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Long curvy hair is a perfect base for different hairstyles. Sometimes it's enough to simply screw and lay them, and a spectacular image will be ready. But constantly loose strands bother. Fortunately, there are beautiful and very simple hairstyles with curls. They look solemn and elegant, they will approach any elegant dress, they will make the image festive.

How to make curls?

You can create waves in many ways. They are the basis of the hairstyle, so it's worth taking care of creating effective curls. Below are the most popular ways.

  1. Plowing. Hair forceps allow you to quickly curl curls. Stacking is done in minutes. Thanks to the hot air, the strands can not be undone for a long time and keep well. However, frequent use of forceps harms the hair, making it brittle and weak. Therefore, it is better not to get carried away with a curling iron. It is better to apply it in special cases.


    • wash and comb well;
    • is divided into sections and each is carefully screwed with a curling iron;
    • hold the instrument on your hair for 15-20 seconds;
    • thus wind the entire head of hear.

    The amount of curls depends on the thickness of the strand. Large curls are obtained on large areas, small ones on narrow ones. Before curling the hair needs to be treated with a thermal protective agent, then the harm from the device will be minimal.

  2. Iron.

    Many use it as a rectifier, but it has another function. Twist the strands on the ironing pad from the ends, gradually moving to the roots. It is better not to clamp the device strongly, otherwise ugly creases will turn out. Before use, ironing the head should be treated with a thermal protective varnish.

  3. Curlers. If the previous methods seem too aggressive, you should use the curlers.

    The stores offer a wide range of such products. The most convenient are papillotki, bobbins and special hair curlers. Usually an instruction is attached to them. You can make your own "home" curlers. To do this, take an old T-shirt, tear it into rags, and then wrap them in the middle with paper for a good density."Home" curlers from rags are convenient: they are easy to sleep with, and they are made quickly. Curls are soft and elastic.

10 ways to wind hair with an iron - video

Hairstyles with curls

You can make laying on both long and medium curls. But if the hair is very short, it will be difficult to assemble them into the hair. In this case, it is better to comb them nicely. Below are the most spectacular styling of curls.


Look elegantly, elegantly, solemnly. They go well with the evening gown. Open the neck and emphasize the decollete. If you complement your hair with flowers, rhinestones or stones, you will get an easy festive look.

  • The easiest option is to collect curls on the back of the head or the crown.

    To do this, do not comb the resulting curls. On the contrary, it is necessary to leave them natural and elastic. Each curl is laid neatly at the base. Such styling is difficult to do most, it is better to entrust them to a hairdresser or take the help of a friend.

  • To facilitate the work, it is recommended to take the curls in the high tail, and then lay them at the base of the rubber bands. Each curl is fixed with stilettos and invisible.
  • To ensure that the strands fit well and lie better, it is recommended to apply wax on them. It is necessary to take it quite a bit, because it can glue the hair. A small amount of wax gives the styling a shape. Hairstyle will be strong and elastic.

Bunches of curls look good with weaving. A simple and well-known spikelet will do.

Instructions for creating a beautiful styling with a scythe:

  1. Comb your hair, wind it below the middle on curlers, curling iron or ironing. Divide by straight parting. At the forehead take a small strand, divided into three sections. Begin to weave a regular spikelet. This is done simply: the usual pigtail is weaved, the strings to which are added left and right. Such a pigtail should be weaved to the back of the head.
  2. We must follow the weaving: it must go strictly along the edge of the head.
  3. On the other side of the fence weave the same braid.
  4. On the back of the head, the two braids are connected in a bundle. All finished laying is fixed with varnish.
To make the bundle even more magnificent, you should take the roller and wrap it with curls. This is done carefully, because the roller should not be visible from under the hair. Spikelets need to be disheveled, so that it looks more voluminous.

Other options:

  • The beam looks spectacular in a duet with a combed top.
  • You can do this: wrap the hair in a regular bundle, and then cover it with curls.
  • It's better to take bright hairpins and invisibility. They will make any hairstyle festive.
  • Curls can also be laid down: they are carefully fixed with studs, forming a three-dimensional beam. This style emphasizes the beautiful neck.

Hair on the side

Curls, laid on one side, look festive. This is how many wedding and evening hairstyles are. There is another advantage to this option: the hair is beautifully laid, but do not interfere with rest and fun. This styling fits well with one-shoulder dresses and an open top.

Scheme of creation:

  1. First the hair is well washed and combed. Carefully screw it around. In this case, it is advisable to use a curling bar with a diameter of 3 cm. It allows you to create curls of the desired width. But do small curls do not: they do not look in the hair on one side.
  2. When all the head of hear is wound, curls are thrown on one side, at the roots fixed by invisible.
  3. It is better to disguise the studs with separate strands.

Hairstyles on the side are best done with an oblique parting. Then the styling will look more spectacular. Hair for this option should be below the shoulders.


The school "Malvinka", known for its restraint and modesty, looks good and with a smart dress. But it's worth it to diversify. Variants:

  1. Hair is wound, and the crown remains smooth. Then the upper strands are fastened to the back of the head with a bright barrette. Curls dangle.
  2. The mallow with the fleece looks good. To do this, you need to lightly brush the strands on the crown at the roots. You can add patches from the back of the head and temples. Then all the loose curls will remain behind. This styling is not so simple. The difficulty is to carefully arrange the strands that have been strung together. It is better to fix them with the help of pins.
  3. You can combine mallow with weaving. For example, make a waterfall. If the girl does not want to clean all the hair in the braid, she should try this option. To make it simple:
    • wind curls;
    • allocate a small area over one ear, divide it into three parts;
    • weave a regular spikelet, observing the condition: every strand that comes from above is released, and another free one replaces it;
    • to attache to the other ear, fastened with studs.


You can make beautiful braids out of curls. They can also be laid on their side. Ready-made braids are decorated with beads, rhinestones, flowers. Variants:

  1. Greek braid, laid on one side. Sounds interesting. There is nothing difficult in this style. You just need to braid the side of the usual braid of three parts, then slightly pull the hair out of the weave. This hairstyle looks good on long, thick hair. The braid can be wrapped with a string of beads.
  2. You can make a spiral helix. For this, the wound hair should be divided into two parts. Gently roll in a spiral. If necessary, fix the studs. You can make such a braid from behind or from the side.


  • If your hair is not long enough, you can apply hairpieces or tresses. In many stores in the range of overhead braids, tails, individual curls. With their help you can diversify your hair.
  • For curls to lie well and stay for long, it is recommended to apply a styling agent on them.
  • With a bang too it is necessary to tinker. You can put it on one side or comb back. On it, too, you need to apply foam or mousse for styling.
  • It's better not to comb the ready ringlets, but gently to disassemble with your fingers. Otherwise, their natural beauty will be lost.
  • Another variant of a stylish hairstyle is a voluminous overcoat across the head.

    Strands at the face, temples are combed and put back. It is necessary to have a strong lacquer lacquer, otherwise the hair will not hold.

  • These hairstyles look good only on well-groomed hair. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to it constantly. Healing masks, a good shampoo, a balm conditioner will help your hair stay in shape.

With proper skill and patience, hairpieces with curls can be made at home. At the same time, they will look no worse than salon ones.

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