What to do if hair falls after giving birth

  • Causes of hair loss
  • What to do if hair loss starts
  • Hair washing and drying rules
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During pregnancy, many women become unusually dense and shiny. This effect persists for the first months after the birth of the baby. And then often a very unpleasant metamorphosis happens: an intensive loss of curls begins. Why hair loss occurs after delivery and how to stop this process, we'll cover in this publication.

Causes of hair loss

  1. Decreased estrogen production. During pregnancy, the woman's level changes hormones, including estrogen, which is responsible for the hair. If at another time a woman every day lost about 100 hair every day, then while waiting for the baby, this amount was several times less. When the woman's hormonal background comes back to normal after the birth, the curls begin to renew intensively. As a result, there are up to 500 hairs per day on the comb or cushion. This process is natural. And usually with time( within six months after childbirth), strong fallout stops.
  2. Lack of sleep and stress. The first year after the birth of the child is very difficult for women. Especially for those who are engaged in the upbringing of the baby, for the most part, without outside help. Early recovery, sleepless nights, constant anxiety and almost complete lack of personal time adversely affect health in general, including the condition of ringlets.
  3. Lack of proper nutrition. During the care of an infant, a woman spends almost all her time and energy on him. In addition, she has to do homework. As a result, it is not possible to eat regularly and fully. Usually a young mother is forced to dispense snacks that almost do not contain the necessary nutrients for health.
    In addition, with too little food, the body has to expend its own reserves, which affects the state of the strands. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals. During lactation, most of the vitamins entering the body are given to the child along with the milk. Naturally, the shortage of useful substances leads to a malfunction of the normal functioning of all systems, and, above all, the hair loss.
  4. Circulatory disturbance. During pregnancy, expectant mothers are often concerned about vascular problems. One of them - a violation of blood circulation. Since insufficient amounts of blood are supplied to the follicles, they gradually become weaker. As a consequence, intense hair loss begins.
  5. Anesthesia. It is known that after any operation that is performed under anesthesia, in most cases a person loses a part of the strands. Mothers, whose babies were born with caesarean section, are also prone to alopecia.
  6. Anemia. During pregnancy, many women have lower hemoglobin levels, which is due to a lack of iron in the body. Often the problem is aggravated by a large loss of blood during labor and a lack of iron during lactation.
  7. Failures in the endocrine system. Changing the hormonal background during pregnancy and the lack of micro- and macroelements can lead to metabolic disorders. In this case, the hair can continue to fall for more than a year.
  8. What to do if the hair loss begins

    At the first signs of alopecia, immediate action should be taken:

    • Include in your diet products that contain substances such as iodine, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium. They will help to quickly normalize the hormonal background and normalize the metabolism.
    • If the hair is long, then you have to make a short haircut. This will reduce the load on the follicles, and strands will receive more nutrients.
    • It is correct to wash and dry your head.
    • Do not use dyeing and curling, and also refuse tight knots and tails.
    • Regularly massage the scalp. This procedure will increase the blood flow, which is necessary for better nutrition of the follicles.
    Drink one of the supplements containing vitamins and minerals that are responsible for the health of the hair.
    • Use medicines and cosmetics that help restore curls.

    Rules for washing and drying hair

    To combat alopecia, you should simultaneously apply a variety of ways to restore ringlets in the complex. First of all - to start to observe some simple rules during the basic care of hair:

    • To wash a head it is necessary only water which was settled 2-3 hours. Water from the tap for this procedure is not recommended.
    • To reduce stiffness, add a tablespoon of vinegar to the bucket before use.
    • Water should not be too hot or, conversely, cold. The optimum temperature is 35 degrees.
    • Do not use cosmetics containing sulfates that destroy the hair structure and dry epidermal cells. It is best to shampoo the shampoo of such manufacturers as "Natura Siberica", "Aubrey Organics", "Recipes grandmother Agafia", "Logona".

