How to do on your own hair with your hair on your hair

Long hair is a unique opportunity to create interesting and fashionable hairstyles for everyday and evening outings. But if someone seems to be boring with such locks, then bangs can always help to change the image and refresh your hair. The main thing is to correctly choose its thickness, length and make the styling.

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The easiest option is to straighten the long hair and even bangs with iron. If desired, you can put on an unusual bezel and sprinkle the stove with a shiny varnish.

You can also comb the bangs back and stab it to the side with invisibility.

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Cascade owners can cascade hair tips with a hair dryer and a round comb both inside and out. In this case, the bangs should be laid on one side or tucked behind the ear.

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Effect of wet hair

To create a similar laying on damp, clean hair, apply mousse and dry them with a hair dryer. Then chaotically distribute the curls, smashing them with your fingers and moistening with mousse. Separate thin strands can be distinguished by gel. For this styling any variants of bangs are suitable, while they can be crumpled, ideally aligned or laid on one side.

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No less beautiful on long and medium hair looks a neat high beam with a smoothly laid thick bang. For this, the hair is gathered in a high tail and wound on a wide elastic band or foam rubber roller, and the bangs are pulled out with an iron.

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A small bundle, carelessly assembled on one side, can complement the three-dimensional oblique bangs.

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High tail especially on long hair always looks very advantageous. In this case, it can be combined in a long straight or oblique bangs, as well as with a spectacular fleece.

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On long hair, complemented by bangs, any styling with elements of weaving looks good. You can braid the braid around the head in the form of a rim, and the rest of the hair to wind. The bangs should be let out from under a weaving and put on one side.

You can also start the weaving directly from the bangs and finish at the back of the neck, tying all the hair into the tail.

The voluminous braid sideways as an evening styling has recently become very relevant. To do this, the hair at the roots should be combed, and the tips should be curled on a curling rod. Then braid the braid lightly pulling strands together. The hairstyle does not have to be perfect, it's fine if separate strands are knocked out of it. A bang can be combed or folded to one side if desired.

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Emo style

Fringe is a great opportunity to make an emo hairstyle. Enough, it is good to comb the hair at the roots in order to give them volume, pull the bangs and put them to one side. If desired, several strands can be painted in bright colors.

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This is a classic evening hairstyle, thanks to which you can create a discreet but spectacular image. Hair should be collected on the back of the head, twisted by a tourniquet, wrapped in a shell and fixed with hairpins and varnish. The bang can be straightened, smoothed to one side or twisted into a fancy roll.

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This is a fairly simple styling, which looks wonderful as an evening variation. Under the bandage you need to consistently gently pick up all the curls. The bang in this version can also be filled under a bandage or screwed up with a curling iron.

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With curls

Curls on long hair always look romantic. In this case, they can be of any diameter and shape. For a larger volume, you first need to make a basal haircut. Then, from the face, collect all the hair on the back of the head and fix it with lacquer. The remaining locks along the entire length of the curl. The bangs can be straightened or folded to the side if desired.

Decorative elements are suitable for rims, flowers, feathers and graceful hairpins.

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Carelessly voluminous bundle as a wedding hairstyle looks very feminine. To begin with, the hair needs to be wound to get the volume. Then collect on top of the tail and roll into a bun. If the hair is not enough volume, you can use a roller or an overlay of foam rubber. The bangs are better divided into two parts and twisted upward, thereby opening the face.

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