Therapeutic properties, contraindications and prescriptions for the use of bee penguins

Bees are often called bees' bread: it has a rich supply of nutrients that helps insects to grow faster. This unique product is actively used by man in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. It is sold in many shops and is the basis of recipes, including for women, who follow their appearance. If properly stored and used bee pengu, it can be a substitute for many medicines and cosmetics.

What is Perga
  • Chemical composition
  • Useful properties
  • How to take
  • How to store
  • Prescription for application
  • Therapeutic
  • For psoriasis and other skin problems
  • For problems with erection
  • With increased pressure
  • For acute virus diseases
  • For harm reductionantibiotics
  • Prophylactic
  • From allergies
  • Tonic for
  • For stress and neuroses
  • For weight loss
  • Cosmetic
  • Hair conditioner for hair
  • molazhivayuschaya mask
  • Revitalizing Hair Mask
  • Contraindications
  • What is ambrosia

    Strictly speaking, it is pollen that bees first collect and bring to the hive on his hind legs. And then put honeycombed on the bottom, carefully compacted and covered with honey and wax. Within 15 days, the process of lactic acid fermentation starts in the moistened pollen. The bees do this in order to feed their offspring in the future.

    This useful product can be stored in cells for a very long time, since lactic acid is a natural preservative.

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    Chemical composition of

    Since perga is used by bees as a food stock, it has a high nutritional value and a mass of useful substances:

    • vitamins C, E, K, D, P, A. The vitamin A content in pergus in20 times higher than in carrots;
    • vitamins of group B( B1, B2, B3, B6);
    • amino acids( valine, tryptophan, leucine, lysine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, methionine);
    • omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids;
    • potassium;
    • magnesium;
    • manganese;
    • copper;
    • iron;
    • chrome;
    • iodine;
    • bromine;
    • calcium;
    • selenium;
    • zinc;
    • heteroauxin( phytohormone) and many others.

    Beeswax is a high-calorie product, 100 grams contains almost 200 kilocalories. The energy is obtained from:

    • 29 grams of protein;
    • 13 grams of carbohydrates
    • 3.5 grams of fat.
    30 grams of perg per day can compensate a person for the daily rate of essential amino acids, but for a healthy person the norm is considered to be a serving of 15-20 grams.
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    Useful properties of

    Useful properties of perg are due to rich chemical composition, this is a proven tool in folk medicine for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. The conditions under which the bee perega helps:

    • slows the aging of cells;
    • helps strengthen the body after a long illness;
    • struggles with vitamin deficiency;
    • is used to treat anemia;
    • acts as a prevention of cancers;
    • removes toxins and toxins from the body;
    • struggles with mood decline;
    • strengthens the walls of the vessels;
    • reduces the risk of anemia;
    • normalizes metabolic processes( perga bee with type 2 diabetes mellitus even shown by doctors);
    • helps to increase concentration;
    • reduces high blood pressure;
    • improves the digestive system, struggles with both diarrhea and constipation;
    • increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood( due to this property, the bee-feather is irreplaceable in pregnancy);
    • helps to increase the quantity and quality of milk during lactation;
    • helps the intestines absorb more nutrients and food;
    • helps to withstand allergies( provided that a person does not have it for honey or pollen);
    • treats cold and flu diseases;
    • accelerates the process of getting rid of bronchitis;
    • promotes muscle growth in athletes due to high protein content;
    • bee pengu treats male and female infertility;
    • is effective for gout;
    • treats acne, eliminates the increased work of the sebaceous glands.

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    How to take

    How to take perga bee - like vitamins or sweets. If a person does not have problems with digestion, then bee bread granules can be simply swallowed, washed down with a small amount of water. Do this on an empty stomach in the morning, when a person just woke up. It will be enough to have 1 tablespoon without a slide.

    The second option is to use pergue instead of sweets, when each granule is slowly dissolving in the tongue. This method is not suitable for a child, because bee bread can be bitter. In this case, the granules are ground in a coffee grinder or meat grinder, mixed in equal quantities with honey and given to children in a teaspoonful in the morning.

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    If this bee-keeping product is used to treat a specific problem, then the recipe should specify in detail exactly what quantities and at what time of the day it is necessary to eat pergue.

    In an adult day, you can eat no more than 20 grams pergah, a child no more than 2 grams.

    If the adult takes 5-10 grams, then this can be done regularly and without interruptions, and at large dosages it is necessary to follow the alternation of treatment and rest.

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    How to store

    The storage life of bee bee is determined by the conditions of its saving. Buy Perga should be the proven vendors. In a year, bee bread will lose almost all its medicinal properties, only a high protein content will remain.

    Usually they sell perga in the form of small pellets, they are rarely offered directly in honeycombs. Bees pergah in honeycomb can be cheaper, as honeycombs are not appreciated as high as bee bread itself. And after the purchase you will have to extract the pergue yourself, which will take time.

    More often found already extracted gray pago, which is sold by weight. In this form, it can be used immediately in recipes.

    Perga is also found in the form of a solution of honey, for this it is preliminarily ground and mixed with honey in a proportion of 1 to 2. But since the proportions of the preparation of the product purchased in the market are unknown to you, there is a risk to eat more or less of the prescribed. The benefits of such a product remains in question.

    Keep the pergue in a dry place in a tightly closed container, for which glass jars with lids are most often used, but plastic and tin containers are also suitable. Storage temperature should be room, about + 20-25 degrees Celsius, humidity is normal.
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    You do not need to keep pergue in the fridge, closet closet is best suited. But it is important to watch that the perg did not dampen and the moth that loves it does not start up in it.

