials ornaments, massive bracelets;
  • Hair rings and hoops. They can be a diverse configuration and imitate the tiara, laurel branch. Also popular are the rims-wreaths trimmed with qualitatively made artificial flowers;
  • Knitted accessories. Also from modern things it is possible to note knitted things in Empire style: capes, scarves, neat knitted boleros. This will add to the image of chic;
  • Points. Classical form but in an interesting, specific frame;
  • Bags and shoes are selected if not in the tone, then within the same theme. They are usually richly decorated.
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Create an image of the Empress

Few women refuse to look as majestic and beautiful as a monarch. The image of Empire contains a careful approach to all details. Here, the place, the excuse, and your external data are important.

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The most complex image. The basis for it will be a long dress with an overstated waist. Of the shoes fit classic sharp-nosed sandals or slippers with thin heels. Hair should be collected in a neat bundle, and in makeup to focus on one thing: either on the eyes or on the lips.

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Here the rules are not so strict and the style can be diluted with trousers of different lengths, boots, strict cuts with coats, jackets, etc. But the hair and make-up must necessarily be restrained, and the number of ornaments is minimal.

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The youth version of Empire can dilute the style of denim. So, for example, a short jean jacket is appropriate over a free sundress. Jeans pants in a tight fitting will be combined with a tunic, and denim shorts with a tunic-sarafan.

In addition to sundresses, tunics and dresses in modern Empire style, you can find beautiful blouses, blouses and tops.

They should be made from beautiful fabrics: silk, satin, velvet and decorated accordingly. Of the decorations are appropriate beads for pearls, lace, gold weaving, embroidery, ribbons. Such tops and blouses in Empire style are combined with many things, with a skirt and trousers with an overstated waist for business and evening dress, for youth, with wide chiffon trousers, with narrow jeans, short shorts, etc.


Very beautiful and feminine style! Ideal for evening and wedding dresses, and most importantly, it is suitable for slender young girls, and women in the prime of life and forms)) The main thing is to choose the right fabric and color.

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