Chocolate: good and bad for the body. Composition and application of chocolate and its calorie content

Chocolate is a storehouse of nutrients. But, this product must be properly eaten. The abuse of chocolate leads to excess weight and other problems.

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Chocolate is not only delicious, but also a healthy product. But, like other products, its benefits can be felt if you do not abuse it. After all, this product has a high calorie content. But, with the regular use of a small amount of chocolate with its benefits, even such opponents of all "delicious" as dieticians agree.

The benefits of chocolate depend on its kind. The most popular types of chocolate are:
• Bitter
• Dairy
• White

Composition of chocolate

The main ingredients of chocolate are cocoa liquor, butter, cocoa and sugar. The more the percentage of cocoa in chocolate, and thus the less sugar in it, the more useful it is. The highest quantity of cocoa in bitter chocolate. In milk chocolate, more sugar, and in white, the percentage of cocoa is minimal. That's why, it's going to be bitter chocolate.

Cocoa beans were used to stimulate physical and mental activity by the Olmec Indians.

And, they used them raw or cooked from cocoa beans toning drink. After the colonization of Mexico by Spanish conquistadors, cocoa beans came to Europe, where they made up chocolate.

The use of chocolate for the body

The use of chocolate is determined by the constituent cocoa beans. Namely, the catechins that are in them. Catechins are antioxidants that provide reliable protection of body cells against free radicals.

Also in the composition of chocolate( inherited from cocoa beans) are flavonoids. These substances have antibacterial effect, help improve the structure of capillaries and reduce blood clotting.

Flavonoids from cocoa beans are used to make various drugs used to treat thrombosis.

Thanks to the ability to dilute blood, as well as the presence of caffeine and glucose, chocolate is able to activate the brain. A couple of "squares" of chocolate can be used as a stimulator of brain activity before the exam, an important interview and a public performance.

IMPORTANT: A study at the University of California proved that the flavonoids that make up chocolate can reduce the damage to blood vessels from such a bad habit as smoking.

The vitamin composition of chocolate is also rich. Most of this product contains:
• Vitamin PP( 10.5% of the daily norm of 100 g of product);
• Vitamin E( 5.3% of the daily allowance in 100 g of the product);
• Vitamin B2( 3.9% of the daily allowance in 100 g of the product);
• Vitamin B1( 2% of the food norm per 100 g of product).
Micronutrients and macronutrients included in chocolate:
• Dietary fiber( 37% of wastage per 100 g of product);
• Magnesium( 33.3% of the feed rate per 100 g of product);
• Iron( 31.1% of the food norm per 100 g of product);
• Phosphorus( 21.3% of the feed rate per 100 g of product);
• Potassium( 14.5% of the sink rate per 100 g of product);
• Calcium( 4.5% of the feed rate per 100 g of product).

The composition of chocolate is extremely rich in useful substances. But, you need to remember about the content of sugar in this product. It not only affects negatively the excess weight, but also can worsen the enamel of the teeth. True, according to Canadian dentists, bitter chocolate can strengthen the gums and teeth. Included in the composition of this product, useful substances neutralize the effect of sugar. But, better after eating chocolate, brush your teeth with a sugar-free chewing gum.

IMPORTANT: Not so long ago, the myth was destroyed that frequent consumption of chocolate can lead to addiction. In this product, no substances that cause such a reaction of the body were found. It's more about personal affection for this delicious treat. But, from the excessive use of chocolate it is better to refuse. Do they grow fat on chocolate?

Chocolate is a very high-calorie product. The thing is that, like in any sweet product, chocolate has a lot of sugar. Especially from this "suffers" milk chocolate. In bitter chocolate, the share of sugar is much lower. But, even such a product is not worth pursuing.

IMPORTANT: To reduce weight, it is strictly forbidden to eat chocolate after 12:00 pm.

