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The wild hairstyle Bob gained after the appearances on stage of short-haired women of fashion Coco Chanel and dancers Irene Castle. And its history began in 1910, when in Paris, Antoine de Paris, for the first time, cut a girl like this. A young and ambitious hairdresser was inspired by the image of Joan of Arc - the savior of the whole French people.

Unusual haircut was to the taste of the fashionista Coco. After the end of World War II, she began to wear this, and from this moment the fashion for this unusual haircut began to emerge. At first, a short and spectacular bean was considered unacceptable for girls, persecution by society continued until the middle of the twentieth century.

Pros and cons of a hairstyle

A short haircut has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the pros:

  1. The short hairstyle is practical, it is suitable for most types of hair and facial features.
  2. Quickly adapts and does not require a lot of resources for this process.
  3. It's easy to take care of.
  4. She gives the girl more sexuality and romance.
  5. Has many modifications: there are hairstyles with bangs and without, with disheveled hair, asymmetry, etc.
  6. Has a large field for experiments.

Among the shortcomings should be highlighted the need for permanent laying. Not every girl has time and money to go to the beauty salon. At home, such a hairstyle needs to learn how to maintain in proper shape. In addition, the hairdo's bob has other disadvantages:

  • Every two to three weeks you need to go to the hairdresser and cut off the overgrown tips.
  • After each washing, the hair needs a special styling.
  • The hairstyle( ruffled bean) is not always suitable for solemn events.
  • This haircut is too popular, so it is quite difficult to stand out.

Modern types of haircut bob

At the beginning of the XXI century the number of modifications and varieties of haircuts reached its apogee. Women are happy to wear a bean-car, as well as a long, medium and short bean, with and without bangs.

A large number of modifications and frenzied popularity are easily explained by the versatility of the haircut, it perfectly suits for different types of appearance and length of hair. It looks good on straight, curly and wavy strands.

Today's fashion took a step towards symmetrical haircuts with smooth cuts, with an emphasis on the contours of the lobes due to the length of the haircuts. Such a hairstyle looks great on women with any facial features, symmetrical forms perfectly emphasize oval or elongated faces. Such a haircut will be an excellent addition to the elegant image of a woman with the right features.


This version of the hairstyle has a similarity to the classic - short hair and straight lines. However, there are differences. Bob-kara is a short haircut at the back, which slowly goes into a long version in front, has a bang. The lateral section runs parallel to the line of the chin.

This style is great for fashionistas who do not have time to follow the latest trends, but they always want to stay in the spotlight. The process of creating a bob-kara hairstyle does not require much time and effort from the hairdresser, since it is not complicated by special styling.

Long and medium bob

A long bean is not much different from a simple square. He looks great on girls with long and straight hair. This hairstyle is done in two ways:

  • Hair is trimmed from the front less than from behind.
  • Strands are cut with a "cascade".This is considered a more versatile option, which is suitable for different styles of clothing.

An elongated bean smooths out sharp facial features and lengthens the neck. Great for women with thin hair.

The long bean adds strings and volume to strands. You can also experiment - wind the tips of your hair.

The average version of a bean is a universal variant which harmoniously looks with different facial features and all types of hair. It will adorn women with regular, oval or unusual facial shapes. This type of haircut is well combined with curly light strands.

Medium bean is a haircut to the shoulders with side strands that emphasize the face oval. The universality and practicality of this image almost knows no bounds. You can focus on the zone of the vertex, occiput or the chin area. Each of the modifications is great for a certain type of hair or face shape. The extended faces are in good harmony with the lush side strands. Oval well combined with volume in the crown area.

The bob hair on medium hair differs a great variety in the design of the nape. A stylish and refined haircut is considered to be a bean on the leg, which creates a smooth line going from the back of the neck to the chin with a gradual elongation.

Very bulky and unusual looks bulky bean on ringlets of medium length. It is ideal for owners of thin and elongated features. Stylists have repeatedly noted that the subtle features and volume on the head in combination give a very attractive and feminine image. The volume is created using a cascade, thinning and grading at the tips of the curls.

Disheveled bean on short hair

Trends in fashion and design are changing very quickly. Just recently a new type of hairdo appeared - a disheveled bean, which in just a few months became a hit of the season. This type of haircut designers designed specifically for short curls, but it is suitable for owners of medium length hair.

In the image of disheveled hair, there is no asymmetry, which, by the way, is very demanding on the features of the face and the length of the curls. Disheveled bobs are often made to actresses, who are shooting in the movies. As for everyday use, this hairstyle is ideal for active recreation, visiting night clubs and walking with friends.

Which bean is better to choose: with a bang or without?

There is no clear answer to this question, because everything depends on the features of the girl's appearance. Your image should be chosen very carefully, taking into account all the features. If you do not know how to choose your version, you can ask for help from a hairdresser or a stylist.

In the fashion world, popularity began to gain long arc-shaped bangs with thin strands. They differ in their ease. Such bangs perfectly cope with the masking of angular cheekbones or full cheeks. With their help visually create a smooth oval with sharp features of the face.

  • The bang also needs thick hair, this hairstyle element looks great on a long or medium bean.
  • As for the owners of thin and light hair, it is better for them to give up too long a bang, because it will negatively affect their image and style.
  • From a bang can refuse girls with an oval face shape. They are suitable long side strands, which will add mystery and romanticism to the image. Lateral strands will help create a unique image, asymmetric notes, which are perfectly combined with an oval face and a straight chin.

Self-styled hairdressing bob

You can make a unique hairstyle yourself at home, for this you need to do the following:

  1. Wash or wet your hair. Wet curls are combed back.
  2. Allow the locks to dry. It is not recommended to use a hair dryer, it is better to dry it with a towel.
  3. Then it is necessary to apply mousse to give the necessary amount of hair.
    It is worth noting that it is better to apply mousse to the roots of the hair, so the volume effect will be several times better.
  4. After applying the mousse, it is necessary to make a styling, the type of which you can determine yourself. You will need hairpins with which to fix the bulk of the curls on the crown. Next, you need to separate one by one small ringlets perpendicular to the head. They can be leveled with a curling rod or screwed on curlers. If you have too long strands, they can be "shortened" with a round-shaped comb by forming a fleece.
  5. The finished hairstyle is fixed with a varnish.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the packing. Create an unusual image can be in the home without any problems. It is not necessary to have the experience of a hairdresser or to have a stylist education, the main thing is to practice and know exactly what you want to see in the end.

Stars of show business and bean

This haircut is very popular among actresses and singers of Hollywood. Such a demand for a hairstyle is explained not only by its versatility, but also by the ability to emphasize the dignity of any facial features.

With the help of long and medium-sized haircuts, stylists create truly unique images of Hollywood actresses and singers: Keri Hilson, Emily Browning, Meg Ryan, Gina Karano, Jane Fonda and many others.

The hairstyle of a bob is a haircut with a history of more than 100 years. It appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century and acquired, I might say, a new life in the 21st century. At the moment, there are several varieties of this hairstyle, among which a long and short bean, ruffled, Bob-kara, variants with a bang and without is especially prominent.

This hairstyle is practical, suitable for different facial features and hair types. Her immense popularity is shown by pictures of famous actresses who have been wearing this haircut for years.

Haircut and styling of Bob-kare( video)


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