Jealousy: is it good or bad?

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  • How to make a man jealous?
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All men and women at least once in their lives, but feel jealous. Its nature and manifestations are destructive. Although most people believe that without it, real love does not happen. Jealousy is a manifestation of doubt in someone's love, loyalty and devotion. Dahl believes that this feeling turns a man into a beast. But jealousy has positive and negative sides:

+ jealousy helps to discover love;

+ jealousy allows you to achieve the second half of the manifestation of feelings and actions;

+ jealousy increases competition;

+ jealousy makes a person become better;

- Jealousy often leads to depression, headache and other unpleasant manifestations;

- jealousy develops a state of constant fear, which causes nerve problems and heart problems;

- jealousy implies that a person is not confident in himself and has a lot of complexes.

Jealousy of a man

For jealousy a deep evolutionary meaning is characteristic. After all, this feeling allows you to preserve the union and protects against the invasion of competitors. This is how you can describe the jealousy of a man, which is primarily related to the fact that he is never 100% sure of his paternity. These fears are laid on a very deep level. Sometimes even trust is not able to save from jealousy inherent in genetics.

Representatives of the strong and the weaker sex are jealous in different ways. How to understand that the guy is jealous? According to the following features:

is an inappropriate male anger, as a reaction of finding men in the environment of his woman. Fury on every occasion can turn into gloomy silence;

- a man tries to limit social contacts of his faithful;

- the man carefully follows the wardrobe of the partner;

- a man shows an unhealthy interest in the life of his companion;

- the man denies jealousy.

That is, male jealousy is mainly manifested by open aggression and the desire to regulate the life of his lady.

Jealousy of women

Women are often persecuted by doubts about the decency of their faithful. Although real evidence of his infidelity, such suspicions are often not found. If you do not want your relationship to collapse because of unhealthy jealousy, make sure that you do not behave as follows:

  1. Constant accusations of partner in adultery. Stop and think. Are there grounds for jealousy? Such an unhealthy feeling with suspicions and reproaches, quarrels and scandals will soon get tired of a man. Find strength in yourself and stop on a flat spot to destroy your family happiness. Never sink to irrational behavior.
  2. Relentless control. Tracking, examining the contents of pockets, phone, etc.- all this limits the personal space of a man. Over time, this behavior of the beloved will destroy feelings.
  3. Jealous of the inaccessible. If you are jealous of your man to actresses, singers or photomodels, then this is ridiculous and ridiculous. So you will undermine the confidence of the companion in your mental balance.
  4. Attempts to shorten the circle of men's communication. Forbidding him to meet friends or colleagues, you do not do better, but only spoil everything. Believe me, if he loves you, he will never pay attention to another woman.
  5. Public scandals. Do not cross the boundaries of the reasonable and do not clarify the relationship with strangers. With such a man will not be tolerated exactly. Especially if this is repeated more than once and for no real reason. Do not go down to the level of scandalous bitch and rude.

If you encounter in your behavior with something like that, think about it until the relationship breaks and collapses. Stop harassing your loved one with meaningless suspicions!

Jealousy of the past

Jealousy for the past is one of the most common problems in the relationship of couples. Sometimes the occasion is given by the partner himself, and sometimes this feeling is completely unreasonable. But, anyway, it is impossible to get rid of the past and it is necessary to put up with it. Simply, it may be worthwhile to avoid mentioning past partners in conversations with the current companion of life, if it is so annoying and angry. And if you compare the past and the present, try to focus not on the bad, but on the fact that your favorite is much better than the previous guys. And most importantly - compare not out loud, if you do not want a break in the relationship.

Jealousy of the former

Of course, a loving couple should be frank with each other. But not in everything. The ladies very often wonder what the former girl of their lover was, why they broke up, etc. Such unhealthy interest leads to a person becoming jealous of the ghost of the past. And soon absolutely absurd accusations begin in the direction of a partner who shared his memories with his second half. Men! Never fall for this bait unless you want to become a victim of unhealthy jealousy. Let the subject of the former be taboo for you. And if you can not avoid such a conversation, then simply describe your past personal life "in a nutshell", without emotions, comparisons and conclusions.

If the partner maintains communication with his former companion of life, then jealousy will be difficult to avoid. But here you just need to trust your second half. After all, he is with you, which means that his past relations did not suit him. And checks, quibbles, quarrels will only destroy your present and happy future together.

