Beautiful festive hairstyles for medium hair that you can make by yourself

On any holiday, every woman wants to look beautiful. Therefore, when preparing to pay special attention to choosing a hairstyle that emphasizes the dignity and will be harmoniously combined with the image. For owners of medium hair length, the choice of holiday hairstyles is more than sufficient. Just need to choose the right option.

  • Curls on the side
  • Hair style with
  • Hair styles with colors
  • Scythes
  • Tail
  • Seashell

Curls on the side

There are several simple ways to create a styling with curls. For light waves, a variant with a hair dryer and a comb is suitable.

In order to get the air turned it must be dried, lifting wet hair at the roots. Then divide the hair on the strands and, using a round brush of small diameter, twist them with curls in the desired direction. Spread the entire volume of hair on one half of the head, straighten and fix them with invisible, hairpins and varnish.

For the creation of larger and clear curls, you can use medium and large diameter forceps.

Apply a thermal protection agent to the hair and start curling the curls. To make the hair look natural, it is better to make strands about 5 centimeters wide. After waving, collect hair on one side of the head and be sure to apply a fixative to them so that the hair will hold the shape for a long time.

If there is enough time to create springy curls, you can wind hair on ordinary thermal hair or Velcro for large diameter.

It's quite easy to make a luxurious tail on one side.

Wavy curls to collect in the tail. After twisting it at the base, form a tourniquet on the back of the head, and put the ends on one shoulder. Harness fasten a beautiful barrette or invisible.

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Styling with curls

This option involves the creation of small curls, and their size directly depends on the tools used. Medium-size curls can be created using a cone curler. Then for a wave it is better to choose thin locks.

First you need to divide the hair on the parts and apply the styling agent. Next, wind curls with a curling flat on one side directing them to the face, on the other - from the face. For each ear, select a small strand of hair and weave into braids.

Each spit is thrown over the head in the form of a rim and fixed with invisible on the other side. Ready hair to sprinkle with varnish.

You can use hair curlers to create small curls. Wet hair with hair curlers and dry with a hair dryer. Finished curls can be left loose or collected in a hairdo, and a bang pull.

To create an evening styling with curls, you need to comb hair and roots and collect a small tail on the back of the head. Over the base of the tail with the help of pins fix the foam rubber roller and carefully hide it under the hair.

Rest the curls on the curling robe, disassemble them and lock them all along the perimeter of the hairstyle. At the end, wear a diadem with stones.

Learn how to braid a beautiful hairstyle with ribbons
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Hairstyles with flowers

Flowers are a universal accessory that is relevant for any celebration. The most simple hairstyle variants are shown on the photo:

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To make a festive hairstyle on medium hair with flowers, you should wind hair on a large curl, and align the bangs. Then divide the whole head of hair horizontally, passing the line from ear to ear, and collect the upper half in the tail or a bundle at the back of the head. The base of the beam is decorated with flowers. The lower part of the hair should be carefully laid on the shoulders and fixed with a varnish.

Flowers will be an excellent addition to the Greek hairstyle and for an elegant side curvature volume formed on the basis of curly hair.

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An excellent festive version will be a hairstyle of three braids collected in a bun.

Hair needs to be divided into three equal parts and fastened with rubber bands on one level. Then braid not tight braids and collect them sequentially in a bundle on the nape of a well-fixed studs. Sprinkle your hair with lacquer and decorate with flowers.

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There are many varieties of festive hairstyles with a tail. To create a beautiful and original holiday hairstyle based on the tail, it's enough to have a fantasy and a few minutes of free time.

It is necessary to comb all the hair back and collect it on the back of the neck. From the tail twist the tourniquet and thread it into the hole above the elastic band. Gum up a bit and hide it with a bright ribbon.

A variation of this laying is the "Waterfall from the inverted tails".

To perform the hairstyle you need to tie 3 tails at the back of the head, placing them on a vertical line. The top tail is simply to be turned out, and the second and third are to be twisted, picking up loose lower strands in them.

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The shell looks fine on straight and wavy hair. The owner of such a hairstyle at any celebration will look elegant and incredibly stylish.

First you need to collect hair on the back of the head. The resulting tail, not pulling the elastic band, is twisted into a tourniquet. Create a shell from it, and hide the tips inside. Lock hair with hairpins. A fine comb comb hair strands and sprinkle with varnish.

A classic French beam will not seem ordinary if you add it with a flower or a hair clip. Evening version of this hairstyle can be decorated with corrugated strands and hairpins with rhinestones.

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