Caloric content of chocolate

Calories in chocolate

If the goal is just tracking your figure, then sweets can not be consumed immediately before going to bed. In other cases, 3-4 squares of dark chocolate per day only benefit! There is even a diet for losing weight with chocolate.

Chocolate: benefits for men and women

The use of chocolate for sexual activity of men is not proven. Although in some pseudoscientific publications one can meet such a myth that chocolate is a natural "Viagra" for men. It is more a myth than a truth. Although already now attempts are being made to market chocolate bars rich in with phenyl ethylamine .This substance is produced in the body during sexual caresses.

The use of chocolate for men is different. The most common modern diseases of the stronger sex are cardiovascular diseases. But with this chocolate can help just. Therefore, its benefit to the male body is obvious.

As for women, the use of dark chocolate for beautiful creatures has long been proven. Thanks to the ability of this product to increase stress resistance for girls and women, it is recommended to use it for food to prevent PMS.

IMPORTANT: Chocolate, along with raspberries, strawberries and champagne is considered an aphrodisiac for women. In the journal Sexual Medicine were published dokozakatelstva dependence of the use of chocolate and female sexual activity.

Chocolate and hormones of joy

Everyone knows that chocolate can help the body to produce endorphins. That is, the hormone responsible for pleasure. The more endorphin is produced, the happier the person feels. But that's not all. The thing is, the chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine. These natural psychostimulants will help increase efficiency, mood and brain activity.

Chocolate in cosmetology

Chocolate is widely used in cosmetology. This became possible after the researchers discovered the amazing properties of cocoa butter. Today, based on chocolate, shampoos, various scrubs, masks for the hair and face are made.

Cocoa butter, due to the antioxidants contained in this substance, neutralizes free radicals. This property of cocoa butter can be used to improve the composition of the skin and hair. Today, chocolate massages and wraps based on this product are very popular. Many cosmetic procedures using cocoa butter or chocolate can be done at home.

Face masks based on chocolate

Face masks are made from chocolate powder with the addition of other ingredients useful to the skin. Such ingredients can be fruits, algae, clay and other substances.

For normal skin. The apple should be grated on a fine grater and add one tablespoon of the obtained mass to the chocolate, previously dissolved in a water bath.

For oily skin. In cocoa powder, add 1 tablespoon oat flakes and dilute the resulting mass with kefir.

For dry skin. In the chocolate dissolved in a water bath it is necessary to add yolk and a tablespoon of sour cream.

To make facial masks use 50-60 grams of chocolate. The face must first be treated with a scrub. Apply the mask neatly, without affecting the area of ​​the eyes and mouth. Keep this mask on your face for at least 25 minutes.

Wraps on the basis of chocolate

Before wrapping on the basis of chocolate, you need to thoroughly clean the body. For this purpose, you can use your own self-made coffee scrub. For this, take medium-grind coffee and add to the shower gel. After processing the skin with such a means, it becomes available for wrapping.

The simplest recipe for chocolate wrapping is a mixture of a water tile dissolved in a water bath and a tablespoon of olive oil. When applying such a mixture, you need to make sure that it is comfortable for the body temperature. After such a procedure it is necessary to cover the place of applying chocolate mass with a film and take cover with a warm blanket.

IMPORTANT: Chocolate wraps for cellulite manifestations should be used at least twice a week. Use such wraps can and for the prevention of this problem 2-3 times a month.

Use of chocolate wraps:
• Improves skin elasticity;
• metabolic processes in the skin are accelerated;
• Reduced fat deposits;
• slag and toxins are removed from the skin;
• vitamin and mineralization of the skin occurs;
• the number of blackheads and pigmented spots decreases.

Chocolate: Benefit or Harm

It can be unequivocally stated that chocolate is a very useful product. But, with its excessive use, the opposite effect can occur. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the amount of this sweet product in the diet. In order to get from chocolate all the benefits, which is written in this article, you need to choose a product in which there is little sugar and a lot of cocoa.

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