How to save the family budget?

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According to numerous studies, it is not enough to have a good job with serious earnings. It is necessary to be able and properly plan your family budget, as well as spend money wisely. What is the family budget and how to plan it?

Family budget - what is it?

It is common to call the family budget the whole family income, as well as a full list of items of expenses in the family. Save the family budget will be necessary for all families, because the money earned should be spent most rationally, in order to get the maximum satisfaction from the process of their spending.

In the family budget there can be one or several sources of income, a lot of different items of expenditure. In this case, even with a significant income, it is possible to use such unreasonable and illiterate means that there remains a constant sense of lack of money. Let's answer the question: how to save the family budget?

How to save the family budget?

In order to conduct a financial analysis of your own family budget, a number of very simple operations should be carried out within a few months. We list the main points in the list of these operations to save the family budget:

  • Write down the full family income in the first days of the month.
  • Every day, write down absolutely all of your expenses, while including even insignificant expenses on this list.
  • Analyzing the list, you can find out how many rash and not always necessary purchases were made during the month.

It is unnecessary waste and sometimes reduce the family budget so that it seems that money in the family is constantly in short supply. To determine such spending, it is important to plan for the family budget.

Planning of the family budget

Family budget planning is understood as housekeeping, which, based on the analysis of the received data on income and expenditure of the family, makes it possible to draw up a plan for the necessary expenditure, with the exception of all unnecessary and unplanned expenses.

What do you need to get the most beneficial and economical family budget? How to manage the family budget?

A familiar and comfortable life can be ensured with the exclusion of certain and sometimes completely unnoticed at first glance costs.

  • For example, installation of counters. Yes, it is the counters that can be the first step to the most rational expenditure of family funds. After all, when paying for utilities, the amount of water, gas that is consumed, for example, is paid in full, than in real life. Therefore, to save on the family budget, you simply need to put water and gas meters.
  • Carrying out of the comparison of the prices for the goods .And there is nothing embarrassing about this. After all, such analysis allows you to save a certain amount of money when acquiring the necessary goods, which immediately positively affects the family wallet and the budget as a whole.
  • Saving the family budget on clothing items .Of course, regular updating of the wardrobe is necessary. But here you can implement savings, and without compromising the quality of the selected product. Seasonal discounts, numerous sales and markdowns will help you buy your favorite thing at a lower price, which again will have a beneficial effect on the contents of your wallet and the state of the family budget.
  • Planning large purchases .An expensive and large purchase is usually planned in advance. If, for its acquisition, begin in advance to save a small part of its income, then it is possible to make the purchase much less tangible. But this approach will not allow you to buy with the maximum markup and not apply to the bank for a loan( which, by the way, also leads to a decrease in the family budget due to interest rates, that is, for example, buying a sofa for 5,000, and you give for a loan insum of 7.5 thousand rubles.) Agree, it's better to save on buying than to overpay for a loan in a bank)
  • The right approach to visiting food stores .To visit a grocery store, you should observe small tricks that will help you avoid unnecessary purchases and waste of money. Writing down on the leaf all the necessary products before going to the store, you can thereby save your family budget.
  1. It is not recommended to go hungry to grocery stores, because in this state each product seems desirable and even necessary, therefore leads to an inevitable waste of money and a decrease in your family budget.
  2. The purchase of products that can be stored for a long time, for example, pasta,vegetable oil, cereals should be produced in wholesale markets and bases, where there is a significant discount in the price. So you can significantly save the family budget.
  3. Drawing up the menu for the next week. This will also help determine the purchase of the products needed for a week, as well as avoid unnecessary and unnecessary expenses, that is, thereby saving the family budget.
Knowing the listed rules, telling how to plan and how to save the family budget, you can be able to significantly reduce your expenses, while providing your family with all the most necessary and necessary.

Replenishment of the family budget. What to choose - a family or a career?

Important issues in family relations include the issue of choosing between a career and a family. Of course, the best solution would be the ability to combine these two points. However, in practice it turns out that very often you have to choose what to do more.

Which family member wants someone to be at work all the time? It is unlikely that such will be found, but the family budget is always replenished at the expense of the earned money. Therefore, as an answer to this question, you can advise starting to run a family budget, which will help you learn how to spend your money most efficiently. Which in turn leads to their savings and the possibility of spending time not in the workplace, but with their family.

Replenishment of the family budget. How to attract money to the family?

Money loves the account and the movement of .These two ancient rules work, because it is in the implementation of spending earned money, there is a need for them. And this, in turn, leads to the emergence of more and more money in the family. Conclusion: Provide more movement of money to replenish your family budget:

  • Invest into your business, because no one will pay you more than you do! Think about what you can do best, hire people and teach them to do the same as you do. Managing people can receive huge benefits. By developing your business, you will be able to replenish your family budget.
  • Invest shares. Ownership of shares gives a person confidence in the future - this is an opportunity for high profits. If you are scared by the attendant risks( and they are in any type of transactions, even with deposits to the bank), then you can both please and upset both. It is almost impossible to completely ruin the shares. Of course, it is possible to lose some of the funds, but if you competently manage your knowledge about buying and selling shares, then you will receive in the vast majority of cases only profit. By investing in stocks, you replenish your family budget!
  • Put in gold .Gold is considered an investment-a "refuge", an investment that, when done in the right form, can not be completely depreciated even in the event of economic and political disasters of any scale. By investing in gold, you replenish your family budget!
  • Invest in real estate .Variants: 1) Buy an apartment and rent it .Firstly - provide the living space of yourself and your children. In the second you will receive money for the delivery of real estate. Renting an apartment you are replenishing your family budget!
    2) Buy a room and rent it .In the capital, such a purchase will cost about 50 thousand dollars. With average rental prices, this money will return to you in 5-10 years, that is, the income will be 10-20% per annum. This is much higher than the yield from the delivery of the whole apartment( about 5% per year).Renting a room you replenish your family budget!
    3) Buy the land .There is a chance that in the near future land plots around cities will rise significantly in price( by 15-20%) because of the expansion of cities and the development of cottage construction. Yes, and spend money on the maintenance of the land - to maintain in proper condition, like an apartment, repair and pay for housing services - do not.
Money likes silence .Not once it is noticed that as soon as you start about money to blab, to show off - they immediately begin to disappear. For example, you tell a relative or friend about your successes in monetary terms and they immediately start to think: "Aha, he has( it) a lot of money, so if that - I can ask him / her to borrow money and I do notthey will refuse! "The most insulting thing is that most often, relatives or friends after taking money try to forget about their debts as soon as possible and you remain in your interests. Therefore, your success in the money terms should be kept with you. Well, and, of course - not to give money once again in debt , to say that there is no money - this will save your family budget.

To the category of superstition, some include growing on the windowsill of a plant such as the "money tree" .Beautiful fleshy leaves of saturated color symbolize the family's well-being, and placing this plant in a certain zone, which the Feng Shui science will easily determine, will even more often repeat the ability of the "money tree" to attract funds to the family.

Respect for money .Yes, it is respect, which is expressed in order in your wallet, the absence of crumpled and torn bills in it, a reverent attitude to the smallest denomination coin.

Of course, everyone decides for themselves how to plan their family budget. However, if the above simple rules are observed, you can find that the family's condition has improved significantly, with money happening to your home more happily and staying there for a long time.

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