35 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

For 35 years of marriage, the couple learned how profound and sincere their love is. The couple managed to keep warm feelings for each other. Important is the question of which exactly this anniversary? What congratulations to prepare for the wedding and what to give them to the celebration?

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

What is the wedding called

It is customary to call thirty-five years from the wedding day a Polotnyana or Coral wedding.

The canvas has always symbolized strength, reliability, while the coral serves as a symbol of the family, home comfort and tranquility.

It is known that the coral is formed for many years, a twig behind the branch, resulting in the formation of entire islands of reefs. So the marriage is formed day after day, with each solved problem, with a new joint victory and a pleasant event. As a result, a whole family island is formed - unique, original and strong, like a coral reef.

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How to celebrate

There are many different traditions celebrating the 35th anniversary of a joint life.

Some of the rituals can be borrowed for your holiday. For example, these:

  1. The night before the coral wedding, the couple must spend in different homes, taking with them the most expensive thing for the heart, which is directly related to the second half.
  2. At sunrise, the couple go to the nearest water body and say words of gratitude to each other. After that, the husband and wife discover the secrets hidden to this minute, perhaps even unsaid insults. Having cleansed, as a sign of reconciliation, lovers drink red wine from one bowl.
  3. After the ritual of "cleansing", the husband and wife throw a red silk handkerchief on the water. This ritual helps to take out of the family all the turmoil.

Features of the celebration of the Coral Wedding:

  1. Only relatives and close friends are invited to the 35th anniversary.
  2. Regardless of the place of the celebration, the banquet hall should be decorated exclusively in red color scheme using bright decor objects.
  3. On the chest, all guests should have a flower and a red ribbon.
  4. In the outfits of spouses must be present red elements. For example, a husband may have a red flower, and his wife has a purple or other red shade.
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Gift for the wife

A gift for 35 years of the wedding for the wife must be symbolic. The ideal choice as a gift can be:

  • coral set;
  • coral beads;
  • goldfish in the aquarium;
  • coral bracelet;
  • ring with coral;
  • earrings with coral;
  • trip to Egypt.

Gift can be presented during a romantic dinner, add to it warm words of wishes and a large bouquet of flowers of red or red and pink shades.

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What to give to the husband

During the choice of a gift, it is worth remembering the symbol of the Coral Wedding, and also about the hobbies of the spouse.

Ideal gift can be:

  • coral cigarette case;Cufflinks with coral inserts;
  • lighter with coral inlay;
  • pocket watch with engraving;
  • antiques;
  • handle with precious inlay;
  • coral-colored sweater;
  • smoking pipe;
  • ashtray;
  • name tag.

On this day it is important to show your beloved husband how much you love it. A good addition to the gift will be:

  • photo collage;
  • handmade card;
  • picture;
  • baking;
  • poem.

Congratulations from the guests for 35 years of wedding should be not only pleasant, but also symbolic. The ideal gift will be:

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  • linen tablecloth;
  • coral-colored vase;
  • coral mascot or amulet;
  • antiques;
  • tableware;
  • photo frame;
  • bed linen set.
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Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding beautiful poems, addressed to the spouses. For example, such:

Thirty-five royal corals
In a family necklace you skillfully weaved.
And although in the life of your tests there are a lot of
Together you managed to pass them with dignity!
This festive day
We send you congratulations to
And we wish fate
Without worries and worries.
I wish you happiness, dear ones!
Love and attention,
Let sparkle of luck
Family of the sky!
We congratulate you with a glorious jubilee!
Today your pair 35!
In the coral wedding, we wish,
To the youth you plunge again!
Hearts, let all the same passionately beat,
Full let him filled with happiness home!
Let love and tenderness in it converge!
Good luck, laughter and fun will be full of it!
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