How to make a guy jealous?

You just started dating a guy, and everything was going well, but suddenly they began to notice that he was a bit chilled to you, and there was no former acuity in the relationship. Make him jealous of you and feelings will burst with renewed vigor!

Try to go for walks with friends more often. And be sure to talk about your plans to your beloved. That is, put before the fact. Sometimes during such meetings, you can even turn off the phone so that the other half is worried.

And yet, when you are with a guy, try to be as inconsiderate and diffuse as possible. If he asks you about something, pretend that you did not hear and ask him to repeat the question. And so several times. This will first irritate him, but then he will make you think about the reason for your mysterious thoughtfulness.

Start communicating with different guys via the Internet. The more interlocutors there are, the better. You can even register on dating sites. And make sure that he caught a glimpse of your correspondence, leaving the computer turned on.

How to make a man jealous?

Many women like it when they are jealous of a young man. This adds freshness to the relationship, forcing the partner to pay attention to his lady heart.

To make a man jealous of you, just stop paying him much attention. Pay attention to other men, not hesitating to throw in their side interested views. A partner will necessarily suspect something is amiss and will begin to analyze what is wrong in your relationship.

And spend more time studying your reflection in the mirror. Carefully apply makeup, long fumbling with the hairdo and go over all the things in the wardrobe, looking for a suitable outfit. A man will notice your efforts and suspect something.

How to make her husband jealous?

In family relationships, jealousy often saves from everyday life, and feelings from extinction. So start flirting with men. Representatives of the stronger sex are inherently proprietors, so your warm attitude towards potential rivals will anger and provoke him. And in the presence of competitors, he will begin to pamper you with his attention and take care of you, as it was at the dawn of your love.

During conversations at the family table, share with your husband the story of a nice man that you like as a person. Mention how clever, successful and how much he has merits. No loving husband will remain indifferent to such a story.

Give your husband a reason to be nervous. Kindle a spark of jealousy will help a little mystery. For example, do not answer his calls, and call back later, explaining that you were busy. He will always think about what is happening to you, because this was not before. Or if he suggests you go somewhere, refuse, referring to some urgent plans.

How to make a girl jealous?

You are a great guy: loving, reliable, caring and gentle. But the beloved takes you for granted. And you do not like this attitude, but you are not going to lose it either. Although, if this continues and continues, most likely, your union will still fall apart. Perhaps, then she will come to her senses, realizes that she behaved incorrectly. And you will step back from the resentment and decide on a second attempt to build strong relationships. But why go to the gap. Make her a little jealous of you and nervous, so she realizes how dear you are to her and how she does not want to lose you. Believe me, if you do something, she will look at you with completely different eyes. After all, what is dear to us is that we are afraid to lose!

  1. Talk less and meet her. Stop her constantly calling, writing and inviting every day for a date. But one should not completely disappear from her life. Just break the habitual way of your relationship, let her get bored. This will have a positive effect on your union.
  2. During a conversation with her, say something good about another girl. For example, that you like her style, hairstyle or she pleased you with her sense of humor and intelligence. To this topic in conversation with a loved one you can return from time to time, gradually opening in that girl-dream more and more new dignities. You can even tell a partner that you have many common interests or hobbies, so you sometimes see her.
  3. Do not neglect to communicate with other girls in the presence of your other half. But do not go to flirting and flirting. Just demonstrate your interest in the representatives of the opposite sex. Be ridiculous, laugh from the heart and look at the beauties with a sparkle in your eyes.
  4. When you are in the same company, try to avoid meeting her eyes. If you came to a company where your beloved is already present, do not run to her with hugs and kisses, but meet with a normal nod, making it clear that you noticed it.
  5. Suggest help for her girlfriend or just an unfamiliar girl. Only in the latter case in the presence of his companion.
  6. Pay more attention to your hobby or work. It will not hurt to stay in service or spend a day off for your hobby, instead of devoting your free time to your beloved.
  7. Be successful and lead an active lifestyle. Such guys always attract the attention of the surrounding girls. This will not escape the attention of your second half, and it will be stronger "hold on to you", love, appreciate and cherish your relationship. Jealousy in a relationship: is it good or bad?

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