    If peregu processed and used in a recipe, its shelf life is dramatically reduced. It is better to cook each time a new mixture to get the most benefit. The only exception is alcoholic tincture of bee penga, which can be used for half a year.

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    Recipes of application

    Recipes with Perga can be divided into medical, preventive and cosmetic. Traditional medicine offers a lot of options for using this product. Only it is important to remember that pergu, like honey, can not be heated, otherwise it will lose all useful properties.

    Useful properties, contraindications and ways of applying the dog rose
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    For psoriasis and other skin problems


    • Perga bee -20 grams;
    • honeycomb - 20 grams;
    • honey - 40 grams.

    If honey is candied, it must be melted beforehand in a water bath and cooled to a comfortable temperature. Perga and honeycomb grind with a blender or coffee grinder. All ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and applied to the affected area of ​​the skin. From above you can cover with a cotton cloth and cover with cellophane, rinse after 2 hours with warm water.

    Do such applications every day until there is an improvement. The peculiarity of this recipe is that it is suitable, including for the treatment of eczema and scars from cuts, as well as for moisturizing very dry skin.

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    For problems with erection

    Perga bee for men is a proven remedy for erectile problems, as well as low fertility of spermatozoa. To get rid of this, you need to eat 5-7 pellets per day half an hour before meals. The course of treatment lasts from 2 to 4 months.

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    With increased pressure


    • Perga in granules - 50 grams;
    • honey natural - 100 grams.

    Bee bread is ground to a fine crumb or dust, mixed with honey and sent to the refrigerator for 1 day. After that, start using 1 teaspoon of aids before meals 3-4 times a day, the last meal no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

    This mixture does not help to relieve a sudden attack, but it can normalize the circulatory system if you use it for 3 months. With a predisposition to hypertension, the course can be repeated twice a year with a break for 5-6 months.

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    In case of acute virus diseases

    For the entire period of the disease( influenza, viral hepatitis and the like), you should double the daily norm of pergi, that is, use 10-20 grams once a day.

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    To reduce the harm of antibiotics

    The use of Perga after taking a course of antibiotics will minimize the negative consequences. Take bee bread should be 5 grams 3 times a day, but definitely not simultaneously with the medicine. Most often in the course of antibiotics, the intestinal microflora suffers, and the pergard is capable of preserving it.

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    From allergy to

    To reduce the risk of allergic reactions, you should eat 1-2 pills per day before each meal. To obtain a visible effect, it should take at least 2 months, use bee bread according to this scheme can be a lifetime without interruption.

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    Toning agent

    This recipe helps with emotional and physical exhaustion, and is also recommended for the prevention of avitaminosis.


    • butter - 100 grams;
    • honey natural - 50 grams;
    • bee bread - 20 grams.

    The oil is left at room temperature to soften. Pergu is ground into dust, mixed with honey and butter. To get a uniform consistency, mix the mixture with a fork or a whisk. The resulting mass can be spread on bread and there are 1-2 such sandwiches per day.

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    Under stress and neuroses

    Perga bee for women is useful first of all in that it is able to calm nerves. Women are more likely to be stressed than men, so if you are addicted to neuroses, you need to consume 4-5 granules of bee bread per day before meals. It is better to do this in equal portions and before the evening.

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    For slimming


    • bee feather - 50 g;
    • honey - 180 grams;
    • water is 800 milliliters.

    Honey is dissolved in slightly warm water. After adding the pepper and mix thoroughly. Leave the composition at room temperature for several days. During this time he must wander. Ready to take 1 glass per hour before each meal.

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    Hair conditioner

    1 tablespoon of Perga is ground into dust, dissolved in a glass of water and rinsed with hair after washing with shampoo. After that, you can not additionally wash the head, but immediately wipe it with a towel. The use of bees perg as such a conditioner will strengthen the damaged structure, add shine and smoothness to the hair. You can use it every time after washing.

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    Rejuvenating mask


    • pergola crushed - 1 teaspoon;
    • sour cream fat - 1 teaspoon;
    • honey liquid - 0.5 teaspoon.

    Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply a thin layer on the cleansed face and neck. At this point, it's best to lie down for 15-20 minutes, so that the mask does not get into the folds and does not slip. The mixture is washed off with warm water, after which a light moisturizing cream is used. Apply 2 times a week.

    Beeswax for the face helps tighten the skin, remove fine wrinkles and prevent further aging.

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    Hair Restorer Composition:

    • chicken yolk - 1 piece;
    • pepper ground - 1 tablespoon;
    • essential oil ylang-ylang - 2 drops.

    Ingredients should be mixed and applied to dry hair. First, the mixture is rubbed into the scalp, and the remainders are distributed along the length. In order for the ingredients to work better, the mask is warmed with a towel and left for an hour. After that, the hair is washed with a mild shampoo. You can resort to this remedy once a week.

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    Bee pergard can cause harm:

    • with an allergy to honey and pollen;
    • to people with low blood coagulability;
    • for thyroid disorders;
    • with uterine myoma;
    • in the presence of autoimmune diseases in the body;
    • for the 3 or 4 stages of development of cancer, as it can provoke a more active division of cancer cells.

    Application of Perga is desirable no later than 4 hours before going to bed, otherwise there is a risk not to fall asleep.

    Perga abuse threatens with severe hypovitaminosis, which in the most serious cases can lead to organ failure.
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