    If you can not buy these products, you can use chicken eggs instead of shampoo:

    1. Depending on the length of the ringlets, it is necessary to beat up to 1 to 3 eggs to a foam condition and apply a wet hair to the resulting mass.
    2. Put a plastic bag over your head and go with it for 20 minutes.
    3. After that, it will remain to be thoroughly rinsed with warm water.
    • Do not rub your hair with a towel too much. It is better to wrap their head and wait until the excess moisture is absorbed.
    • Wet hair should not be combed or dried with a hair dryer. When the hair is dry, it should be combed with a wooden brush. Brushes with metal teeth damage the roots and injure the skin.

    Massage for hair growth( video and tips)

    Blood circulation plays an important role for normal hair growth. To enhance it, you should daily do scalp massage.

    It will take no more than 10 minutes, but in a week it will be possible to observe its positive effect.

    1. It is necessary to sit down or stand so that it is convenient to lower your head on the chest. The neck during the massage should be open.
    2. First make a few stroking movements of the head on the sides, in the forehead, and then the occiput.
    3. For 10 seconds, press the palms on the head in different places.
    4. These same movements to do with pads of fingers, and then with phalanxes, having compressed fists. The greatest pressure should be carried out on the forehead and occiput.
    5. Massage your skin with your fingers first in circular motions, then straight and spirally, starting from the vertex.
    6. Go back to stroking.
    7. With circular motions, massage the skin in the area of ​​the temples.
    8. Again, rub the entire head.
    9. Touching fingers, lightly "pokolotit" head pads.
    10. Finish the massage by soothing stroking.

    Medical products for hair loss for external use

    Currently, there are a number of means for alopecia that you can buy in the pharmacy chain. Let us dwell in more detail on the most popular of them.

    1. Dimexide is one of the most inexpensive and effective drugs. It makes the skin of the epithelium more loose, as a result of which the process of entering nutrients into the cells is facilitated. The follicles become stronger, and the hair ceases to fall out. It should be remembered that in its pure form the product can cause a burn of the scalp. For this reason, Dimexide is used only as a component of a therapeutic mask. At the same time, its share in the mixture should not be more than 10%.Contraindications to use are pregnancy and lactation, as it enters the bloodstream. In addition, Dimexide usually causes severe burning even in a dilute form, so it does not suit people with very sensitive skin. For the mask of alopecia, the following components will be needed:
      • dimexide in solution;
      • burdock oil;
      • castor oil;
      • vitamin B6 in ampoules;
      • oil solution of vitamins E and A.

      The amount of all components of the mixture should be related to the drug in a proportion of 3 to 1. Ingredients are combined and immediately after preparation, apply the mask to the roots. Dimexide mixes poorly and has the property of peeling off other elements. Therefore, during the application, the mask needs to be mixed several times. Put a cellophane bag on your head, and on top - a warm scarf.

      Ideally, keep the mask for an hour. If the burning is unbearable, then it must be removed from the head before with a shampoo and a lot of water.
      It is best to accustom the roots to the drug gradually. You can start with a quarter of an hour, each time increasing the time by 5-10 minutes. Apply the mixture on the head 1-2 times a week.
    2. Regein, or 2% Minoxidil, is a drug designed specifically to combat hair loss in women. Has vasodilator effect. Due to this, blood flow increases, roots are strengthened and dormant follicles awaken. The fallout is noticeably shortened already 14 days after the beginning of the application of the drug. After 3 months, new hair begins to grow. Powder can be used both in pure form, and in the composition of various hair care products. The only drawback of this drug is a high price.
    3. Rinfolt is a medicinal herb remedy that strengthens curls and stops their loss. The drug is available in the form of a shampoo, lotion or ampoules. The choice of shape depends on the degree of intensity of hair loss after childbirth.
      • Shampoo is used for three months to prevent alopecia.
      • Lotion is indicated if the hair is thinning is not too active. It should be applied within a month and a half.
      • Ampoules are assigned when the fallout reaches a critical limit. The solution is applied to clean hair and rubbed into the roots for 3 minutes. Rinse off with large quantities of water without the use of cosmetic detergents.

      If alopecia is very severe, all three forms of hair loss remedy are recommended to be applied simultaneously.

