What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from St. Petersburg

Travel to St. Petersburg is always a rich cultural program with a tour of historical monuments, visits to museum exhibitions and interesting cultural events. Impressions of such a trip are always difficult to express in words, but you can save them in the form of a memorable souvenir. Of Peter, you must take with him a particle of his amazing atmosphere.

  • Alcohol locally produced
  • Vyritsky tapestries
  • Smelt
  • Neva cosmetics
  • Coins
  • Postcards
  • locally produced sweets
  • Porcelain
  • Football attributes
  • Art Colors "Neva paletteĀ»
  • Hours
  • Rocket
  • victory
  • Berries

local production Alcohol

Despitea cold climate and the absence of vineyards, they are able to make quality drinks here. Wine and cognac factory "Dagvino" offers a large selection of cognacs and brandy, among which the most popular brands are "Grad Petrov", "Bronze Horseman" and "Staronevsky".

And you can also bring a bottle of champagne produced by the plant "Sparkling Wines".Any holiday will perfectly complement champagne "Catherine's Necklace" or "Lev Golitsyn".

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Vyritsky tapestries

In search of traditional souvenirs you can choose the products of the factory "Uzor" - the so-called Vyritsk tapestries. This is an excellent answer to the question what to bring his wife from St. Petersburg. Tapestries are small cloths with woven patterns on them. In their works the masters of the enterprise use a variety of subjects. The most popular among tourists are tapestries with panoramas of St. Petersburg and the surrounding sights.

Very original on the tapestries look calendars and clocks. In addition, the product range of the Uzorn factory includes all kinds of fabrics, decorative textiles, beautiful bedspreads and other household goods.

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This small fish lives in the waters of Ladoga and Onega lakes. The fishing tradition of smelt is many decades old, and the fish itself is considered one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. Even the Smelt Festival is held in the city. Traditionally, smelt is consumed in fries, but you can also buy a dried fish, which will be easier to take home.

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Nevskaya Cosmetics

The products of the famous company "Nevskaya Cosmetics" - that's what you can bring to a girl from St. Petersburg. In the assortment of the company, means for skin and hair care, as well as the children's series "Ushasty nanny."Petersburg products are affordable and worthy of quality.

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The collection of coins has been gaining popularity very recently, St. Petersburg Mint collection series. The original coin, issued in honor of cities or historical events, will be a wonderful gift for fans of numismatics. In a small shop that works at the mint, you can find a wide variety of coins from alloys and precious metals and whole numismatic sets.

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A wonderful solution for an inexpensive gift will be a souvenir production of printing companies. The choice for travelers are postcards with views of St. Petersburg, original drawings by local artists and other images for every taste, as well as colorful pocket and folding calendars.

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Sweets of local production

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Candy "Mishka in the North", "Nevskaya Gourmet", "Leningrad", "Capital Stars", "Northern Aurora" - these are the famous brands of the factory NK.Krupskaya, which over the years have preserved not only the taste, but also the original design of the wrapper. Already more than 70 years this enterprise pleases with the production of lovers of sweet. You can choose from a variety of sweets, beautiful gift sets, chocolate bars and dessert pastes.

The products of the confectionery "Sever", which created a lot of legendary desserts, are not inferior in popularity. Among them - "White Night", "Slavic", "Lunar" and "Aurora", as well as a huge number of delicious cakes, muffins and cookies.

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Petersburg enterprise "Imperial porcelain", which appeared in the XVIII century. Unique products of this plant - the best answer to the question, what interesting to bring from Peter. For several centuries the company has formed a unique collection of porcelain products, which includes replicas of items made for the imperial palace. Nowadays the company produces magnificent services, statuettes and interior items.

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Football attributes

Choosing a souvenir for a man, it is necessary to choose the attributes of the football club "Zenith".Particularly pleasant such a gift will be for the fan of this team. The choice of products with the symbolism of the club is simply huge: T-shirts, sets of uniforms, scarves, hats, sweatshirts, calendars, mugs and much more.

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Artistic paints "Nevskaya Palitra"

For people enthusiastic about creativity, the best option will be the products of the Nevskaya Palitra factory, which has been known for more than 80 years among fans of painting. For professionals, you can buy the brands "White Nights", "Sonnet", "Ladoga", "Master Class".And for those who chose painting as a hobby - "Decola" and "Tsvetik."

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A magnificent gift from Petersburg will be watches produced at one of the oldest enterprises in Russia - the Petrodvorts watch factory. For many decades they are the personification of excellent quality and high status. The men's series includes the amphibian and the Petrodvorets classic, while the women's watch includes the Zarya and Pobeda Vesna watches.

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rocket The "Raketa" brand watch is one of the most famous brands of the Petrodvorets watch factory. Once they were incredibly popular among the population of the Soviet Union, and these days they are the privilege of people who are intelligent and educated, for whom the history of the country is not an empty phrase.

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The "Victory" watch, first released in the late 40s of the 20th century, was one of the most popular among Soviet citizens. This watch is the embodiment of a legend, but today you can buy them at quite reasonable prices.

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Forest berries - blueberries, cranberries and cranberries will be a wonderful gift from St. Petersburg. The main period of harvesting berries in the territory of the Leningrad region falls on the summer months and the beginning of autumn, so when you are in St. Petersburg at this time, you can buy a jar of useful berries or jam in any market.

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