      Pregnant women and nursing mothers should be refrained from using the drug.
    4. Esvicin is a medicine that stimulates the growth of curls and prevents them from shattering. Use this solution is recommended in three ways at a time:
      • Orally 2-3 times a week on a thin stomach.
      • 3 times a week rub into the roots without subsequent rinsing.
      • Mix with shampoo in a ratio of 1 to 4 for washing your head.

    Vitamins for external and oral use

    To prevent hair loss, it is necessary to replenish the body of vitamins. Of course, some of them can be obtained with food. But this measure is not always enough. Especially when you consider that a woman with a small child does not always have the opportunity to eat fully.

    Vitamin complexes, specially developed for reception during pregnancy and breast-feeding, will come to the rescue. In addition, you can take a course of restoring curls, using vitamins in ampoules. Let us dwell in more detail on each of these types of drugs.

    1. For ingestion, for example, the following vitamins are suitable:
      • Elevit Prenatan;
      • Bio-Max;
      • Multi-Tabs Perinatal;
      • Vitrum Prenatal;
      • Supradin.
      These funds are usually spent on courses. The duration of each is about 30 days. Then you should make a three-month break.
      If you take vitamins for a long time without interruption, you may experience a disease such as hypervitaminosis.
    2. For external use, you can purchase water or oil solutions of individual vitamins, which have a beneficial effect on the follicles and help restore the health of the curls. Let's name the main of them:
      • vitamin A( retinol) promotes awakening of sleeping hair follicles;
      • vitamin B5( pantothenic acid) nourishes the follicles and strengthens the hair along the entire length;
      • vitamins B6 and B3( pyridoxine and nicotinic acid) stimulate metabolic processes occurring at the cellular level.
      • vitamin B2( riboflavin) regenerates the scalp cells and heals damaged roots.
      • vitamin E( tocopherol) promotes the formation of a protective coating on the surface of the hair.
      • vitamin B7( biotin) takes part in the formation of collagen, strengthening curls and protecting them from negative external influences.
      • vitamin B12( cyanocobalamin) promotes the saturation of the roots with oxygen.

    You can apply vitamins in ampoules, either separately or as part of hair styling products for home use. In this case, the second variant is more preferable, since the concentrate in pure form can cause an allergic reaction. Like complexes for ingestion, vitamins in ampoules and masks with them should be used by courses.

    As an example - the prescription of the vitamin mask

    It effectively fights the problem of loss of curls.

    For a mask, you will need:

    • vitamins A, B12, B1 and E( 1 ampoule each);
    • honey( 3 tablespoons);
    • freshly squeezed lemon juice( 2 tablespoons);
    • broth chamomile( 3 tablespoons).

    Honey melt. Mix it with juice, vitamins and herbal decoction. Apply to hair and roots. Cover the head with cellophane and scarf. Keep the mask for 20 to 40 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of warm water.

    Home remedies

    To stop the loss of curls, you can use your own preparations. First of all, these are masks and tinctures, which are divided into 2 types: irritating and nutritious.

    • The irritants are designed to increase the flow of blood to the head to ensure the delivery of nutrients to the follicles. Preparing these products from products containing substances that cause burning, namely: garlic, pepper, mustard and onions. As an example, consider the following recipe:
      • juice of 1 onion;
      • 1 tbsp.spoon of lemon juice.

      Combine both fluids and, wiping the mixture in the roots, hold it on the head for an hour.

      In order to soften the unpleasant odor after applying the product, you can rinse your head with water and apple cider vinegar.

    • Nutritious saturates roots and hair with useful substances. For their preparation, they often use sour-milk products, honey, eggs and vegetable oils. A positive effect brings, for example, a mask, which includes:
      • fresh chicken egg;
      • 1 teaspoon of natural cocoa;
      • 100 ml of kefir or curdled milk.

      Mix the beaten egg with a fermented milk product. Then mix in a lot of cocoa. Portions lubricate hair. Next apply only after drying the previous one. When the whole mixture is on your head, tie a plastic bag and scarf for 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice a week for three months.

    Thus, when hair loss, do not let go of your hand. It is necessary to apply a set of tools to combat this unpleasant phenomenon, and a positive result will not take long. Related Videos:

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